How to advertise a product?


Even the best product will not succeed on the market if other people do not find out about its existence. Advertising is the key to success, the foundation of business, and a powerful marketing tool. How to make an advertisement for a product that will bring the expected results?

How to advertise a product, or a few words about promotion

You certainly know the iconic Volvo Trucks ad from 2013, in which Belgian actor Jean Claude Van Damme makes an epic twine between the brand's two trucks. In this way, Volvo wanted to present an outstanding advantage of its cars - the VDS active steering system, which automatically compensates for the impact of unevenness in the road surface, eliminates vibrations and involuntary steering movements, and thanks to it provides perfect stability and full control over the car's driving. Thanks to this driving stability, the actor was able to perform his spectacular trick.

The advertisement was widely echoed. It was something new, spectacular, unusual. Its success was not a coincidence, but the result of many months of preparations, extensive activities and cooperation of outstanding specialists in the field of marketing, advertising and public relations. 

Preparing an effective advertisement for your product is not an easy task. It is a real challenge that requires expert knowledge, experience, appropriate skills, full commitment and quite a bit of creativity. Only those who think outside the box, act precisely and meticulously and are able to draw conclusions - from analyzes, market research and other sources, have a chance of success. 

The modern market gives advertisers a wide range of opportunities to show off. Today, you can promote products in many different ways, using various channels, forms and elements of marketing and interesting tools. How to advertise a product for the 21st century?

Success is not a coincidence.

We will create a marketing strategy thanks to which your company will achieve its goals.

Influence emotions 

We are attacked by information from all sides. Our brains stopped responding to standard advertising messages. They automatically reject them. Today's consumer needs something stronger. I need exceptional incentives. Certain emotions.

Ads affect your audience on three levels: cognitive, behavioral, and emotional. Emotional interaction is a key level in the advertising process. Why? Because it interests the recipients, i.e. it meets the goal of cognitive impact, and also shapes certain, specific behaviors, so it affects the recipients in a behavioral way. An emotional message engages and evokes certain feelings in the minds of consumers. If they are positive, potential customers remember the ad. This in turn may induce them to buy the presented product. What's more, positive, emotional advertisements create a positive image of the brand, and thus help it build a competitive advantage. 

Advertisements full of emotions convey a message. They are not intrusive. They do not insistently encourage you to buy them, but tell a story. They are real, committed storytellingwhich at the same time meets the marketing goals. Emotional advertising is natural and credible, which is especially valuable in today's world overloaded with falsehood and hypocrisy. The heart-touching advertising messages put the brand in a good light, give it a certain value and create a strong bond between the brand and the recipients who, after seeing the advertisement, feel emotions that are important to them.

How to make an advertisement for an emotional product - get inspired by the best

People like good stories. Conscious brands are eager to use this knowledge in advertising campaigns your products.

One of the most interesting emotional ads was undoubtedly the Yes brand's campaign "I'm a Woman". The short, minute-long spot showing the real life of authentic women aroused strong emotions and remained on the audience's language for a long time. The video has a touching description that motivates women not to be afraid of being themselves. That they would be brave, feel everything their own way, be independent and strong, and at the same time not afraid of sensitivity. Advertising attracts with its authenticity, builds a positive buzz around the brand and subtly promotes jewelry. The number of ad views has exceeded 1.4 million. Over 700 comments appeared under the spot. This just confirms how well the Yes brand has done.

Real-time marketing - stay up-to-date

It cannot be denied that creating an emotional advertisement is a long and demanding process. Often, however, there is no time for many months of preparation. Brands must act quickly, and at the same time effectively and efficiently. How to advertise a product when there is a shortage of time? The solution is real-time marketing (RTM).

Real-time marketing is literally "real-time marketing". It is a quick and accurate reaction of the brand to current social, cultural, political or other events. RTM ads are usually graphical and appear on social media. Relevant messages spread like viruses. Internet users willingly pass them on, thus causing a natural buzz around a specific product or the entire brand.

How to advertise a product using RTM?

IKEA is the undisputed master in real-time marketing. Brand marketers show quite a bit of creativity. They react quickly and in an incredibly interesting way to current events, entertaining and inspiring recipients. 

One of the most effective messages was an advertisement that appeared on the occasion of the wedding of the British Prince Harry. The image shared on Facebook showed a chair called Harry. The graphics were accompanied by a telltale sign: "Don't worry, Harry is still available." IKEA has proven that serious events such as a royal wedding can be joked in a tasteful and elegant way, while advertising your product. 

Regardless of whether you want to influence emotions or focus on real-time marketing - remember about authenticity! Create advertising messages in line with the mission and vision of your brand, listen to your recipients and be credible. Don't forget about creativity and commitment. By following these few simple rules, you'll always know how to make a successful product ad!

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