Brand design - how to distinguish a new brand?


Designing a brand and keeping it on the market is a challenge that requires proper preparation and full commitment. Unfortunately, many companies fail in their first year of operation. Why? The reason for failure is often the inability to break a new brand out of the crowd. A successful brand must be different from the competition! How to distinguish a new brand?

Brand design step by step

Brand design is a complex process. The entrepreneur must thoroughly know the market and his own target audience, but also to prepare a decent brand development strategy, taking into account its identity, vision, long-term and short-term goals, etc. Brand design is also an art that requires matching many elements into one coherent whole. However, the idea and proper preparation alone do not guarantee business success. New brands have to face a high market entry threshold and fierce competition. A brand that he wants to pursue marketing goals and be successful, it must in some way distinguish itself from its competitors on the market. How to get it right?

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Effective brand design - find its attributes

An important stage in designing a brand is, above all, finding attributes, unique features that will distinguish it from other competing brands. The first way to distinguish a brand is to emphasize the uniqueness of the product offered:

  • the product is innovative, impossible to counterfeit,
  • the product is of the highest quality that no one else can achieve,
  • the brand has a secret recipe, unique materials or an extraordinary approach that is not known and used by no one else,
  • the product is characterized by a unique design.

Today, in the era of a highly developed market and high competition, it is difficult to create a product that will be completely different from the others, unique, one that cannot be counterfeited. Only a few brands can use this form of distinction. 

However, a more accessible way to break a new brand on the market is to emphasize its unique character. Brand design is, among others giving it unique human characteristics with which the recipients will be able to identify. Brand attributes it is worth emphasizing with the aesthetic visual identification, the tone of communication and the form of marketing. It is important that all brand activities are consistent with the values that it wants to represent. The unique personality of the brand will make the recipients' minds aware of specific feelings about the brand. This is the best way to gain the trust of the target group and build a strong community around the brand that will help it gain a competitive advantage on the market.

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