Event company - how to choose the right one?

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Event company it's a convenience nowadays, when we don't have the head to organize a company event. He will organize the entire event step by step, and additionally advise on attractions for your employees. Unfortunately, there are so many offers on the market that it is hard to say which event company will be the best for us. How to choose and check an event company?

Corporate integration events to coś, na co zwykle czeka z niecierpliwością cały zespół. Jeśli chcesz przygotować udany event, musisz rozpocząć od odpowiedniego planowania. Na początek określ cel wydarzenia oraz grupę docelową, dla której będzie ono przeznaczone. Następnie zaplanuj budżet, dobierz odpowiednie miejsce i czas oraz zdecyduj o formacie eventu.

Pamiętaj, żeby zadbać o atrakcje i rozrywkę dla swoich gości, zaprosić cenionych prelegentów oraz zabezpieczyć logistykę i obsługę techniczną. Dodatkowo warto zastanowić się nad strategią marketingową oraz sposobem dotarcia do potencjalnych uczestników. Dzięki tym elementom Twój event będzie z pewnością udany i będzie miłym wspomnieniem dla wszystkich gości. Brzmi skomplikowanie? Nie musisz robić tego wszystkiego samodzielnie. Z odsieczą przychodzi firma eventowa, która zajmuje się kompleksową organizacją wydarzeń firmowych i nie tylko.

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A professional event company is an entity that specializes in organizing various types of events, such as conferences, corporate events, weddings or advertising events. Its activities include everything related to the organization and conduct of the event - from searching for the right place, through preparing the script, decorations and sound systems, to coordinating the activities of all people involved in the entire process.

The event company makes sure that each event is unique and tailored to the client's requirements, which is why it requires from its employees not only high qualifications, but also creativity and the ability to work under time pressure. Thanks to such specialization, event agencies are able to provide their clients with a comprehensive organizational service, which translates into high customer satisfaction and repeatability of orders.

How to choose a creative event agency?

If you are looking for an event agency that will surprise you with original ideas, you need to know what to look for. First, it is worth checking the company's portfolio. This is the best way to experience the style and quality of the services it offers. The creative agency certainly has many unconventional events on its account that will be an inspiration for your project. Then, make sure that the agency listens to your needs and understands the idea behind the organization of the event. Understanding your expectations is the basis for the success of the event. Finally, look for reviews from other customers. It is a trusted source of information about the quality and professionalism of the agency. Remember – creativity is just one of the features of a good event agency. It is worth for the company to be also involved and able to work under time pressure.

How long should I wait for a reply?

Proper communication with the event company and the time to respond to our inquiries are extremely important. This is the first step to check whether the cooperation between you and the company will go well. Event agency it should not delay the answer, what's more, it should inform about all costs immediately. There should be no ambiguity. If you find out about additional expenses only when you pay the invoice - it is definitely too late.

When the event company no longer fulfills the first arrangements, you can assume that this will also be the case for further cooperation. Then it is worth turning to professionals whose style of work suits you. 

Check the reviews on the Internet

Opinions are a source of information about a given event company. Be sure to check what other people say about it before you sign a contract. Where to find reliable opinions? First of all, check if the event company has references on its website, search its social media, Google business card, industry rankings, blogs, and even professional press and information portals. This is a very important step before starting cooperation with an event company. You have to carefully read what other customers say about it. The opinions also contain many valuable tips on what to look for in this type of organization in general.


Pay attention to the quality of the opinions about the company in question. Are the testimonials supported by the company's name and is it a large, respected brand, or is the opinion given by an anonymous person? Also, remember not to cross out the company right away if you find a few bad opinions on the Internet, because each of them is very subjective. The same is true if the event company has no opinion on the Internet - this situation can also be alarming or it can prove that the company has been operating on the market for a short time.

Does the event company cooperate with the accommodation facility?

Szczególnym atutem jest jeśli firma eventowa dysponuje własnym obiektem. W takiej sytuacji firma jest w stanie się zająć organizacją całego Twojego wydarzenia od A do Z. Przykładem jest Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, który posiada swój własny zespół eventowy. Obsługa kuchni, hotel, warsztaty, a nawet własna agencja marketingowa – wszystko to działa tu jak dobrze naoliwiony mechanizm i przyczynia się do końcowego efektu, czyli udanej firmowej imprezy. Mając doświadczenie w organizowaniu eventów, kwestią wtórną jest jej charakter. Firma eventowa równie dobrze zaplanuje imprezę integracyjną co wedding reception. As it turns out, wedding hall Lower Silesia can play different roles.

Specialists from Dwór Korona Karkonoszy adapt to the needs of each individual client. For example – corporate integration events. Dinner can last 2, 4 or even 7 hours. It all depends on the nature of the corporate event. When the weather is nice, you can choose from, for example: integration bonfire or, for example, a mutton roasting grill. If the weather turns bad, the infrastructure of our facility allows you to continue playing indoors. Of course, we always prepare the scenario of a corporate event individually, but the base of ready-made ideas allows us to simplify this process and efficiently combine various modules. 

However, we can not always find a company that already has an accommodation facility in its offer. However, it is extremely important for the event company to be able to advise where it is best to organize a corporate event. An experienced event manager knows what hotel for team building events will work and what will not. For example, it may avoid venues where weddings will be held concurrently, as well as venues that are right next to a road or next to a shopping center. The base of accommodation facilities is an extraordinary asset of an event company.

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Does the event company listen to your suggestions?

The event company is there to help you organize the event, but it cannot make all the decisions for you. You are the customer and your suggestions should be heard and implemented. Professionals, of course, should support with their experience and knowledge, but not absolutely impose their opinion. For example, if you have a very tight schedule of the event, and additionally plan an extensive menu and a sit down dinner, an expert may advise you to replace it with a variant with less dishes in the variant of the Swedish table.

It will be similar with planned attractions. It is equally important whether the event company sticks to a strictly arranged plan or is it flexible? An experienced organization knows that life is unpredictable and many things may not go according to plan along the way, for example, because of the weather or the time of year. An effective event company will offer an alternative contingency plan.

See how to organize a party – event configurator

Worth knowing:

What events does the event company organize?

The best event agencies offer a number of scenarios for corporate events. These vary depending on the customer's expectations, including e.g. the planned number of participants, the purpose for which the event is organized, the available budget. Each integration event is tailor-made.

Event company - what does it do?

A professional event agency is a team of experts who specialize in creating unforgettable events and parties. Their task is to ensure perfect organization, creative idea and meticulous implementation of the entire project. Event companies organize various types of events, from conferences and training, through weddings and banquets, to sports events and concerts. Regardless of the type of event, the event company takes care of every detail - from the choice of location, through the selection of announcers and music, to catering and decorations. Thanks to their specialist knowledge and experience, each event is not only perfectly organized, but also unique and unrepeatable.

What is an event company?

An event company is an entity that specializes in organizing various types of events and parties. It can be a corporate event as well as a cultural or sports event. The event company offers comprehensive support in the organization of such an event, from planning, through renting the right place, to catering and technical service. Thanks to specialist knowledge and experience, the event company is able to organize an event at the highest level, taking care of the smallest details. Cooperation with such a company guarantees effects that can only be counted on with professional organization of events.

How to choose the right event company?

Organization of company events requires diligence, knowledge and skills. So how do you choose the right event company? First, you should take into account her experience - the more completed projects, the greater the chance of success. Customer references are also extremely important, as they will allow us to verify the quality of our services. The next step is to check whether the company has knowledge and skills in all areas related to the organization of events. It must have experienced specialists who will provide us with comprehensive support in planning and conducting the event.

How to find a good event company?

Organizing an event is a task that requires time, energy and effort. Fortunately, there are good event companies that can help you plan and execute your special event. There are various ways to find a good event company such as searching the internet, reading reviews, contacting satisfied customers and using a friend's referral.

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