Ideas for 15 reliable team building games

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Ideas for 15 reliable team building games

Building a strong team is an extremely important aspect of team management. It's more than just integration, it's having fun together, but also learning. The synergy effect is used - because a well-coordinated team is more effective than a single employee. How to create a strong and harmonious team? We present 15 reliable team building games that will create a strong workforce and at the same time provide it with a huge dose of entertainment.

What are the best team building methods?

List of 15 reliable team building games

Team building games and employees' competences

Team building ideas - how to choose attractions?

A well-coordinated team of employees thanks to team building?

Team building is a tool for building a strong and harmonious team, which is the key to success in your company. Team building events help to deal with problems arising in the work group. They improve communication, strengthen ties, motivate to act, teach cooperation and increase the efficiency of company crew members. Thanks to them, employees will efficiently and effectively perform all professional tasks and will easily cope with any difficulty that will appear on the way to success.

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Various studies clearly show the key role of the working atmosphere. It is worth using team building games especially when you see problems in your team. Employees who do not feel comfortable in the workplace do not use their full potential, are less productive and achieve significantly worse results. And it is widely known that in order for a company to be at the forefront in the industry and be successful on the market, it needs a well-functioning team with a friendly atmosphere. How to create such a group? How to approach problem solving? Effective team building may be the answer. Therefore, read our ideas for 15 reliable team building activities. Also check what competitions on integration events can work in your company.

What are the best team building methods?

In order to effectively build a group, we first need to determine at what stage of this path a specific group of employees is. The team building process consists of several phases.

Stages of integration - the first stage consists in getting to know each other's employees. So if we are dealing with people who are just starting their professional adventure together, let's create conditions for them to learn something about themselves. In this phase, games and team building techniques will work, creating an opportunity to tell something about yourself. It will also be effective to look for things that connect individual employees, for example, similar character traits or common interests. 

The next steps are, in short, the team mapping out and the normalization of relations. Adequate passage of these stages will in the future result in the correct and effective implementation of tasks. If, on the other hand, there are unresolved conflicts at this stage of the team's development, it may result in a lack of communication, conflicts and a lack of the expected results.

Team building games and activities are therefore essential for company development and employee productivity. Team building techniques should be tailored to a specific group and its needs.

List of 15 reliable team building games

Team building tasks they don't have to be complicated. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of creativity to come up with a game that will bring a lot of good to the company and provide employees with good fun at the same time. Team building games can even take place in the company - they will be an ideal opportunity to break away from work, even for a moment.

You have no idea for team building games?

We will match engaging activities tailored to your needs!

Lots of games and team building games can be carried out in the workplace. A short team building game will be a great break from work duties, as well as a great way to de-stress. However, it is worth thinking about organizing a special integration trip that will include elements of team building. A trip to a picturesque place will not only provide employees with a lot of unforgettable impressions, but will also have a positive impact on the functioning of the team. The group will return to work richer with new experiences and great motivation.

Team building integration abroad has the advantage that employees can get to know each other not only in an official situation. In the company, people often focus only on business matters. The same group of people in different conditions can create new, positive relationships and discover new opportunities and talents in each other. And this will have a positive impact on their work. Many bosses wonder how to increase employee productivity? Just with the help of team building!   


Paintball is a very interesting and unusual form of team building fun. This game can be enriched with a special scenario, for example a historical battle. This form of activity will not only teach employees to compete and improve communication in the group, but also will be a great adventure that will generate a lot of unforgettable impressions.

A criminal puzzle

Another unconventional idea in the category of 15 reliable team building games is a crime mystery. It teaches, above all, cooperation, cooperation, mutual listening - which is an extremely important element of communication in a group. A crime mystery also requires commitment and creativity. Such a scenario will be an ideal idea to improve communication in the team and to observe certain character traits and potential of employees.

Become the second Sherlock Holms!

Of course, preparing a game with a script requires a lot of work, but the benefits it can bring are worth every effort. Remember to create the right aura to solve the puzzle. You have to choose the right place, create a special scenery that will take the participants to an amazing world full of impressions and unforgettable adventures! The dark aura will make the players feel the game fully, and their emotions will be authentic.

Two truths and a lie

Two truths and a lie is a great start game used to break the ice. Participants of team building games may be shy at first and need time to implement and get to know themselves. This game is also a great way to relax the atmosphere and does not require any special preparation. How is the gameplay going? The game is not complicated at all. The selected person presents to the other participants of the game three facts about himself. Two of them are true and one is a lie. The players have to guess which one is false. Thanks to such a game, the participants of the game will present themselves in a creative way and build a friendly bond with new colleagues.

Company games

Your team is a fan of physical activity? Your employees love sports and practice various sports? Sports activities are a must among the 15 reliable team building games. Bet on company games that will perfectly match the tastes of your employees!

Competition in the company

Participants, divided into groups, compete in various competitions, it can be a relay race or a sack race. This game requires creativity and logical thinking at the same time. Additionally, it binds the team together and teaches effective communication.

Company gamese show that cooperation is a recipe for everything - it is the key to success and a way to overcome all difficulties.


Truth or challenge

Another great example of 15 foolproof team building games is the game of truth or dare. Fun is usually well known to everyone. The game begins with a "truth or dare" question asked to a selected person. The named person must decide whether they want to answer the question or prefer to perform a specific task. The question or task for the answering person is invented by the pointing player. You can use a bottle for the game and randomly select participants who have to answer.

Sample questions:

  • What's the best book you've ever read?
  • What's your favorite dish?
  • Your favorite movie?

Sample tasks:

  • Do 15 push ups.
  • Find 3 interesting uses for the ballpoint pen.
  • Make a 3-minute stand-up.

Culinary tournament - "tasty" team building

If your team talks about food a lot and shares their recipes, or is not a fan of sports activities, culinary tournament it will be perfect as a team building game, which will also be an excellent form of entertainment and will help build bonds in the team. What is it all about? Contestants divided into groups compete in, for example, a blind taste test or a test of culinary knowledge. All tasks rely on speed, creativity and, above all, cooperation. The key to success is effective communication and logical division of responsibilities. The winning team receives a surprise prize.

Combined drawing

Among the 15 reliable team building games, combined drawing is a proposal for a game that will effectively strengthen bonds in the team and improve communication between individual employees. What is it all about? The participants of the game are divided into several groups. A selected person from each team draws one password from the pool and then begins to draw it. After the allotted time has elapsed (for example, 30 seconds), he passes the picture to the next person who has to continue it. The work should go through each member of the team. The biggest difficulty is that the person who drew the password cannot reveal to his colleagues what he found. Players have to guess them themselves. Their only help is the drawing that the first person started.

How well do you know each other?

Playing "how well you know" is a great idea for a team that has been cooperating for a long time, so it should know each other very well. This game can bring a lot of surprises and laughs. A few days before the game, the organizer sends participants a list of simple questions about their lives, character traits, preferences, etc.

The players answer the questions and pass them on to the organizer. On the day of the game, the leader reads out the selected question and gives one of the answers. The players' task is to guess which person has given such an answer. The winner is the participant with the highest number of points.

Character trait

The pool of 15 reliable team building games must include proposals for newly formed groups. What is "character trait" play? The task of each person is to find their character traits that begin with the first letter of their first name - for example, Piotr - hardworking, Elżbieta - empathetic. The statement can be enriched with an additional comment that will allow other participants to get to know the speaker better.

Shared traits

This is another example of a game perfectly suited to a newly formed group or new people in the team. With this game, employees can get to know each other better and see how much of some of them can connect. In addition, this game makes it easier to find common topics for conversation among new people later. The game is played by the players sitting on chairs arranged in a circle. One chair must be left empty. The person who sits to the left of the vacant chair gives one fact about himself - for example, a character trait, an object or thing he owns. Competitors who are also affected by this fact must change places.

Common history

In a team, an extremely important element is active listening to your co-workers. Without this, communication will not run at the appropriate level. Therefore, among the 15 reliable team building games, there must be activities that support this process. To check how team members communicate, it is worth playing the game "shared history". How is the game going? One of the participants becomes the conductor. The selected person starts telling the story. At any time, he interrupts and chooses the person who must continue it. The conductor then points to the next player, and so on.

Building a Goldberg machine

This is an example of a game that checks the effectiveness of cooperation and communication in a group. In addition, creativity and ingenuity count here. So this game combines all the most important elements of building a strong and harmonious team. Building a Goldberg machine is one of the 15 reliable team building games that stands out for its uniqueness.

Become a constructor!

This is called advanced dominoes, i.e. a structure operating on a cause-and-effect basis. The participants are divided into groups. Each team has to build a part of the machine's mechanism from various levers, pendulums, gears, wooden blocks, and many other gadgets. The connected parts should create a smooth running machine.

Polish goal!

Some team building exercises are typically athletic. For teams who love football, the game "Polish Gola" will be a perfect idea. Playing football allows you to improve not only physical fitness or sports skills, but also cooperation, communication and logical thinking. Participation in a football match will relieve tensions between individual employees, teach them how to compete, and at the same time provide a lot of amazing experiences.

Blind trust

Another idea that perfectly tests communication and the level of careful listening. "Blind Trust" also teaches you to compete in a healthy way, while also providing lots of great fun. Setting up the game requires a bit more commitment. The organizers create an obstacle course enriched with interesting tasks to be performed. The players form pairs. The person who will be traversing the path with obstacles is blindfolded. Its guide is the other player. The team with the fastest finish wins. 

Musical puns

A great example of a game that will make you smile! The so-called classics of the genre. The selected person draws a song that must be presented to other players without revealing the title and artist. Collaborators can divide into two or three groups (depending on the number of participants) or play individually.

Team building games and employee competences

Employee competences – how to develop them? Employee development methods can be different, but it is worth remembering that team building games are perfect for this role. Especially when it comes to the so-called soft skills. They teach communication, cooperation and build good relationships between team members.

What specific competences are developed by integration games? In addition to the aforementioned communication and cooperation, needed in virtually every profession, team building games also teach creativity. In everyday work, there is not always an opportunity to prove it, to give it an outlet, and joint games show that employees often have a lot of innovation. It's worth using them for the benefit of the company - and employees who will feel appreciated when we use their ideas.

Soft skills are not easy to measure, unlike the so-called hard skills. They are quite difficult to verify, at least at the beginning, when we are just getting to know a new employee. However, these personal and interpersonal skills sometimes turn out to be crucial when it comes to work, and especially when it comes to cooperation - with colleagues, bosses or clients. While substantive knowledge and specialist competences can be supplemented, certain personality deficiencies are rather difficult. However, team building games allow you to get to know employees well from this side and possibly develop some desirable behaviors.

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Team building ideas - how to choose attractions?

How should team integration through play proceed? Attractions for corporate events with elements of team building can be really diverse. For example, film workshops or a treasure hunter game - a joint expedition for a hidden treasure will remain in the memory of the entire crew for a long time! But in order to properly select team building attractions for the tastes and capabilities of our employees, you must first determine the basic parameters.

Firstly, what group are we organizing them for? What do our employees do every day? Do they work in one place or do they only contact each other remotely? We need to know, at least in outline, the field of knowledge or the area of work performed by a given crew. And of course, how large is the group. Some of the popular team building games are designed for a certain number of people.

Second, the time at our disposal. Will it be a 2-3-day integration trip? If so, where to? And how is the day scheduled? The time of year is also important for outdoor activities and games.

Third, the place. If it will be, for example, a hotel in the mountains, are we planning a joint trekking? Or maybe kayaks on a mountain river or a snowboard school? Or are we planning team building activities in the hotel, for example building a Goldberg machine or some interesting scenario game?

Team building integrates, but games should be tailored to a specific group. The point is that the participants are able to complete the tasks set and do not feel tired. At the end, it is always worth summarizing the results positively, and ending the whole thing with, for example, a joint feast or tasting of craft products. Nothing brings a group together like a shared meal! 

Team building - scenarios

How to come up with scenarios for team buildig games? The task is not easy at all. The idea is to create a reasonably coherent story based on one readable thread, and at the same time to provide tasks and puzzles to be solved by participants. If we want to integrate the team at the same time, let's make sure that each participant has a task to do. And that the end result could be achieved only thanks to teamwork.

You can start with playing the theater. Most of us liked to play role-play from our favorite movies during our childhood. We can choose a director in the group and assign roles. Depending on your fantasy, you can also arrange a casting for individual roles and characterization. The plot may be a plot of a fairy tale or a fragment of a comedy play. It is also possible to create your own scenario together. You can also invite a professional to such workshops and under his supervision try your hand at learning new, interesting things. The end result, i.e. a scene or a short performance, can be captured and recorded, and then you can watch the premiere together. Company banquet will be a great opportunity for this!

Team building games - an example

An interesting example of a team building game is solving the Gordian knot. The fun is to untie the knot of human bodies.

How to start the fun? We put the participants in a circle. Then we ask you to close your eyes and put one hand forward. Then we ask the participants to slowly move forward with their eyes still covered. If they feel they are touching someone, they should grab their hand. Then the team members open their eyes and grab the hand of the person with their free hand, but not the one they are already connected to.

The task is to untie the knot in such a way as not to let go of the hands you grabbed earlier. You can walk over and under your arms, turn around, etc. The end result should be a human chain lined up. This is a game for people who already know each other a bit and trust each other. Otherwise, fairly close physical contact with co-workers, necessary for this game, may prove uncomfortable for some team members. 

Fun team building categories

Team building games categories - they can be divided into games and integration games that will be organized in the building and those that can be organized only in the open air. In the case of the latter, we should rather not surprise the participants - they should be warned to prepare appropriate clothes (tracksuits, sports or trekking shoes, jackets in case of rain, etc.). Other categories are theme or scenario events. Yet another type are games that are immediately connected with appropriate training and discussing the competences we want to achieve and their analysis.

When it comes to team building, examples of games can be multiplied. Each event can be spun by engaging participants to perform a task or take up a challenge. What tasks to perform at the party will be appropriate? These can be simple challenges, such as pantomiming an animal or a fairy tale, or parodying a famous character. In addition to challenges requiring even minimal mobility, logical puzzles will always prove useful. They can be simple, for example, to translate two sticks or crayons from a figure in order to achieve the new one contained in the task. The puzzles must not be too difficult and the team must be in a good mood to want to solve them and have fun together.

How to organize teambuilding? Tasks to be performed at the event can be planned and prepared in advance. Saved cards with tasks can be thrown into the hat and drawn during the meeting. For this, you can also choose the right music, for example, recognizable movie hits and treat them at the same time as an indicator of the time to complete the challenge. Having fun is the most important thing!

Integration fun

Integration games for adults it's a great idea to spend time together. They allow you not only to relax, relax, but also get to know each other better. Sometimes they are even the beginning of friendship and joint ventures! Such games should be intelligently chosen. Corporate integration events they should run in a certain order and according to certain rules. At the same time, however, their participants should feel at ease.

A well-coordinated team of employees thanks to team building?

Team building for companies is an important investment in the development of the company. The 15 reliable team building games presented above certainly do not exhaust all the possibilities. Experienced organizers of company events are able to perfectly select the right attractions for company integration. The organization of a company trip combined with elements of team building will certainly bring the expected results, especially if we choose an interesting place for such a meeting for employees. Team building Silesia, Warsaw or Pomerania - it's worth changing the environment. A suitable hotel for events integrative will make the task easier. The beauty of the landscape, wild nature and majestic peaks allow the company's crew to get away from everyday life.

The use of team building has many benefits. It is a recipe for success in business! Properly selected team building tasks will build a team of competent employees who will effectively perform all tasks, which will positively affect the company's position on the market. When asked whether the organization of company trips with elements of team building pays off, there can be only one answer: of course!

Effective team building is critical to the success of any organization. It is not just about conducting teambuilding activities, but about creating an environment that encourages cooperation and builds mutual trust among team members. Smart teams need to identify their strengths and weaknesses, overcome communication barriers, and create an atmosphere that fosters trust, mutual respect, and innovation. Team building isn't just fun. Team building develops. It's about building a team that can cope with any task together, while maintaining motivation and efficiency in action.

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Team building in a nutshell:

What is teambuilding?

Team building is a process that aims to build stronger relationships between team members and increase their effectiveness. It can include various activities, for example team games, workshops, integration trips or culinary and creative games. Of course, team building alone will not solve all team problems, but it can help build trust, improve communication and understand the expectations of individual group members.

What games to use for team building?

Well-planned team building is a great way to increase team motivation and commitment to work. Games are one of the most effective tools to help strengthen relationships between group members. There are many types of games that can be used, but the most important thing is to choose those that will suit the needs and character of our team. Business games, puzzles and logical tasks are just some of the proposals that allow you to increase cooperation and trust between team members. Let's remember that games are just a tool, and their effectiveness depends on the skilful conduct of team building. That is why it is worth engaging specialists who will help us use the potential that lies dormant in our teams.

Where to organize teambuilding?

Well-organized time spent among employees can bring many benefits, such as improving relations between employees, increasing motivation or improving team performance. There are many places that are suitable for organizing such an event. It can be organized, for example, in a seaside resort, where there is plenty of space and numerous attractions, such as kayaking, sailing or surfing lessons. Another option is to rent a facility in the mountains, where we have many options for team building in nature. What is important, regardless of where the team building will be organized, you should consult this choice with employees and adjust the idea to their interests and expectations.

Who is team building for?

Team building is a solution for any organization that wants to strengthen its team and improve the work efficiency of its crew. It is often organized for employee teams, but it works equally well for managers and directors who want to be better leaders and improve their communication skills. Organizing regular team building activities is especially helpful in companies where employees spend a lot of time together. Team building is an opportunity to establish positive relationships between individual team members. Additionally, it can help identify issues, increase engagement, and build trust within the team.

How much does it cost to organize a team building?

The organization of a team building event depends on many factors. There is no universal answer to this question. The cost will depend on many factors, such as the number of participants, venue, type of activities, catering, etc. It is important to take into account the needs of the participants and the goal we want to achieve when organizing the event. That is why it is best to contact experts who will advise what and how best to do and determine the budget. It is also worth noting that the organization of a team building event can be a one-time investment in development, and the impact on improving relationships and achieving goals at work can bring long-term benefits.

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