Advertising media - how to choose them?


There are many factors that determine the effectiveness of an ad. In addition to the quality and form of communication, selected advertising media are of great importance. What kind of media do we distinguish? And what to pay attention to when choosing them? We advise!

What are advertising media?

Advertising media are channels that companies use to present their products or services in order to build recognition and convince recipients to take advantage of the offer. Advertising media can be divided into:

  • printed,
  • transmission,
  • direct,
  • outdoor,
  • POS (point of sale - at the point of sale),
  • internet,
  • other.

Henryk Mruk in his publication "Communicating in Marketing" rightly notices that advertising media play a special role in marketing. They are a kind of bridge through which the advertisement is conveyed to the target audience. The idea behind the messages in advertising media is to create awareness of the existence of a brand, product or service, build a need, a desire to have a specific thing, and ultimately - satisfy those wants and needs. Advertising media is the link between the company and potential customers. 

Depending on the type of media, an advertising message can take various forms. What?

Do you want to effectively reach customers?

We will propose solutions tailored to your needs and possibilities!

What are today's ads like?

The selection of advertising media is an important stage in creating a promotional campaign. The effectiveness of the entire project will largely depend on it. In the past, traditional forms of advertising were in the forefront. With the development of new technologies and the Internet, digital forms are taking the lead. Contemporary entrepreneurs are aware of the need to be present on the Internet. The Internet is one of the most powerful advertising media today. Through it, you can quickly reach thousands or even millions of recipients not only in Poland, but all over the world. The network gives companies a wide range of possibilities, offering them plenty of opportunities to advertise their products and services. 

Advertising in social media is very popular. Ads in social media do not require large investments, and can bring spectacular results. Social media ads today are not only classic sponsored posts, but also influencer marketing, if viral ads in the form of photos, graphics or videos. The last ones are a particularly interesting form of online advertising. Brands have proven more than once that a carefully prepared, creative, emotional movie is the best way to attract the attention of recipients and effectively promote specific products or services.

Interestingly, the potential of the Internet is also eagerly used by traditional media, creating online versions of newspapers, radio stations and TV channels. Today's traditional media empowers advertisers to lead advertising campaigns in various channels of communication. Thanks to this, the company, by working with a specific publishing group, for example, can place its advertisement not only in the paper version of the magazine, but also in the electronic version and on its official website, in the form of banners or reports.

What about traditional advertising media?

Classic radio ads are being replaced by promotional messages in podcasts, TV advertising is usually chosen by large, national brands, and newspaper entries are usually chosen by companies that target their offer to the so-called baby boomers. Outdoor media and POS are still very popular. We are surrounded by large advertising billboards at almost every step, we often receive image folders in stores, and in the streets we are accosted by people handing out promotional leaflets and newspapers. Will the internet eventually supersede these forms of advertising? Time will tell.

The choice of advertising media is an individual matter. What to consider when making a decision?

How to choose advertising media?

First, carefully analyze your target group. Consider both demographic data, such as age, gender and place of residence, and details, including preferences, lifestyle, valued values, interests and hobbies. Creating a persona, i.e. a model profile of your target customer, will make it easier for you to choose advertising media.

One of the most important criteria for selecting advertising media is the range of their impact. If you operate in the local market, you do not need to advertise in the national media. Doing so is just a waste of money. Better invest in promotion on local channels such as local television and the regional newspaper.

Advertising media should be adjusted to the preferences of your recipients. If your target is young people, bet on online advertising. You will reach such a target group the fastest through social media. On the other hand, the best way to reach the older generation is through radio, television, printed materials and outdoor advertising. You can also use direct advertising, i.e. promotional newsletters and offers sent by traditional mail.

When selecting advertising media, take into account the intensity of the impact of specific advertising measures. Check how often the advertisement will be displayed or how many times the recipient will be able to hit it, because the frequent contact of a potential customer with the advertising message increases the recipient's awareness and thus improves the effectiveness of the advertisement. However, remember to be moderate. Too intrusive advertising of products or services may be counterproductive.

What to remember about?

The following are also important:

  • advertising campaign goals,
  • the ability of the advertisement to convey and present relevant elements of the message,
  • advertising budget,
  • type of product or service,
  • actions of the competition.

Choosing the right advertising media is the first step to great success on the market. Therefore, make a proper effort to this task. Research the market thoroughly, follow trends and listen to your audience. 

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