Advertising on LinkedIn - is it worth it?

Online marketing

Companies are looking for a variety of platforms on which to advertise their products or services. After starting Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Youtube, it's time for another social medium. Advertising on LinkedIn - how to create it and is it worth it? Check!

What does advertising on LinkedIn look like?

Advertising on LinkedIn similar to any other social media is aimed at target audience by posting engaging content or engaging users in discussions. LinkedIn is a platform focused mainly on professionals from the business industry, of whom there are over 700 million on this medium. With such a large number of active users, advertising on LinkedIn can become a large generator of leads that bring significant revenues. Therefore, it will work best for companies from the B2B industry. You have the ability to target your ads and engage potential customers according to their seniority, position, experience, skills, company name, industry, and many other criteria.

Advertising on LinkedIn is black magic for you?

We know where to start and how to run a campaign!

Business-to-business industry

The B2B industry is an area where transactions are concluded with each other by enterprises. For this reason, LinkedIn advertising is an ideal platform for this type of organization. It allows you to share content, make professional contacts, promote your products as well building brand awareness your company. Thanks to the special tools to facilitate advertising on this social media, you can check clicks and conversions based on costs and your budget. Advertising on LinkedIn also offers various types of campaigns:

  • Text ads - appearing on members' profile pages, in search results, on group pages
  • Sponsored Content
  • Internal Direct Mail - These are sponsored messages you send to potential LinkedIn members
  • Video advertisements

Reclama on LinkedIn - costs

Compared to Google Ads or Facebook Ads, advertising on LinkedIn is much more expensive because it generates high costs per click (CPC). On the other hand, it's the most effective platform to deliver content and engage your audience. Moreover, it is the only medium that will reach the business group. On Facebook or other social media, more services or products are promoted, and funny memes or recipes for dinner reign supreme. The LinkedIn context is fully professional, which is its great advantage.

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