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Marketing is an important area of company management and a valuable tool for achieving market success. Professional agencies are usually responsible for conducting comprehensive marketing activities. A career in marketing is an opportunity for multi-faceted development! What does work look like - a marketing agency is not an ordinary office! Who is it made for?

A marketing agency is a mine of talents!

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What does a marketing agency do?

marketing agency supports companies in the promotion and sale of the offered products or services. What does this mean in practice? The agency creates and implements various types of marketing campaigns, using various tools and communication channels. What is its job - a marketing agency can support its clients in many areas. The scope of her duties includes, among others:

  • market analysis,
  • selection of transmission and distribution channels,
  • creating a message,
  • creative design,
  • copywriting,
  • monitoring of the implemented campaign,
  • reporting.

Commplace is an agency in which, thanks to the joint work of many experts, a coherent marketing strategy is created. Contractors receive full service in one place and talk about their expectations with one partner. They no longer have to look for separate specialists, for example from the media. Professionals who, for example, create PR marketing, positioning, market analysis, monitor social media, create graphics or internet algorithms meet in one place. It is also worth entrusting specialists with dealing with the currently applicable legal regulations, for example in the field of copyright or intellectual property law.

What should a good marketing agency stand out?

A good marketing agency should provide support in sales and promotion, taking into account all aspects of the market. This means that he must have a number of different specialists in his team, for example, from sales, customer relations, PR experts, market analysts, SEO specialists and others. At the same time, it must constantly adapt to the needs of customers and the changing environment. It should take into account changes in the market, observe the leaders of a given industry and look for unconventional solutions, for example, non-obvious channels to reach the customer.

Working with such an agency gives companies the opportunity to focus on their core activities, for example production or a specific service. It does not require hiring additional people and incurring expenditure on areas not directly related to the company's profile.

A good marketing agency is also one that can see the product through the eyes of the consumer.

To use a simple analogy: imagine making a birthday cake ourselves. As contractors, we know that we used the best products and put a lot of heart into its preparation. The jubilarian, on the other hand, will judge the cake primarily on the basis of its appearance, and then its taste. How the cake is served will also matter.

The same is true for any product. Therefore, so that our efforts and expenditures are not wasted, it is worth consulting with others how they see our business. Professionals rely on market research, create a customer profile, etc. The most important thing is for the recipient to feel that this sample cake has been prepared especially for him.

Marketing agency work in a nutshell

There are many ideas based on stereotypes about working in the advertising or sales industry. Most often they come from pop culture. For many people, a marketing agency is associated with office life or various types of events. Some situations presented in sitcoms, for example, may even be close to real events or characters. In reality, however, there is no time for intrigue or office stalking. It is a job that requires diligence, but also flexibility in action. Openness and meeting deadlines.

The marketing agency employs experts in many fields. Depending on the business profile of the company, these are people who specialize in traditional and digital marketing. What do the employees in particular positions do?

Marketing agency job? The most popular career path in a marketing agency is a marketing specialist. It is a person who plans, coordinates and implements marketing activities. In practice, this means co-creating marketing strategies, designing campaigns, supervising the creation and distribution of marketing materials, analyzing the market, and taking care of the high quality of implemented projects.

Today, in the era of highly developed and still developing Internet, it is of great importance Internet marketing. Working in a marketing agency therefore includes a number of positions related to this area of activity. The most popular are digital marketing managers, social media specialists, SEO specialists, copywriters and web developers.

Career in PR

Marketing agency job? Possible development paths in a marketing agency are:

  • advertising manager,
  • advertising coordinator,
  • product manager,
  • media buyer,
  • e-commerce manager.

Who will find themselves in a marketing agency?

To find yourself in marketing, you need to have excellent analytical skills and high communication skills. You also need: enormous creativity, the ability to work in a team and flexibility in action.

A person who wants to start a career in marketing should have the appropriate knowledge - it is about content marketing and internet marketing. In addition, they should be willing to constantly develop and expand their own competences.

Working in a marketing agency is a constant challenge, demanding projects and working under time pressure. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to participate in outstanding projects, meet the best people in the industry, build relationships and develop in a multifaceted way. A career in marketing is a good prospect for the future!

Preferred education - Wroclaw marketing agency - Work

What education is needed? Good universities can prepare a future PR expert or specialist in advertising and sales. They will allow them to acquire basic historical knowledge, a conceptual base and elementary tools. However, this is not the most important thing. The field of marketing based on the latest technologies is developing much faster than the curricula of even recognized universities. Therefore, the most preferred feature of a candidate for a job in marketing is continuous self-improvement. Independent search for knowledge and creation of innovative solutions is the key to success in this field.

Many independent competency studies show that employers nowadays value the desire for self-education, commitment and the so-called soft skills the most. Previous experience is also very valuable. It can be effective work in a similar industry, knowledge of basic tools, such as analytical programs or web publishing tools. A valuable experience can also be simply work involving independent search for information and solutions in a given field.

Marketing agency - preferred and expected competences

Following the example already cited, a graduate of a gastronomic school can certainly bake a cake. Also, a self-taught enthusiast will prepare this cake. However, the consumer will ultimately decide which one is better. Similarly, in an area that is developing at dizzying speed, such as network marketing or modern PR, the most important thing is creative passion and persistence in achieving goals. The road from an idea to its implementation can sometimes be long and exhausting. That is why the ability to be flexible, open and consistent in action is extremely important. Persuasive skills are also a key competence.

Let us return to the analogy with baking a cake. You also need to be able to imagine how many processes make up the final product. For example, how do the individual ingredients affect the quality of the cake? How many layers should it have? Is the type of springform cake important? Does the temperature in the oven matter? Likewise, the end result in marketing will be the sum of many components. From this point of view, the ability to cooperate, diligence, responsibility and punctuality seem to be more important than having a formal education.

Marketing agency - hints / tips for self-development

If we want to work in a marketing or PR agency in the future, it is worth taking the first steps today. In later work, experience in creating websites or running your own blog, work in a non-governmental organization, involvement in charity and social activities, activity or recognition in social media will be useful. Organizing an event yourself, for example a tournament for children, a trip for a group of friends, can also be a sample of the skills you need. People who are dominated by the so-called straw enthusiasm are unlikely to work.

If we want to work in a marketing or PR agency in the future, it is worth taking the first steps today. In later work, experience in creating websites or running your own blog, work in a non-governmental organization, involvement in charity and social activities, activity or recognition in social media will be useful. Organizing an event yourself, for example a tournament for children, a trip for a group of friends, can also be a sample of the skills you need. People who are dominated by the so-called straw enthusiasm are unlikely to work.

Marketing agency - earnings

For many people, earnings are the basic criterion for choosing a future profession. They also encourage people to change their position or employer. This approach is fully understandable. However, it is worth considering, why do we earn money at all? We work, but we also want to have time for the family, to fulfill our own needs, develop interests, travel, hobbies, etc. So it would be ideal if our work would be to do what we really like, surrounded by people who are important to us and in a friendly place. Experts and freelancers can afford it. Also some specialists under the slogan "work marketing agency" this is how they imagine their professional future.

What are the real earnings in the marketing or PR industry? Of course, much depends on experience, skills and competence. A good example may be the proposals of the PR agency Commplace, where, depending on the position, initial earnings range from PLN 4,000 to PLN 11,000 (data as of May 2022). Of course, the offer is flexible and may change as you gain successive degrees of "initiation".

How much does major education cost?

In principle, at every stage of work, academic knowledge can be supplemented. Most universities offer courses related to marketing and PR. While studies in the field of marketing are usually offered by universities or economic faculties, it is a field of study public relations most often studied within the social sciences, especially journalism. People who want to complete their education in these fields should carefully check the study programs. Prospective students should pay special attention to how much time is devoted to practical classes? Does the university have access to modern IT tools and specialized applications? Some skills cannot be learned from textbooks alone. Also such competences as the ability to work in a team, work under pressure, adherence to deadlines are worth trying in practice. It is better to change the field of study at the right time than to work against yourself.

Studies at state universities are free, there is no age limit for applicants. The condition is to have a high school diploma. Private universities also offer marketing studies. However, not every university offers education at higher levels, i.e. postgraduate or doctoral studies. Prices vary depending on the reputation of the university and location. Those interested should follow the offers on a regular basis, because prices may be different in each academic year.

Work in marketing - things worth investing in

When thinking about what will be necessary for us to work comfortably and effectively, we usually think: laptop, mobile phone, desk, sometimes a car. Currently, the most important thing in the marketing industry is access to the Internet. Being online is what determines whether our information is up to date.

Currently, a company can be run even from a mobile phone, it is only important that it has a constant and stable range. In times of narrow specialization, most of the tasks are outsourced to experts in specific fields. For example, PR agencies simultaneously use copywriters, graphic designers, IT analysts, and cooperate with various types of media. It would not be possible without the constant exchange of information.

Marketing, work, Wrocław - how to choose an employer?

The selection of a future employer is most often based on a recommendation and is preceded by collecting information about him. It is worth working with specialists who can appreciate the ideas and commitment of a new employee and who are willing to share their knowledge themselves. A good example is the Commplace team of experts, in which both young talents and experienced professionals from various fields will surely find their place. Various career paths, employee satisfaction surveys and other innovative solutions make work, marketing agency, PR and development meet in one place.

Marketing agency work - opinions of practitioners

As usual in such a case, opinions are divided. Some believe that it is a great job that gives a lot of freedom and development opportunities. Others say it requires constant effort and creative work, where it is easy to burn out. Different experiences are probably due to the fact that marketing agencies are conducted according to various management models and organizational culture. We all have our own value system. What employees may consider is, for example, a system of benefits or additional insurance.

For many people, free time management and task work will be more important than social guarantees. Interpersonal relations and the working atmosphere certainly have an impact on the satisfaction and effectiveness of employees. Fortunately, this type of earning activity gives you a lot of choice. An introvert can choose a freelance contract and work from home. People who like company will choose office contacts and informal meetings. Thinking: "marketing agency, Wroclaw, job" you are probably looking for something for yourself. PR agency Commplace can create an offer tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us.

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