Cash Collector joins the group of Commplace agency clients

Cash Collector

We are pleased to announce that Cash Collector has joined the Commplace client portfolio, offering an innovative solution aimed at improving the processes of recovering overdue receivables.

Cash Collector is more than just a company - it is a partner that meets the real needs of entrepreneurs in the field of debt collection. The founder and president of the company, Łukasz Weimann, built this company on the basis of his own experience as an entrepreneur in the forwarding and transport industry. He knows perfectly well the problems associated with late payments, which is why he created Cash Collector to support other entrepreneurs in the effective recovery of overdue receivables.

Commplace will be responsible for efficiently reaching customers using Google Ads campaigns. As Bartosz Zieliński says: The service provided by this company is crucial for many entrepreneurs. Hard-working business owners often struggle with late payments, which can seriously impact the cash flow of their businesses. Therefore, effective debt collection is not only a matter of increasing income, but also of maintaining the financial stability of the company. The Google Ads campaign will enable Cash Collector to reach those entrepreneurs who are looking for professional help in recovering outstanding receivables. Thanks to precise advertising targeting, the company can effectively reach its target group of customers, informing them about its services and offering support in the difficult debt recovery process.

We are convinced that thanks to our cooperation with Cash Collector, we will be able to help many entrepreneurs achieve their financial goals and maintain stability.

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