Account manager work in a nutshell


Account manager is an employee of the sales department with an extremely wide and demanding range of duties. How does an account manager work? And what conditions do you have to meet to start a career in this position?

Who is an account manager?

The position of an account manager comes from the advertising industry. In the past, work as an account manager could only be found in marketing agency. Today, the demand for such specialists is practically in every enterprise that bases its activities on contact with business customers.

The main task of the account manager is to effectively manage the client portfolio. What does this mean in practice? The work of an account manager means acquiring new business clients, nurturing long-term relationships with current contractors, and thus supporting business development.

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Account manager work - scope of duties

The account manager first performs a detailed research on the market in order to find the right partners for a given company. Then he conducts comprehensive trade talks, during which he presents the terms of cooperation and the benefits that come from this cooperation. At this stage, it also creates contracts and selects the assortment and tools necessary for effective cooperation with a given contractor. After completing all formalities, he implements full cooperation with the acquired business client.

Management responsibilities of an account manager customer relations business include:

  • planning promotional campaigns,
  • taking care of the implementation of sales plans,
  • solving current problems,
  • providing professional after-sales service,
  • extending cooperation with the client.

The work of an account manager is an opportunity to develop and improve your competences on extremely interesting, inspiring projects, gain interesting experiences, and gain valuable knowledge in the business world. What are the requirements to start a career as an account manager?

Work in this position - requirements

Account manager works with people, therefore it must be open and communicative. He must be an active listener, a good consultant and a great negotiator. A good account manager easily adapts commercial offers to the requirements of potential customers, can find a solution for every eventuality and can present himself in such a way as to effectively interest the listener.

The work of an account manager also requires:

  • excellent command of the English language,
  • experience in conducting business presentations,
  • experience in working with CRM.

An account manager's job, while stressful and demanding, can be incredibly interesting. This is a good career path for those who like to work with people, are not afraid of challenges and want to count in business.

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