Advertising ethics - why is it worth following?


Marketing is often equated with dirty tricks, manipulation and blind pursuit of profit. The reality, however, proves that it is fair play that can translate into real results. What is Advertising Ethics? And why is it worth following?

What is advertising ethics?

Advertising ethics concerns certain social and professional standards that should be followed by people who create advertising messages. In other words - ethics in marketing are activities in line with generally accepted social principles and values.

The principles of honest creation and implementation of marketing strategies are regulated by the Advertising Code of Ethics. According to him, the advertisement cannot:

  • mislead, 
  • provide false information,
  • discriminate on the basis of sex, age, nationality, religion, etc.,
  • encourage acts of violence,
  • abuse the recipient's trust, lack of experience or knowledge.

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Advertising ethics in practice - why is it worth playing fair?

Today's consumer is aware of the mechanisms taking place on the market. It certainly can't be manipulated that easily. Consumers are able to quickly verify the authenticity of even the smallest lie. What's more, creating false advertising messages may have a negative impact on the brand's activity, leading to a serious one brand image crisis. Consumers do not want to buy products or use the services of brands that do not work fairly.

Acting in accordance with the ethics of advertising can bring long-term benefits. Ethical Marketing:

  • builds positive brand image and strengthens its reputation,
  • improves relationships with customers, gives opportunities to build a committed community around the brand,
  • increases the company's value,
  • improves the living conditions of consumers by offering valuable products or services,
  • motivates employees to act.

A company that wants to build good PR and successfully acquire customers, it should play fair. Acting in accordance is a guarantee of success!

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