Image communication – why implement it?

Image communication - how do you take care of it?

Building and maintaining a positive image nowadays is a real challenge. Today, a surprising campaign or carefully prepared advertising is not enough to enjoy a good reputation. The key to success are multidimensional public relations activities tailored to the specifics and profile of the company. One of the important elements of PR is image communication - experts' opinions leave no doubt about it. What is it about? And why is it worth using? image communication – expert opinions leave no doubt about it. What is it about? And why is it worth using?

What will you learn from the article?

Image communication is a key element of every company's strategy, which influences the way it is perceived by customers and society. However, effective image communication is not only a matter of gaining positive opinions, but also of skillfully managing the company's image in the media and consciously shaping the perception of the brand. In this article, we will deal with the issue of image communication, starting with the definition of this term and discussing its essence.

You will learn what exactly media and image communication is and what are the main differences between them. We will also analyze the process of preparing effective image communication and discuss what benefits it can bring when properly planned and conducted communication strategy image for the company. Get ready to deepen your knowledge about key aspects of building a positive company image and effective methods of communicating with the environment.


What is image communication? Reviews are not everything

Even the best products will not sell if the company does not gain the trust of its customers. Every company that wants to achieve sales goals and be successful in its industry must take care of good PR. The basis of effective public relations activities is communication with the environment.

Image communication is a specific way of communicating information to the target group. An information is called a mixture of knowledge, facts, and feelings about an organization. The essence of image communication is to influence recipients and gain universal social acceptance.

Image communication is one of the instruments of public relations. By PR activities the company strives to create a positive image in the eyes of its customers, which will allow it to easily pursue its interests.

What is image communication?

There is also a theory in which PR is one of the elements that make up the company's image communication. Apart from public relations, the following components are listed: corporate culture, advertising, marketing, branding, internal communication and sponsorship. However, the idea is the same. The purpose of communication is to create the desired image, obtain universal acceptance and then obtain appropriate benefits. The benefits include: achieving sales goals, generating attractive profits and maintaining a stable market position that will enable the company to operate effectively at all times. 

Image communication through the eyes of experts

According to the concept of two English-speaking specialists - J. O'Shaughnessy and NJ O'Shaughnessy - persuasive advertising as part of marketing communication is intended to build desires, motivations and beliefs by creating a brand concept that people in the target group prefer or should prefer. . The brand is perceived conceptually, highlighting its unique features and differences from the competition. The consumer identifies a given product through his previously developed perception, which in turn is formed by his concepts. There is therefore an inherent connection between the brand concept, its perception and the judgments made on this basis.

How is image communication implemented? What are the opinions on image communication? Does such an action really make sense?

Do you think that image communication does not matter?

Do not banish your company from the market!

What is media and image communication?

Image communication is a process that aims to build a positive image of the company through communication activities. It covers a whole range of activities that are to influence the way the company is perceived by its environment. Image communication can take many forms, including: activities for the benefit of the local community, organization of events, sponsorship of cultural events and advertising. All these activities are aimed atimage building company as a committed and responsible business partner.

Why does every company need image communication?

Companies need image communication for several reasons. Firstly, it is the image that is one of the most important components of brand equity. The better it is perceived by customers and the environment, the greater the chances of success on the market. Secondly, a good image helps to gain and maintain the trust of customers, which in turn translates into greater loyalty and interest in their product or service. Third, positive company image facilitates the acquisition of investors and business partners who are willing to invest their money in it or establish cooperation with it.

Brand identity - we know how to build it

Various benefits

The benefits of image communication are very diverse. First of all, a positive image means a better position of the company on the market. These include, for example, greater customer interest, better development opportunities and the ability to more easily attract investors. Moreover, a company with a good image is perceived as more credible and trustworthy. This, in turn, can translate into increased sales and customer loyalty. Image communication also allows you to build a strong brand and increase its recognition on the market. Brands with a good image are also more resistant to crises, which has been proven many times.

How to effectively build an image using image communication?

First, you need to define what the purpose of your actions is and what values you want to convey about yourself. Next, it is worth taking care of image cohesion and ensuring that all communication activities reflect the assumptions of the image policy. Third, different communication channels should be used. Such as social media, website or advertising spots. Properly constructed and thought-out communication activities will have a positive impact on the company's image.

How should image communication be prepared?

Before we move on to the opinion on image communication, it is worth telling yourself a bit about the methods of its implementation. 

As we well know, nothing in business is a coincidence. Market success is the result of thoughtful, carefully taken steps, rational decisions, full commitment and consistency in action. Each area of the company's operation should be based on a solid, carefully prepared strategy.

Image communication is no exception to this rule. In order to communicate effectively with the environment, fulfill the idea of communication and achieve set business goals, you must act on the basis of an appropriate plan.

Communication strategy should be prepared on the basis of the results of detailed analyzes of the market environment, including competition and target groups. The company's profile is also important - its character, mission, goals and values.

Image communication in a company is important

Of particular importance in communication strategy have tools that enable them to effectively reach target groups and thus implement the main assumptions of the entire process. In image communication, the following are most often used:

  • sponsorship activities - a form of promotion in which the company supports interesting and popular public events in areas such as sport, culture and art, ecology, health care, society, education and science,
  • building relations with the media - reaching the media and maintaining good relations with them in order to create the company's popularity and create a good image,
  • activities in the field Internal PR - creating a favorable image in the eyes of employees and their environment (e.g. families),
  • elements of visual identification - creating a coherent brand through appropriate branding; creating an identity that is to evoke positive associations in the environment, 
  • building relationships with customers - all activities aimed at creating relationships with the environment, including activity in social media, support for social initiatives, high level of customer service, offering benefits to customers.

We already know what the company's image communication should be based on. So it's time to move on to the most important part - image communication, opinions. Does strategic communication activities pay off?

Why is it worth conducting company image communication?

Conducting effective company image communication is a key element of the marketing strategy for several important reasons. Firstly, it allows you to build a positive and recognizable brand image in the eyes of customers. Image consolidation allows you to gain consumer trust, which is fundamental for long-term business relationships.

Moreover, image communication contributes to the development of a unique brand identity, allowing it to stand out in the competitive market. When a company effectively communicates its values, goals and mission, it can better reach its target audience.

Additionally, carrying out image communication activities allows you to direct customers' attention to positive experiences related to the brand, which has a positive impact on their purchasing decisions. As a result, investing in image communication is an important step towards building a strong and lasting position of the company on the market.

The growing role of image communication is also evidenced by the interest in studies in this area. Designing communication in every organization requires appropriate knowledge - both in the field of visual and verbal communication.

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Image communication – what can you gain?

Opinions about image communication are clear. If done skillfully, it brings results! As public relations agency we are deeply convinced of this. Providing the right information is the basis of business. It is a way to present the benefits of working with a given company or taking advantage of its offer, to shape the demand for its products and services, and, most importantly, to create a positive image in the long term. Thanks to consistent image communication, the company can be spectacularly successful on the market. Attractive profits and a stable market position are just some of the many benefits it can achieve. 

However, for media and image communication to bring the expected results, it must be based on a well-constructed, individually tailored strategy. Acting without a plan in business is like walking in complete darkness - you will get somewhere, but not necessarily where you wanted. The strategy sets the direction of communication, sets its tone and indicates how to proceed in the event of possible crises. 


Why is image communication an important element of promotion? Because it is much more than just opinions and content published on social media. It is a comprehensive process of managing the company's image, including planning and implementation of communication activities in various channels. In the article, we discussed the importance of media and image communication and indicated how to prepare an effective strategy in this area.

Image communication is a key element of the marketing strategy of any company that wants to increase its visibility and attract potential customers. The implementation of image communication covers a wide range of visual communication activities that are aimed at creating a coherent and attractive brand image. Thanks to professionally developed image communication, companies can effectively build trust, stand out from the competition and encourage customers to identify with the brand. Don't wait, decide to implement image communication and see how it can help your company achieve success.

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Worth knowing:

What is image communication?

Image communication is a process aimed at creating and maintaining a positive image of a company or brand. It's not only how we present our brand to the world, but also how it interacts with customers and the community. This is not an easy issue, because nowadays every company competes for the attention of customers, and their purchasing decisions can be determined by their image. Therefore, to effectively build a brand image, you need to be aware of your goal and use various tools such as social media, advertising campaigns and public relations to present your brand in the best light.

Image communication what after we plan it?

Image communication is an extremely important element nowadays, especially for companies. After successfully carrying out image-building activities, you need to remember about consistent communication to maintain a positive image of the company in the eyes of customers and society. That is why it is worth investing in professional tools for image monitoring and training for employees so that they are always prepared for various situations and know how to deal with crisis situations. Good relations with the media and systematic activities related to communication are the key to success and permanent building of a positive image of the company.

Who is image communication for?

Image communication is extremely important for any organization, regardless of its size or industry. It is thanks to it that potential customers, business partners or employees have the opportunity to learn about the values, goals and vision of a given company. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the company's image is consistent, clear and attractive, and that all activities related to it are well thought out and consistently implemented. After all, as the classic says "how they see you, that's how they write you", and nowadays, when the competition is huge, it's not worth leaving the shaping of your image to chance.

What is hidden under the concept of image communication?

Image communication is a concept covering a wide range of activities aimed at creating and maintaining a positive image of a company, product or public figure. It uses tools such as branding, public relations and advertising. The key role here is played not only by the way of presenting the image, but also by the effectiveness of conveying information about the brand or product. That is why it is so important for the image communication to be coherent, consistent and adapted to the group of recipients. Thanks to this, you can build positive associations with the brand and attract and retain customers.

What are the elements of image communication?

Image communication is a very important aspect for every company. The components are primarily the logo, colors, font. However, in order to create an effective strategy, it is important to understand that image communication is about more than just these visual elements. The way the company is perceived by customers also plays a big role, as well as the way it communicates - both with words and actions. That is why it is worth spending time and attention to think over the whole thing and create a company image whose features will be associated with the company's values.

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