Hollywood theme party - how to organize it?

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Hollywood Theme Party is an interesting idea for an unforgettable team integration. However, it requires a lot of organization: you need to take care not only of the outfit, but also of the decorations, music or menu that correspond to the theme. Hollywood with its wealth of actors and actresses is an opportunity for many ideas. How to organize such an event to make it a success?

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Theme party Hollywood - remember about accessories

Organization of corporate events with the leitmotif, it is primarily a focus on accessories. Look out for art deco elements such as colorful furniture, modernist props, curtains, velvet decorations and feathers. To give the event a special character, take care of special props. Look for movie slaps, director's chairs, statuettes. It would be a nice gesture to present the guests with the Oscar statuettes as a thank you for coming to the event. Photos on the red carpet will perfectly reflect the character of Hollywood. Costume themed events it is also an opportunity to get to know each other from a completely different side!

To capture such an unconventional event, place disposable cameras in different corners of the room. This way, you and your guests can capture special moments more easily. Then, after the party, develop the photos and share them on FB and/or Instagram. Such photos perfectly reflect the emotions that accompanied the participants of the party. You can also enhance the decor with a large Hollywood sign, popcorn boxes, dummy cameras, cinema seats and film reels. You can hang light panels and posters of famous movie characters on the walls. Such company meeting It will certainly become a topic of conversation in corporate corridors for many weeks.

Music and menu

Glossy decor, effective creations, sophisticated delicacies and luxurious invitations are just some of the elements that need to be taken care of. Music during the party is an extremely important accent. Take care of romantic songs, e.g. in the atmosphere of jazz, which will emphasize the unique nature of the party. The menu is also extremely important. Prepare a buffet with lots of tasty dishes. You should also serve champagne and delicious drinks. Remember to toast an unforgettable evening ahead and a decadent meringue cake at the end.

Hollywood theme party - what decorations should you prepare?

The decorations should reflect the nature of the event. The Hollywood Theme Party offers great opportunities. Start with the right color scheme. The atmosphere will be added by gold, black, white and red, which are associated with luxury and wealth. This combination of colors will awaken the senses of guests. Look for gold candlesticks and chandeliers, black and white prints, crystal glasses and movie posters. Also think of the red curtain, the Hollywood sign, balloons and the big Oscars. 

Another must-have is, of course, the red carpet. Each guest will be happy to walk around it, and then take a commemorative photo, so make sure you have the right photo setting. You can also hang gold stars with the names of your guests on the wall to make them feel like real celebrities. Also take care of professional lighting and sound system, so that the participants of the event feel like real stars.

Even when designing invitations, you can capture a specific theme. Elegant retro-style invitations in the form of a movie ticket will perfectly reflect the atmosphere of Hollywood.

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Attractions for a party with a leitmotif

If you want to organize a memorable one company banquet or an elegant film gala, prepare attractions in a truly star style. A dance show, saxophonist, futuristic lightshow, i.e. a show using LED equipment, perfectly fit into the atmosphere. You can invite the doubles of Marylin Monroe, Chuck Norris, Elvis Presley or Sylvester Stalone to the Hollywood themed party. Competitions conducted by an experienced announcer will also make a real sensation, especially if you prepare interesting prizes.

Inspirations for the party

The proposed theme fits almost any type of event. The golden age of Hollywood is perfect for a conference, anniversary, gala dinner or award ceremony. On the other hand, the theme inspired by movie stars and movies of the 50s, 80s or 90s can be used at a casual integration party. Referring to the classic Hollywood theme, choose black and white. However, if the event refers to the Academy Awards, compose gold, black and luxurious shades of red.

Also remember about proper lighting. Liven up your Hollywood themed party in no time. In addition, it will wonderfully emphasize your creativity. Bet on shining stars, light garlands, spotlights or mirror balls. Make sure you can control the color and intensity of the lighting. Thanks to this, you will quickly introduce the right atmosphere.

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Do you know...

What decorations to choose for a Hollywood themed party?

The decorations are designed to reflect the nature of the event as much as possible, and the Hollywood style offers many possibilities. Any accessories should be associated with wealth. It is worth e.g. invest in a stage and a red carpet, referring to the Oscar gala.

What attractions will be the best at a theme party?

A Hollywood theme party gives you a lot of room to show off. You can hire a movie star doppelgänger to run the entire ceremony or put on a spectacular show using lights and neon lights.

What inspires you when organizing a Hollywood-style party?

The theme of Hollywood is very varied, mainly due to its diverse and rich history. The characteristic 40s, 50s or 60s, classics or modernity - there are many inspirations, and thanks to effective lights and decorations, we are able to implement even the boldest ideas.

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