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Internet marketing is developing at an amazing pace. New forms of advertising are constantly appearing, which - when used in a skilful way - give spectacular results. Which of them are worth using in your campaign?

Internet advertising in the era of banner blindness

History internet advertising begins in 1994, when the American telecommunications concern AT&T posted the first advertising banner on the website. It was a slender black rectangle with a simple slogan. Despite the minimalism and not very interesting form, the ad was clicked on by almost 50% Internet users, which today is an impossible result. 

Since then internet advertising has evolved tremendously. At some point, advertisers started bombarding the internet with advertising spam. Invasive forms of advertising appeared, including pop-unders and pop-ups, which are particularly hated by customers. 

The excess of advertising messages on the web has led to the development of the so-called banner blindness. Banner blindness is a phenomenon of instinctively ignoring graphic elements that resemble Internet advertisements. Consequently classic advertising banners began to lose popularity and effectiveness. 

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New forms of advertising - inbound marketing

Today's entrepreneur must show considerable commitment and great creativity in order to effectively reach the audience with his advertising message. Currently, new forms of advertising are leading the way, which do not aggressively attack Internet users and are pleasant to receive. Modern messages promote the company's products or services in a subtle way, which gives them above-average effectiveness. We refer to these forms of advertising as inbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing, in Poland called active inbound marketing, is activities focused on making the recipients find a given brand themselves. This is the complete opposite of traditional advertising. The idea of inbound marketing is to attract the potential customer enough to make him or her take the first step towards establishing contact with the company. Inbound marketing stands out from the expansive ones forms of internet advertising. Such promotional activities do not discourage customers from the brand, and are even a great way to arouse their curiosity.

A new form of advertising, classified as inbound marketing, is the company's website. The website is a kind of showcase of the company. If it is legible, aesthetic, visually attractive and intuitive, it fulfills its promotional function. However, interesting looks are not enough. In today's marketplace, valuable content is of paramount importance.

New forms of advertising - content marketing 

Content marketing, otherwise content marketingis a power in today internet marketing! The idea of content marketing is to make the internet user reach the site on their own. Appropriate keywords and positioning are used for this. The content must be SEO optimized, valuable, substantive and linguistically correct. In addition, they must respond to the needs and queries of Internet users - they can solve their problems, give practical tips or deepen their knowledge on the topic that bothers them.

Content marketing activities should start with running a specialized blog on your company website. Valuable blog entries, corresponding to the inquiries of Internet users, increase the trust of recipients in the brand, build its recognition in the market and contribute to the improvement of the image. A brand that willingly shares knowledge and helps consumers solve their problems has a much greater chance of success than one that does nothing in this direction.

Other tools that can be used as part of content marketing are:

  • product reviews left by satisfied customers,
  • free e-books, guides and other PDF materials for download,
  • free courses and webinars.

Native article - the opposite of intrusive advertising

Artificial Sponsored Articles are not working as well as they used to be. Today, subtlety in creating advertisements is what counts. Native ads are a great replacement for traditional sponsored articles. 

Native article is a text that, at first glance, does not look like an advertisement for a specific product, service or brand. The content is not an intrusive promotion. The author, instead of calling for a purchase, mentions the offer in a subtle way.

The first native advertising was created in 1950, long before the Internet was invented. Its creator was David Ogilvy, the founder of the Ogilvy & Mather brand. The article was in the form of a pictorial guide, presenting the flavors of oysters and the possibilities of combinations with other products. One of them was the Guinness brand beer that was advertised.

Native advertising is an extremely effective new promotion because it is credible, non-invasive and interesting. As a result, it is easily digestible and perfectly fulfills its promotional function. 

The power of influencer marketing

Another new form of advertising that we want to mention is influencer marketing. Web makers have a huge impact on shaping purchasing decisions for their audience. They are often considered authorities and even experts in specific fields. Observers listen to them, value them, willingly follow their instructions or buy products on their recommendation. There is great potential in influencer marketing. However, the key is to choose the right person to cooperate with and focus on authenticity. It is not worth sticking to the usual patterns and universal solutions in influencer campaigns. A creative approach is a guarantee of the best results!

New forms of advertising are your ticket to the big business world! By using them in a skilful way, you will effectively reach your recipients, gain their trust and gain a stable position on the market. Thanks to this, you can easily achieve any goal that will bring you closer to market success.

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