3 proven marketing methods

Online marketing

Currently, traditional marketing is no longer enough. Companies that want to develop and succeed must look for other forms of promoting their services and products. We present 3 marketing methods that will bring your brand real benefits.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is about more than selling. It is a kind of business philosophy that consists in understanding the needs of customers and satisfying them by promoting and selling specific products or services. Good marketing brings great results. Building a strong audience or gaining a competitive advantage are just some of them. However, for marketing to be effective, it must be carefully considered. We present 3 marketing methods that are worth using.

Are you wondering which marketing method will be perfect for you?

We know how to adjust marketing tools for your company!

3 Marketing Methods Your Brand Needs

1. Affiliate Marketing

Otherwise known as affiliate marketing. It's a marketing method that relies on a collaboration between an advertiser (a company or person that has a product to sell) and a partner (a publisher who generates sales for the advertiser). The third party in affiliate marketing is the consumer who buys the advertiser's product or service through the publisher's site. 

The advertiser places an affiliate link on the publisher's website (e.g. in the form of a banner, logo or text link). The publisher receives an appropriate commission if the consumer clicks on the link and performs a specific action (PPS - Pay Per Sale, PPC - Pay Per Click, PPL - Pay Per Lead). Thanks to affiliate marketing, the advertiser can reach a larger group of recipients and build recognition.

2. Influencer marketing 

A marketing method based on cooperation with an influencer. An internet creator for an appropriate fee (often barter, i.e. advertising for a product is used) promotes the brand's product in his social media. It talks about the benefits of the product, shows its everyday use, and identifies itself with the brand. Web makers are often authority figures in their communities. Followers are eager to buy the products or services they recommend. Cooperation with influencers is a great way to reach a wide audience and generate high profits. 

3. Ambient marketing 

Ambient advertising are one-off marketing campaigns of non-standard, often shocking nature. Ambient actions use unusual message carriers (e.g. bus shelters or elements of premises equipment) or standard advertising media, but in an unconventional way. Ambient advertising is supposed to attract attention and intrigue. Often these are interactive ads that engage the audience in some way. Ambient marketing surprises and allows you to stand out from the competition.

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