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The social media agency runs brand profiles on social media. Responsible for building brand awareness, its content plan and community involvement. The most important tasks of a social media agency are widely known because they cover all activities related to social networks. We want to introduce you to how such a company works and what you should pay attention to during cooperation.

Social media has gained impressive popularity in a very short time. What distinguishes them from other websites is, above all, the significant possibilities of users interfering with their appearance and the ability to create their own profiles and content. A social media agency helps brands to master the basic principles that govern social media and affect their visibility on the web.

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What is a social media agency?

A social media agency has a narrower scope of tasks than PR agency. It deals with all aspects related to running profiles in the brand's social media. This means that it focuses on more than just posting. Also on the preparation and implementation of the content plan, content preparation and promotion using Social Media Ads.

The social media agency takes over from the entrepreneur all elements related to his profiles in communication channels. In this way, you, as the owner of the company, can focus on its development and planning the next marketing stages.

The social media agency deals with the broadly understood service of social media. It is worth noting that these are not only elements seen by the vast majority of account followers on websites. Is it:

  • constant communication with customers and recipients,
  • creating a content plan,
  • responsibility for responding to customer messages,
  • creating ads in SM Ads.

All these elements contribute to keeping brand profiles on social media in the most interesting and thus effective way possible.

How does a social media agency work?

The activities of the social media agency are based on close cooperation between individual teams that build the company together. It is imperative that several people control one post. Each of them is responsible for a different aspect of it.

From 2 to even 4 people can work on publishing one post in social media. Each of them performs a strictly defined task, which is aimed at fully refining the content, graphics and tags under the photo.

Everything is additionally supervised by the person who is responsible for the general, final evaluation of the work performed and the introduction of any corrections necessary for the correct reception of the content.

Collaboration between departments

Why can't only one person work on one post? Freelancers similarly achieve satisfactory results. Everyone who has been working in a social media agency for a long time is used to such and similar questions. However, here it is worth asking a completely different question.

Is it possible for one person to be a graphic, content and marketing communication specialist at the same time? While the last two elements can be combined into one specialization, it is extremely rare to meet someone who prepares graphics as well as signatures under them.

Posts prepared by the social media agency should be refined in every detail, even the smallest. It is on them that the success of marketing strategies and the satisfaction of the customer, i.e. you, depend to a large extent.

If both the content and the graphics are polished in every detail, there is a much greater chance of using the full potential of the posts. It will be noticed and cause a reaction. Both those who pay special attention to the content as well as people who are supporters of attractive graphics.

Tasks of the social media agency

One of the tasks of the agency social mediathat is directly seen by users is posting content on brand profiles. Copywriting and graphics specialists work closely together to create a valuable end result.

Another very important element of running a profile in social media is taking care of the development and implementation of a content plan in all communication channels of the company.

If you launch a new product or service on the market, consistent information should appear on this topic in your social media. This will allow you to rub against all your potential customers who are watching your profiles on various websites. If the content plan is properly prepared and refined in many details, it will certainly be appreciated by many users who will notice a significant improvement in consistency in brand communication.

Another task of the social media agency is publishing ads in SM Ads. This is an important task as it enables you to gain new audiences that reach your profile through advertising.

Currently, Internet users are more and more aware and choose the content that interests them on their own. Therefore, the content of the advertisement should be catchy and valuable, and the post itself must necessarily provide valuable information to the user.

By following these rules, your followers will be more likely to pass on your ad until it reaches a large enough audience, bringing you marketing success.

Caring for social media

Caring for the brand's social media is a task that distinguishes the social media agency from other marketing companies. She is responsible for keeping profiles in an effective and engaging way.

This slogan covers all the tasks that are entrusted to people responsible for social media. It is necessary to create posts, engaging story and reels that will be eagerly watched.

Due to the fact that specialists who are experts in their fields are responsible for your profile, you can easily say that it will definitely stand out from the others that are available on social networks.

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Creating a social media Ads campaign

For a long time, campaigns have been the only known source of audience acquisition on the Internet Google Ads. They rely on paid impressions of your website in Google searches at the most.

However, with the development of social media, Social Media Ads are becoming more and more popular. These are social media ads that appear in the form of sponsored paid posts and story tiles.

If advertising in social media is properly thought out and made with care for its content, it can generate significant traffic on your profile.

This is one of the most important tasks of a social media agency. Make sure that as many people as possible reach your profile thanks to advertisements in SM.

Creating a content plan

Developing a valuable content plan is as important and time-consuming as its implementation. It is necessary to strictly determine what campaigns will follow one another and to ensure the best possible conditions for them.

In practice, this means that the social media agency must coordinate the work of your social media with the products you release and the new services you offer.

If information about a new product appears in the media, it should be properly displayed. For this to be effective, you should spend a certain amount of time on content related directly to the promotion.

That is why it is so important to have a properly developed content plan. Thanks to this, it is possible to refine all the details and ensure the best possible reception of messages on social media by your recipients.

Content specialists and graphic designers

Social media posts are a combination of great graphics and text that describes the situation and puts the recipient in the right mood.

To maintain the effectiveness of published content, a social media agency should employ experts who specialize in the preparation of texts, who work closely with graphic designers.

The combination of specialists' work will result in perfectly engaging posts that will be noticed and appreciated by your recipients.

The more engaging the content that the social media agency publishes on your brand profiles, the more people are eager to observe your behavior and the steps you take towards the development of the company.

What are the entrepreneur's obligations when working with a social media agency?

As an entrepreneur, you are a client of a social media agency. Specialists who work in a given organization prepare and implement a publication plan in your social media.

However, on your side as a customer, there are also some obligations that you should fulfill if you want valuable cooperation based on mutual communication.

Proper filling of the brief

We repeat many times that filling in a brief while cooperating with a marketing agency is a significant step towards successful cooperation between entrepreneurs. But why is it so important?

If you correctly and accurately fill in the brief you received from the agency, you have the chance to provide social media specialists with all the information in one message. All you have to do is answer all their questions comprehensively.

This way you can enjoy the peace of mind and the absence of emergency calls with requests to clarify certain details. When running social media for a particular brand, experts need very detailed data. Yes, so that they can then be passed on to recipients in a specific, defined form.

There is also a place in the brief to write down your expectations regarding the cooperation with the social media agency. You can include all your hopes and plans for running social media here.

If you assume that some of the content that will appear will be created by you, it is also worth informing about it in the brief. This way, people who are responsible for creating a content plan will know to include it in the publication calendar.

As you can see, the brief is indeed extremely important. It saves you a lot of time answering additional questions. It also allows social media agencies to work quickly, because specialists can work without the need to ask additional, supplementary questions.

Waiting for a response may significantly delay the progress of work. This is particularly risky if it is necessary to provide information to the client. Therefore, remember to answer all questions in detail in the brief. This is to develop the best marketing strategy for your business.

Answers to questions related to the activities of the company

Even the best compiled and filled design brief it is not able to predict all the information that will occur while running the brand's social media.

It may happen that your customers ask a question that only you know the answer to. Then, for the sake of your business, you should respond to the message of social media agency employees who want to obtain the necessary information as soon as possible.

By providing all the necessary information to social media professionals, it is possible to seamlessly convey an increasing dose of knowledge. Therefore, if you have been working closely with one team of social media agencies for a long time, there comes a point when they do not have to ask any additional questions.

Then you are left with budget management and controlling the effects of the experts' work on your profile.

Enabling video recording and taking photos

Remember that people are most watched on social media. Regardless of whether you run a sole proprietorship or you are the president of a corporation, it is imperative that your face also appears on your profile.

The best social media agencies are able to promote a profile and run it perfectly thanks to a well-thought-out content plan, but it is extremely difficult and engaging.

That is why the vast majority recommend that at least some of the content should be managed in such a way that people are visible on social media.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur and business owner, you should agree to take photos and record videos with the participation of you or your employees. In this way, it is possible to prepare promotional materials for the next long months of work on the brand's profile in social media in one shooting day.

Remember to agree on the company's marketing assumptions together before starting cooperation with a social media agency. If you want your profile to contain only educational content, be sure to inform the representatives about it.

If, in turn, you consent to the creation of photos or videos, you should also mention it. It happens that some social media agencies suggest that from time to time the president or the owner himself / herself recorded a few sentences for the story. Then it is worth reaching for your phone and conveying a few sentences to customers.

How to find a good social media agency?

Depending on the individual needs and expectations of customers, for each of us, the term good social media agency will mean something completely different.

However, there are a number of characteristics that distinguish a good quality agency from its competitors. It will certainly be much easier for you to determine which agency is best for you if you analyze our advice.

Check which social media agency will suit your needs by answering a few simple questions. Analyze all the offers you find on the web in this way. You will certainly be able to determine what exactly you expect from the cooperation and choose the best option.

Just running social media requires the direct involvement of at least a few people. In the case of social media agencies, these are photo specialists, content people and the team responsible for the technical side of the profile.

All these elements must perfectly harmonize with each other to create a transparent and consistent effect of the brand profile in social media. Therefore, it is imperative to establish cooperation with the best social media agency available.

We will tell you what to pay special attention to when searching and how to find the best social media agency.

Well-structured advertising as the foundation of your business

What do you care most about when it comes to running social media? Is it an increase in engagement, followers or post likes? Or maybe you want to focus on sending social media traffic to your website?

Depending on what your marketing goals are, the target group of social media activities will be defined in a slightly different way. This means that if you are focused on engaging your audience, then the social media agency will focus primarily on current observers.

If your marketing goal is to like rolls and posts, it is worth focusing on attractive photos and shots. Hashtags selected for your target group will also be important here.

In this case, the target group will coincide with the marketing assumptions of your brand. Therefore, think about who you want to reach with your products, and then pass this information on to the social media agency.

If you want to redirect traffic to your website, you should make sure that your blog is pinned to it. This way, you can constantly redirect your audience to new posts that will bring them some value.

Activities aimed at coordinating blog entries with publications in social media require the cooperation of the social media agency with the content marketing agency.

When looking for a social media agency, check how the communication in social media of companies that are dealt with by individual companies is directed. If you notice a pattern that meets your expectations, it is worth saving a specific agency on the list of those you will check later.

Social media accounts of social media agencies

Is it true that a shoemaker walks without shoes? Not in marketing. Here, social media and websites of advertising agencies should be their best showcase. Therefore, follow the posts of the social media agency to which you would like to entrust your business profiles.

If a social media agency creates content that brings together engaged observers, it is certainly worth attention. The same applies to adding valuable content to your posts.

Pay particular attention to the photos you publish, as well as content and captions. They should be coherent and together form a whole that coincides with the assumptions of the brand and its visual identity. If so, save the profiles of those social media agencies that made a special impression on you.

Check the portfolio

A lot of information appeared on our blog about the portfolio, as in the case of the brief. This is due to the fact that having a good-quality portfolio is an indispensable element in the marketing industry.

After doing the initial research, it is worth contacting the social media agencies that were selected through elimination. What is most important is receiving the portfolio of a given company.

If it is available on the agency's website, read it and analyze customer profiles on social media. If their actions are consistent and you see a strictly defined plan according to which the social media agency operated, you can guess that it will be similar for your brand.

After making your choice based on the research, be sure to contact the selected social media agency. It is worth making an appointment in order to provide all relevant information related to your marketing goals and assumptions related to brand identification.

Are you looking for an agency with a rich portfolio?

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Each social media agency should have in its portfolio several profiles that it runs or ran in the past.

Remember to ask and check. If you are interested in one of the profiles presented in the portfolio, you can actually check it in a few simple steps. In this way, you will also check the reliability of the social media agency.

If you care about effective sales campaigns and marketing that leads your clients straight to your website, establish cooperation only with social media agencies that can boast a rich portfolio.

Think about what you expect from cooperation with such an agency, and then look for it in completed projects. Where you find it, follow our next advice.

Get to know the opinions of other agency clients

You have certainly found a portfolio of several agencies that interested you. Now it's time to choose the best one. Start with a thorough analysis of all the profiles that this agency runs. Check that their communication is consistent.

If you have such a need, you can contact another client of a given social media agency. Especially if you know someone who works for the company. In this way, you can gain first-hand information about the terms of cooperation and personal feelings related to it.

A good social media agency not only cares about your clients, but also about its own. Therefore, it can boast of a wide group of satisfied recipients of content and entrepreneurs.

If you care about consistent communication with customers via social media, check the offers of social media agencies in your area. Choose the one that may turn out to be the best and check the terms of cooperation. In return, you will receive a committed community and increased profits from the sale of products and services.

Social Media Ads

The social media agency is also responsible for advertising in social media. These are Social Media Ads and operate on a similar basis to those known to Google Ads marketing companies.

Posts prepared with the help of the ad wizard are displayed much more often than those created with organic or natural traffic in mind. By paying the appropriate fee for the possibility of using space in social media to promote your products and services through posts on the profile, it is possible to treat them better than other, classic content.

Social Media Ads are most often the responsibilities of a specific group of specialists who work in a social media agency. They are only responsible for targeting the ads, developing an ad serving plan and improving them each week.

In order to see real effects that result directly from the actions taken in cooperation with Social Media Ads, most often you should wait for 2 to 3 months. This is the time needed to accurately match the target group to the content of the profile and determine what advertising goals should be achieved.

Your participation as an entrepreneur in creating content

How and to what extent you are co-responsible for creating content on your brand's social media depends to a large extent on you and your willingness to get involved.

Remember to clearly define what you expect from the social media agency at the beginning of the cooperation. If you plan to delegate all responsibilities to specialists, then it is also necessary to provide all detailed information about your activity.

You should inform specialists about all possible questions that may be asked by recipients and customers. Remember that in this option, it will probably be necessary for the first weeks to refine the next details of the company's operations, which will be needed to run profiles on social media.

You can also decide that you want to influence to some extent the content that will be posted on your social media profiles. Then the frequency and most often the dates of such publications are determined.

It is worthwhile for you with a team of social media experts to determine what content you will publish on the brand's social media. Their reception will be positively influenced by maintaining consistency with those published by the social media agency.

Who prepares the content plan?

A detailed content plan, which includes all publications planned for the coming weeks and months, is the task of social media specialists. They are responsible for determining the goals of social media marketing based on a conversation with you.

The steps that lead to the achievement of the goals you set are presented at the meeting in such a way that you can familiarize yourself with them and submit any corrections. If you accept the content plan, the social media agency will start working on implementing it.

What effects can you expect from cooperation with a social media agency?

As in the case of other marketing agencies, in the case of social media agencies, you certainly expect specific results of specialists' work.

They strictly depend on what you have set your marketing goals and the chosen strategy. However, there are several common features that make up the satisfactory results that will be achieved thanks to working with a social media agency.

Increase in audience engagement

Audience engagement is a determinant that is extremely difficult to measure in a simple way. It consists of many factors.

Currently, the best way to measure your audience engagement is to compare three metrics. They will be:

  • the number of followers of your profile, respectively,
  • the number of people who view your story and those who respond to polls, questions and links posted in the tiles.

The higher the value of people reacting to the viewers or followers, the more engaged your community you have. It is worth paying attention to this much more than just the number of followers.

It happens that your followers include people who follow several thousand other profiles. They won't reach your story or post. Therefore, the number of followers should not affect the quality of statistics, but their involvement and appropriate response to the content you publish.

A social media agency that is aware of this important dependency will increase the effectiveness of your promotional materials by a significant percentage. This means that regardless of the number of followers, the ratio of people reacting to your story to those following your story will be very high.

Valuable post content

Are you a specialist in your field, but are not sure how to put it on paper to get valuable content? Take it easy, the social media agency will take care of it.

All you have to do is describe the industry you work with in your own words to social media specialists. They, on the other hand, will translate it into attractive words and use the language of benefits. This way you will receive valuable and interesting post content on your social media.

Note that posts that have some value for your followers are much more likely to be commented on than posts that don't have any valuable information. Therefore, your board should contain valuable content.

The social media agency knows what the best proportions of loose and educational content are. By matching them exactly, it is able to create interesting and engaging content that will attract many recipients.

Quick answers to observers' questions

Running social media requires spending many hours not only preparing the content of your posts, but also building relationships with your audience. If you are just starting to expand your community, and there are several dozen to several hundred followers, you may have no problem replying to messages.

However, when this number reaches several thousand observers, it may suddenly find that one person is unable to answer all the questions.

The social media agency is prepared for such eventualities. As we have already mentioned, at least a few people watch over one profile in social media, who are responsible for individual elements that make up the entire consistent communication that is created for the needs of social media.

If there are not enough of these people in relation to the number of messages that appear in the inbox, then a decision is made to include one more person in the team who is responsible for contact with the observers of your company's profile. You are of course informed of this and the final decision is yours.

Thanks to such a solution and quick response to current problems and difficulties, including technical difficulties, your clients receive answers to their questions in a short time.

The response and reaction time also contributes to the increase in audience engagement in the content posted on your social media profile.

Better statistics for your website

By having a social media profile, you most likely have your own website as well. Regardless of whether it is a store with your products or a business card website that presents your services, the statistics of its visits are important.

In order for the number of page views to be higher every day, it is important not only to optimize it in terms of SEO and UX.

It is worth paying attention to the opportunities offered to your company by cooperation with a social media agency. If your social media profile is attractive and engaging, you can easily redirect traffic to your website.

The increase in the popularity of your website translates directly into an increase in the value of the entire brand. This is followed by higher profits. Keep this in mind if you are considering the profitability of working with a social media agency.

Increase in profits from the sale of products and services

All the elements and effects that we have mentioned so far in our article boil down to one, the most important goal. These are real, high profits from the sale of products and services.

Actions taken by the enterprise in order to improve its position on the market are performed in order to achieve specific profits. As an entrepreneur, you know what your business can afford and which steps are better to avoid.

You also pay attention to the profitability of individual investments. The activities of the social media agency directly contribute to the increase in profits from the sale of products and services.

If an engaged community is created around your brand on social media, it will be a good sign that they are people who trust your actions. If you provide them with high-quality free content, they know that your paid products are of high value.

Hence the effects that can be observed in the greatest web developers. By releasing your product or offering a service, if you have a committed community, you are guaranteed that the vast majority of copies will be sold out.

The social media agency makes sure that your image as a specialist in your field is created in social media. Therefore, by releasing your product and advertising it on your social media profiles, you can achieve very high sales results. This is the effect that the vast majority of entrepreneurs want to achieve. We may even risk saying that this is the goal of every business owner.

Is a social media agency expensive?

The prices offered by social media agencies depend on many factors. The most important of them is the quality of the services they offer. Therefore, it is worth remembering that you should not save on marketing.

If the social media agency offers you an extremely low rate, which is significantly different from the standard rates that you can observe on the market, it may mean that it offers low-quality services. Remember to always know what you are paying for and check the quality of the delivered products.

Another aspect that affects the rates of social media agencies is the type of service you choose. A different rate will be offered for full social media support. Quite different for matching Social Media Ads to the target audience of your profile.

In order to discuss the details of cooperation and learn about the rates offered, it is worth contacting the selected social media agency.

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