Public relations - quotes and definitions


There are many definitions of what it is public relations – quotes from recognized authorities in this industry allow you to understand what PR really is. What are his tools and instruments. It is worth referring to industry publications that clearly indicate the definitions of various terms.

Public relations - industry quotes

Based on the Encyclopedia of Management, you can get a concise and concise definition of PR. According to her, public relations is "conscious, planned and long-term cultivation of relations with the closer and more distant environment, leading to the acquisition of as many clients, supporters and supporters as possible." Jim Blythe in "Marketing Communications" expands this definition. In his opinion, public relations is "planned and constant activity, the purpose of which is to establish and maintain a good reputation of the company and mutual understanding between it and its environment, the so-called customers, employees, shareholders, trade unions, suppliers, politicians and society as a whole ”. Before implementing public relations activities, citations from industry publications are very helpful. They allow people who come into contact with the concept for the first time to understand the concept. Understanding what they are all about marketing instruments is of great importance in the effectiveness of their implementation.

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There are thousands of publications on public relations in bookstores and on the Internet. Quotes that we can read clearly and lucidly present the topic to us. It is worth reaching for industry articles related to marketing, especially if these are the beginnings of our business. Nevertheless, PR is constantly evolving and it is always worth being up-to-date. Books on public relations and articles on the Internet explain not only the definition and essence of this phenomenon. They will also present in detail public relations instruments, PR tools and examples of how and when to use them.

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