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Internet activity is very important in running a business. The Internet is a powerful medium that gives entrepreneurs a lot of opportunities. First of all, it allows you to reach a wide range of potential customers, gives you a chance to build strong ties with recipients (bonds based on trust and loyalty), and thus facilitates achieving spectacular results. That's why it's important to take care of image-building activities online. How to build a positive online image? And how to maintain it?

Nowadays, advertising alone is not enough. Today's audience wants something more. I want constant contact with the brand. It needs constant updates. In the era of highly developed, and in fact still rushing ahead, technologies need to pay special attention to image-building activities on the Internet. Why?

Why is it worth investing in image-building activities on the Internet?

How the company is perceived by recipients has a huge impact on its final success. A company that has developed a positive image for itself and is committed to maintaining it has a better chance of becoming a leader in the industry. A good reputation on the Internet can translate into:

  • increase in sales of the offered products or services and, consequently, generating higher profits, 
  • faster introduction of new products to the market, 
  • gaining consumer confidence and building the strong relationship with customers
  • achieving a strong position on the market and gaining a competitive advantage, 
  • developing financial stability and reducing the risk of crisis situations.

What's more, carefully conducted image-building activities on the Internet are an opportunity to arouse interest and employ valuable, well-qualified employees who will contribute to sustainable development of the company.

Image-building activities - plan your e-PR strategy

Every action in business must be based on a decent, carefully prepared strategy. The strategy will set the path for the company to follow in order to achieve its goals and be successful. In addition, it will allow you to avoid unnecessary mistakes that could have a negative impact on the entire activity of the company.

In creating an image strategy on the Internet, it is worth using tools and methods public relations. E-PR, also known as Internet PR, is shaping the company's relations with the environment via the Internet. The purpose of e-PR is to communicate with recipients, build a positive image of the company or specific brand products, and develop brand recognition among Internet users.

The e-PR strategy should include:

  • short-term and long-term goals that the company wants to achieve,
  • characteristics target audience - customer profile containing his features, demographic data, interests, preferences, values that guide him,
  • communication plan – tools that the brand will use in its image activities (e.g. website, Instagram), rules, language and form of communication,
  • characteristics of the elements of visual identification.

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First of all, the website

What advises PR agency? The basic tool for image creation there is a website on the internet. It is the brand's showcase, the company's virtual headquarters, so it should be transparent, attractive to the recipient, interesting in its own way. The template and content of the website should be adapted to the company's image policy. A website is an element of a company's visual identity. The domain should be the name of the brand, the logo should be placed on the website, and the created content should be kept in a specific color and form. 

Relevant is crucial in terms of the popularity of a website on the internet positioning. Optimizing your website for SEO will ensure its good visibility in search engine results. Thanks to this, the company will have a chance to reach a wide range of potential customers.

Social media is an image power

The text popular among young people "if you are not there in social media, you do not exist" can be successfully used in relation to brands. Currently, it is difficult to gain great publicity and spectacular successes on the market without taking action in social media. Yes, action - because mere presence is not enough.

Action is what counts today - you have to get involved in running social media. Build and maintain a positive brand image in social media it is not an easy task. In order for image-building activities to bring the expected results, they must meet several conditions. 


The image built on a lie is fragile and easy to destroy. The truth always comes out sooner or later. Publishing false information and creating a brand other than what is in reality is the easiest way to lose customer trust, which may have a negative impact on the functioning of the company. Image-building activities on the Internet must be credible. Honesty pays off!


The internet never sleeps. The activity in social media is based on the constant updating of the feed, sharing interesting content and replying to comments / messages. Regular publications are an opportunity to reach a wide audience and build strong ties with them, based on trust and loyalty.


The created posts should arouse the curiosity of the recipients. A company that operates in an unconventional way, stands out from the competition, has a better chance of achieving spectacular success. The goal of any brand's online business should be to create an engaging, fascinating story. A story that people will be happy to share.

Effective image-building activities - establish cooperation with influencers

You can use it in image-building activities on the Internet influencer marketing. Working with internet creators is a great way to support the process of building awareness and creating a positive image among your audience. Influencer marketing allows you to reach an even larger audience and thus generate excellent profits.

Influencers through their social media are able to influence the decisions of their fans - observers trust them and identify with them. Cooperation with internet creators is a way to be closer to your audience - create your brand more human, one that is among the fans.

Don't forget to monitor the internet

Image building online is a continuous process that needs to be constantly monitored. The key to success is consciously monitoring the Internet for mentions of the company - both positive, neutral and negative. Media monitoring social networking and websites give you a complete overview of how your business is perceived externally.

It's hard to monitor the internet on your own. It is worth using special, intuitive tools for this. The tools quickly and efficiently search for information about the company, thoroughly analyze all messages and enable an immediate reaction in a threatening situation that could lead to an image crisis.

The popular internet monitoring tools include: Brand24, SentiOne, NepoleonCat, or Hootsuite.

Well-thought-out image-building activities on the Internet are one step closer to the company's spectacular success on the market. There is no doubt that every entrepreneur should include e-PR in their brand development strategy. 

Social media is an effective tool in shaping your image on the Internet. Thanks to them, you can easily and quickly reach customers. You can communicate with them and be positively fixed in their consciousness. Building image in social media is a long-term process that requires an appropriate strategy.

Image-building activities in social media

Image-building activities on the Internet should be aware of:

  • based on clear rules,
  • fully adapted to the purpose and specificity of a given company and its target group.

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The first stage of shaping the company's image on the Internet is to prepare a coherent, but also visually attractive profile on social media.

The profile should include, among others:

  • logo and company name,
  • buissness description,
  • the values that guide him,
  • other elements of visual identification and company culture.

Commplace PR agency

Image-building activities in social media should be based on:

  • regularity - Internet users like when something is happening, so a brand that wants to maintain the interest of its recipients should ensure regularity of publications in social media,
  • authenticity - created content should be honest, in line with the vision and mission of the company; lack of authenticity is a risk of losing the trust of recipients,
  • commitment - the greatest chances for image success in social media are those companies that are fully involved in creating content, provide their recipients with appropriate feedback, take care of their needs and focus on building long-term relationships with customers based on mutual trust.

What counts in image-building activities in social media is flexibility, i.e. the ability to match messages to a given situation. The entrepreneur should constantly monitor social media, adapt the image strategy to changing trends and react quickly to crisis situations. Thanks to this, he will achieve success!

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