Social Marketing: How To Encourage Change?


social marketing promotes social causes or the common good. The term was first used by Geralt Zaltman and Philip Kotler in 1971. In this way, they defined marketing activities aimed at changing social behavior. Check how to plan an effective campaign!

Social Marketing: What Is It?

The proposed area of marketing includes the design, implementation and control of programs that are intended to contribute to social change, not a direct benefit to the company. It uses the same principles and tools as commercial brands. It is a 4P model, consisting of the following elements:

  • product,
  • price,
  • place,
  • special offer.

Specialists remind that social marketing uses one more element that does not appear in commercial campaigns. In this case, the key role is played by a policy that will encourage positive behavior change, not punish.

Effective social campaign

Wondering which ones CSR areas, i.e. corporate social responsibility, is it worth introducing in your company? Many brands focus on environmental protection, helping seniors, supporting local businesses, volunteering for schools, and saving environmental resources.

Social marketing does not encourage the purchase of a product or service, but promotes positive behavior or lifestyle. It should be noted that it has nothing to do with astroturfingwhich raises a lot of controversy. It is supposed to hide the business and financial relations between the company and the entity ordering such activities and the message. This technique makes the corporate message more "digestible", and even positively received by the recipients.

Do you want to encourage the community to act?

You will succeed with us!

Social marketing can encourage safe driving, caution on the railroad crossing, regular physical activity, and a healthy diet. It is used in planning anti-smoking, anti-alcohol and anti-drug campaigns. 

Charities and non-profit entities usually initiate social campaigns. Such activities are also carried out by emergency services, the national road safety council, or government organizations. Often, social marketing is carried out by commercial companies. Need support in this area? PR agency will advise you on the best solutions.

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