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The advertising campaign is like the icing on the cake. You're proud of yourself. You have created a great product. Perfectly in line with the current trend of a healthy lifestyle. He is close to the idea of zero waste. There's only one thing left for you - an advertising campaign. But how do you break through the media hype with your message? Created around the epidemic, in a moment of upcoming holidays. In addition, launches of competitors' products take place at the same time... Is there a way to reach the recipients and encourage them to try new products? Is. We suggest which one.

Maybe you already know what is happening in 1 minute on the web. Over 46,000 entries appear on Instagram. 571 new websites are created. Internet users send 188 million e-mails. Users are therefore exposed to a constant flood of new content. The current situation in Poland and in the world is also not without significance. It causes the majority of recipients to direct their attention more often to events related to the epidemic. Product news may not be on their priority list. Fortunately, food is one of the basic human needs. What advertising campaign will it work in the present conditions? Customer oriented.

How to break through the media hype with a message?

Check how we can help you.

Advertising campaign - key issues

Before you launch a product on the market, answer a few for yourself key questions:

- why does the recipient need your product?
- what will make you want to buy it?
- why the taste of the product will suit him?
- what will make it have positive associations with your product?
- why will he like the product packaging?

Food marketing has a voice

When marketing a food product, you have many aces up your sleeve. Food marketing gives a wide range of possibilities. Your advertising campaign may include, for example, an invitation to a chef to cooperate. Make sure that at the stage of testing a new product, it verifies its quality, and at the same time it becomes a vivid advertisement of the brand. - A good product should be characterized primarily by its taste. The most important "test" is to test how it behaves during heat treatment, or whether it meets its basic application - says Michał Biernat (the team of chefs at Korona Karkonoszy Manor). Beautiful packaging is also important - adds an expert from the Korona Karkonoszy Manor.

Online advertising campaign

What can you do to promote your product with a website or landing page? There are a few tips: First, build a dedicated website with a theme that reflects the brand's values and is associated with the entire product category. Then integrate your blog into your website and publish regular, authoritative content. For example, recipes or nutrition advice.

What else advises PR agency? Invite bloggers and professional chefs to get involved content creation process on the page. You can also use plug-ins that will allow recipients to go on virtual tours of the factory or allow them to purchase the product in an online store. Remember to adapt the website to mobile devices. According to the UKE report, over 90% smartphone users use the network through these devices.

Feed social media

Social media is always hungry. Prepare food for them. Your ad campaign must take account of that communication strategy consistent with the website. So take care of a consistent language of messages and the colors used. Thanks to this, you will not give the recipient a feeling of dissonance if he moves from the profile to social media on your website. Another thing - monitor your competitors' entries. Take it as a loose inspiration and investigate which direction they are going. Post yourself at least 3 times a week. Effective brand building in social media largely depends on the frequency of posts.

Culinary photography - the power of the image

Don't save on graphics. Use the highest quality photos. Also ask your fans for their own photos with your product. Why is it so important? Facebook posts with images are 2-3 times more engaging than those without them.

Building a strong brand is a process. Although we will not convey taste or smell experiences via the Internet, let's use another sense. 65% of the population are visual learners. There is a good chance that visually good product presentation will convince recipients to try new products - explains Bartosz Zieliński from Commplace. - An advertising campaign for food products should take into account the conduct professional photo session. Not just the product itself. It is also worth capturing situations in which a potential recipient may use it - adds the expert.

An advertising campaign in real life

According to a study conducted by WhitePress, an average of 60% Polish companies allocates their marketing budget to online activities. Does this mean that the marketing campaign has no chance of being successful offline? In the case of food products, you can and even combine these two worlds. What activities can you include in your marketing plan? For example  sponsorship of a charity event. It can be a marathon combined with a tasting and preparation of a virtual collection. It is also a good idea participation in food fairs and festivals. Remember to make a photo report on Instagram. Is the ability to host large live meetings limited? Create an intimate version of the workshop with simultaneous live broadcast on Facebook.

An advertising campaign for food products is not an easy task. Take this challenge as an opportunity. There is no one perfect recipe for a successful campaign. Contact us to prepare it perfectly. We know how to add different ingredients and, if necessary, how to modify a recipe.

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