Step by step recruitment process

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Step by step recruitment process

Recruitment is the search and selection of a candidate who meets the requirements for a given position. It consists in gathering as many applications as possible, their careful selection and choosing the person who best meets the expectations of the company. The recruitment process consists of several stages. Which ones?

The first stages

The recruitment process may be slightly different in each company, but in most cases it is based on proven recruitment patterns.

The recruitment process begins with an analysis of the company's needs. It consists in determining the specific characteristics and skills that a new employee should have. Then a job offer is prepared. The offer should include a detailed description of the company and job position, scope of duties, expectations of the candidate, remuneration and other benefits that the employer may offer to the newly hired person. The advertisement should be legible, understandable, prepared in an interesting and attractive way.

After the advertisement is made available, the company collects applications from candidates and makes a selection. It is worth automating the selection process by using appropriate ATS tools that will immediately reject applications that do not meet the basic requirements of the company.

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Recruitment process - eye to eye with the candidate

After selecting the submitted applications, it is time to contact the company with selected candidates (usually by e-mail or telephone) in order to invite them to interviews (face to face or online). During the interview, the recruiter presents the candidate with the details of cooperation, talks about the company and the scope of duties. In addition, she asks him questions about his experience, qualifications and motivation for work. It is also the time for initial tests of knowledge or skills. Elements can be used for this gamification. After the interview, the candidate should receive information about the result of the recruitment process.

The employer submits an offer to the selected candidate. The candidate may negotiate the terms of employment during this time. The final stage of the recruitment process is signing the contract.

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