Do you know the most important stages of integration?

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Do you know the most important stages of integration?

Proper integration amazingly connects the team of employees and brings a number of benefits for themselves and the entire company. Organizing and carrying out integration requires a lot of time, work and commitment. How to organize the integration well so that it brings the right results? What are the most important stages of integration?

How to integrate the team well? It can be done in three steps. The stages of integration include:

  • daily habits,
  • training integrative and team building workshops,
  • parties, trips and other fun activities.

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The first stage of integration, i.e. everyday integration

Some people may think that integration can only be a fancy party or a few-day trip to a hotel. However, many people forget that the most important stage is integration in everyday work. Without it, a team that integrates only from time to time will not fulfill its role. So the integration of employees should be implemented in the company itself. What ideas apply to integration on a daily basis?

corporate integration

For example, celebrating employees' birthdays, holidays or other events together. Singing together a hundred years, sharing a cake, buying a small gift - like little things, and amazingly affect the feeling of belonging to the entire team. Such events do not require a lot of work and commitment, and can be a nice distraction from everyday corporate duties. And of course they are a great form of integration!

Another banal example of integration is spending breaks together during work, e.g. drinking coffee / tea together or going out for lunch. Such a meeting is a great opportunity to talk about loose topics, tell interesting stories or laugh at jokes at the common table. Everyday coffee not only brings employees together very well, but also gives them energy and makes them positive for the whole day. As a result, the team works efficiently and smoothly, and the atmosphere at work is cheerful and pleasant.

The second stage of integration - team building and training

When we take care of integration on a daily basis, the next step is activities that require more time, work and planning. Team building workshops and trainings are a very important element of integration - they can improve relationships in the team, and at the same time be a large dose of new knowledge for employees.

team building

Team building workshops combine entertainment with fun, thanks to which they build a strong and efficient team. There are many ideas for workshops: company games, ropes course, scenario games - there are plenty of possibilities, and everyone is more and more inventive. Such tasks teach cooperation and effective communication. They show how to use the potential of each member of the work group, which can be very useful in the performance of everyday professional duties.

In turn, integration training conducted by a suitably qualified person will increase the motivation of team members to work and improve communication in the group. Trainings build friendly ties, improve the atmosphere at work and help solve current problems in the team.

Training and teambuilding workshops are an extremely important and obligatory element of team integration. The most important thing is that it takes place outside the company's walls. It can be a hotel, a manor house in the mountains - it is important that it is a place where you can focus and at the same time distract yourself from your duties.

Third stage - integration event

Each of the stages of integration is important. Integration at work this one. After the training and workshops, it's time for a well-deserved rest and fun. Common integration Party it is a very fashionable idea for integration - it brings people together, allows you to relax and de-stress, and it is a great opportunity to talk on neutral ground about topics unrelated to work.

An integration event is a great way to get away from work and rest. A team-building event can be traditionally organized in a restaurant with good food and music in the background, but you can also try to organize a themed evening: e.g. in the style of the 80s or a Hawaiian party. Such an event will surely provide employees with a lot of unforgettable impressions!

integration Party

When organizing an event, the right place is extremely important: a hotel, manor house or other holiday facility with a sufficiently large accommodation base, so that employees do not have to return home after having fun.

Also pay attention to the well-composed menu and refreshing drinks. Don't forget about pleasant music that will create an amazing atmosphere.


Three stages of integration as a path to successful integration

The implementation of the three stages of integration will help you carry it out at the highest level. Why is it so important? A well-functioning team, strong and well-coordinated is the company's success. Integration activities strengthen relations between employees, improve the atmosphere in the team, increase motivation to work, but also help resolve conflicts.

It happens more than once that a team of employees is not able to get along with each other, there is a hostile atmosphere, stress, conflicts arise, which means that the team does not achieve results, and the company is a loss. Proper integration will help you bypass these obstacles to success. A well-coordinated team performs all official duties efficiently and at the highest level, which improves the company's position in the industry.

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