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As they say: "We couldn't afford to create "ordinary household appliances". There are many such companies, but it is technology that inspires us.” A modern Polish brand, a pioneer in its field - these aspects are definitely worth proudly presenting to a wide audience. And that's what will be prepared by us communication strategy for Solgaz. Another brand that has joined the ranks of our clients.

About Solgaz

The Solgaz company was founded in 2002, and two years later their first product received patent protection. Solgaz's offer includes induction hobs, ovens, smart hoods and a unique solution, which is gas hobs without flames - gas under glass. It is around the latter that communication is to focus and marketing activities companies. The brand has launched a novelty on the market - the line of Innova plates, i.e. the world's first proposal in which filaments were used (when switching on the gas, the so-called ticking is not heard).

Challenges for Commplace

The Solgaz brand has been actively conquering the Polish market since 2002, therefore the communication strategy should draw both from our client's experience and meet the expectations of new, potential customers.

Our goal will be to design messages, schedule and information distribution in such a way as to reach individual target groups of household appliances.

The communication strategy will include activities presenting both Solgaz products and the brand itself - its experts, knowledge and experience.

Such a combination will allow maximize the effect and consolidate your position Solgaz brand on the Polish market.

Commplace PR agency

The scope of cooperation

The communication strategy and its subsequent implementation requires the involvement of a team consisting of specialists in PR, copywriting, SEO, as well as the Press Department. Together, they can create unique content that will not only reach the potential recipient of the Solgaz brand, but will stay on the Internet for longer.

Our tasks include:

  • Verification of the current ones company communication activities (audit and analysis)
  • Preparation of a coherent and comprehensive communication strategy
  • Implementation of SEO good practices
  • Systematic creation of content - product, image
  • Media relations
  • Media monitoring
  • Building a strong Solgaz brand - an expert in household appliances and cooking

A tailor-made communication strategy?

At Commplace, we know how to create it.

Communication strategy - why should he implement it in his company?

At Commplace, we are aware that one of the determinants of a brand's success is having an effective communication strategy. The lack of a strategy can have a negative impact on the working environment. In addition, ad hoc companies run the risk of disseminating incorrect information, which will result in disharmony and bad business decisions. Therefore, the management of organizational communication should be at the heart of the business as it enables the smooth flow of information at all levels.

The communication strategy keeps you in control

The communication strategy creates a standardized way of interacting with the outside world - the media, potential customers, influencers. Rather than leaving employees free to direct communication, the strategy defines how they should communicate. For example communication plan it may specify the tools used to communicate with the media, the frequency of sending messages, or technical issues regarding materials. This ensures consistency in communication while eliminating crisis occurrences.

The communication strategy ensures that messages reach only interested recipients

The communication strategy ensures that all relevant information is given to the right people. In practice, this means that each message is sent from the recipient who will actually be interested in its content. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the global image of the brand.

The communication strategy strengthens the image of your brand

As already mentioned - the communication strategy influences the image of your company. If you have a standardized, professional method of communicating with external contacts, you present yourself as a professional. If communication is intermittent and the information comes from different people, you present your company as a disorganized entity. You also run the risk of disclosing conflicting information.

Commplace recommended products and tools

Among the tools and products that we will use as PR agency to achieve the goals in cooperation with the Solgaz brand, there will be:    

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