Advertising catalog - how to prepare it?

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In the era of widely developed internet marketing, it might seem that traditional forms of advertising are a thing of the past. Nothing could be more wrong! Printed materials are still a great and effective form of presenting products or services. One of the traditional forms of promotion are advertising catalogs. How to prepare an attractive advertising catalog?

Advertising catalog - why do you need it?

Product presentation is an important element of a marketing campaign. Today, most promotional activities take place online. The Internet gives companies great opportunities in this regard. Entrepreneurs can use many tools and forms of communication - from classic advertising banners on industry websites or websites belonging to the Google network, to sponsored posts on Facebook and promotions as part of marketing infulencer. Properly prepared online advertisements effectively encourage recipients to visit the website of a given brand. At best, this applies to sales conversion

However, internet advertising is not enough. In promotional activities, it is still worth using traditional forms of advertising, i.e. all leaflets, brochures and the aforementioned catalogs. 

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An advertising catalog is something like a small book designed with a specific brand in mind. Inside is a list of all products or services offered by the company, often with eye-catching photos and valuable descriptions. Catalogs, despite the growing Internet and attractive online advertising, are still very popular - especially among consumers who value traditional solutions. An advertising catalog is an unobtrusive, and even a relatively pleasant form of promotion - as opposed to unskillfully prepared ones internet advertisingthat pop up on your screen, effectively obstructing your browsing experience. It is the potential customer who decides whether he wants to look at the catalog. Nobody is imposing it on him. This makes catalogs an extremely effective form of promotion.

A well-prepared advertising catalog is a kind of mine of knowledge and inspiration. How to prepare a good project?

Where to start?

Designing an effective advertising catalog is a real challenge. It requires appropriate knowledge in the field of marketing, commitment, creativity and proper preparation. 

The first stage of work on an advertising catalog is to determine what exactly it will contain. The presentation of the products offered or the services provided is not enough. The catalog of a service company may include: the history of the brand's creation, brand attributes and the values that guide him in his actions. It is also a good idea to include information on the methods of implementation of the services offered. On the other hand, the perfect advertising catalog of the store is the one that, apart from the effective presentation of products, contains inspiration and advice on how to use these products. It is also a great idea to present methods of production of the offered goods, or a description of the materials used.

The advertising catalog is a summary of the company's offer. It is a presentation of what a customer can expect when visiting a company and a preview of what they can gain by buying its products or using its services. It is a kind of encouragement to direct contact with a given company. What should the advertising catalog look like in order to fulfill its functions?

Principles of creating advertising catalogs

An advertising catalog is often referred to as image folder. It is a kind of showcase of the company. An element that builds its image in a specific way target groups. How the catalog is prepared determines the professionalism and quality of the company. Therefore, it is worth getting fully involved in this task.

The information presented in the advertising catalog must first of all be valuable. The content should be interesting for the reader, addictive in its own way, and substantive at the same time. It should provide as much valuable knowledge and relevant information as possible in a nutshell. Descriptions of products or services do not have to be long. Short but valuable content brings much better results. 

Remember to choose the right font and optimal letter size. Choose a simple, legible font without any decorative elements. Headers and key content can be enlarged, bold or distinguished in another way - e.g. with a thin frame or a different color. In the catalog, you can use tables, charts and other elements that will diversify the message. 

When designing a catalog, try to avoid long blocks of text, especially entire pages filled with text. Use language of benefitswhich is an effective tool in promotion and sales. Skilfully used, it allows you to easily and attractively present the advantages of given products and the benefits that result from their purchase. Such content acts like a magnet for consumers. 

Put the phrases "call to action" in the directory. These are short sentences in key places that urge readers to take a specific action, such as visiting a website or asking them to contact them for more interesting information. 

Make a good impression

When creating your advertising catalog, remember about the highest aesthetics. Pages should be clear, pleasing to the eye. Each element must fit perfectly with the others. Try to make your photos and texts compose an attractive whole. Use professional photos prepared by an experienced specialist in the catalog. 

Remember that graphic design it should be thoughtful. The best friend of every conscious designer of promotional materials is minimalism. Very colorful catalogs with too many decorative elements look chaotic and not very professional. The fewer the better. Strict adherence to the principle of minimalism increases the chances that the reader will carefully study the entire content and ultimately decide to use the offer.

The company's brand is an important element of running a business

The appearance of the cover and the quality of the entire catalog are also important. The most effective look are thick covers made of slippery paper. On the front, put the name of your company and graphics that refer to its activities.

The catalog must be tidy, handy and comfortable to use. It cannot fall apart. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a sewn, glued or spiral variant. 

Does your company need an advertising catalog? Without a doubt! The catalog is an important element in a promotional campaign and a great complement to online advertising activities. Thanks to it, you can reach a larger audience - mainly those who do not pay attention to online advertising or prefer traditional forms of promotion. A well-prepared, attractive and thoughtful advertising catalog increases your chances of market success!

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