Advertising banners on the Internet - are they still effective in the era of banner blindness?

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The first banner ads began to appear online at the end of the 20th century. Then their click-rate oscillated around 80%. Today, advertising banners on the Internet are not so effective. Does this mean that this form of advertising is not worth using?

Banner blindness - are the banners effective?

The Internet inundates us with loads of information. We automatically ignore some of them - in particular, we do not pay attention to e-advertising. 

Banner blindness, i.e. Banner blindness is a phenomenon of instinctively ignoring graphic elements that look like internet advertisements. Why do we stop noticing advertising banners on the internet? Often the reason is that your ad is in the wrong place. Banners popping up in the middle of the page, which are difficult to close, are extremely irritating to Internet users. The person viewing the website will focus more on closing the advertisement than on its content. 

The banner design may also be a problem. Too bright, flashing, filled to the brim with text - such ads are not pleasant for users, and may even irritate them.

However, this does not mean that it is not worth using banners in advertising campaigns. Properly prepared, they can be an interesting element internet marketing. How to prepare an effective and effective advertising banner?

Are you wondering what banner ads will be attractive for your clients?

We will analyze the target group and choose the best tools!

Effective advertising banners on the Internet, i.e. what?

Before you prepare an advertising banner, analyze it target audience your company. In addition, think about what page you want to place your ad on, so that the banner's appearance matches the website's appearance as much as possible.

When creating an advertising banner for the Internet, follow the principle: "quality over quantity". Choose minimalism. The colors of the banner, apart from the fact that it is supposed to match the page, should be subdued and subtle. Bright colors will attract the eyes of recipients, but they will rather irritate them than interest them. You can use beige, pastels or universal white and black. Opt out of multiple gifs and other moving elements. One is more than enough. 

The content of the banner should be concise, legible and attractive to the recipient. Include the most important information about your brand or a specific product in the ad. Do not write in riddles, do not put catchy slogans on the banner that do not bring anything specific. Yes, intriguing texts will make Internet users click on the advertisement, but this action will not translate into taking advantage of your offer. The recipient, looking at the banner, should immediately guess what the offer is about. 

On the banner, place a button that encourages interaction, i.e. CTA (call to action) - "buy now", "check", "click", "read on", "register" etc. 

To increase the effectiveness of banner ads on the Internet, rely on emotions. Encourage internet users to visit your website, e.g. by offering them an attractive promotion, free shipping or other benefit.

Worth knowing:

What is banner blindness?

This is the phenomenon of ignoring online banner ads. It means "banner blindness", which is not an intentional act but a reflexive one.

Why are banner ads sometimes ignored?

The most common reason for ignoring banner ads on the Internet is their uninteresting and irritating appearance. Often, banners are also placed in the wrong place, so that recipients focus on turning them off, while ignoring their content.

What should a good banner ad look like?

The banner should, above all, match the page on which it will be placed. Bright colors and many additives should be avoided. The content itself should be clear, legible and understandable for the recipient.

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