How to run an effective advertising mailing?

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Advertising mailing is quite a challenge. After all, it's not about sending a simple message, but about reaching your target audience and keeping them interested. Do you know how to run an effective email marketing campaign? Wondering if your strategy is working? Because you have to admit that with around 269 billion emails sent each day, you need to get the attention of your recipients well.

One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is that people use it constantly e-mail. Every day 90% adults use their inbox regularly. The rules of email marketing change depending on the industry and who the message is directed to. Before you are overwhelmed by the huge possibilities of email marketing, let's briefly explain what email marketing is and how to prepare for it. Especially if you do not have the capacity to process your free time and capital to build personal relationships individually. Then the email should be your best marketing friend.

What is advertising mailing?

An email marketing campaign is where a company sends email messages to existing or potential customers. A successful campaign will encourage your audience to take specific actions. Email marketing is not spam. On the other hand, it is also not a personal note from an old friend. It's something in between. Your customers don't waste their contact details. So, appreciate their traffic and use email marketing as both a relationship-building and profit-generating tool.

Advertising mailing is quite a challenge.

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How to use e-mail to strengthen existing relationships with subscribers and build new ones with potential customers? By providing them with relevant, valuable information. Those that will help them achieve THEIR goals. Exactly. Email marketing is not only about you and your business. It's about your client. If you follow this golden rule, your customers will also read your e-mails. They will be eagerly awaiting them.

How to prepare for an email marketing campaign?

The most successful email marketing campaigns start with a mailing list. It must include current and potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer. The best way to build a targeted email list is to convert your website visitors into subscribers.

For professionals, email is the preferred communication channel. 60% of them believe that Email marketing gives you a positive return on investment. Still other data show that for B2B emails, click-through rates are 47% higher than B2C.

Did you know that on average 80% of website visitors leave your site permanently without subscribing to the newsletter? What can you do to fix this? You've probably noticed by now that when you want to leave a website, sometimes you get a popup with a slogan like: where are you in a hurry, not so fast? Here's an active attempt to transform those who are just about to leave into subscribers and customers. Pop-ups detect user behavior and appear just when they intend to leave the site forever. Properly designed "windows" that appear at the right moment can do a lot improve conversions.

Email marketing - define your goals

Any good marketing campaign starts with setting goals. The same is true of email marketing. To carry out successful campaign email marketing, think about what you want to achieve. Typical goals of an email marketing campaign are:

  • welcoming new subscribers and introducing them to your business to start building relationships with them;
  • increasing your content and business engagement, whether it's a webinar promotion or a first sale attempt;
  • maintaining and nurturing existing relationships by providing subscribers with something that will be valuable to them;
  • subscriber segmentation to send more targeted marketing campaigns via email.

Email marketing consists of three key types of messages, these are e-mails:

  • promotional, which relate to offers and sales and are self-promotion,
  • Relational where subscribers get what you promised them, such as a weekly new product launch report,
  • transactional, which include: subscriber registration confirmations, welcome messages, order or purchase confirmations, confirmations of data changes made by subscribers.

Advertising mailing - advantages and disadvantages

Advertising mailing has a number of benefits. Let's take a look at a select few. First, it is profitable. Its costs can be much lower than many other forms of marketing, such as printing folders or advertising on the Internet. Second, it goes to people who have consciously chosen to receive emails from the company. Customers who are genuinely interested in products and / or services are more engaged. Another plus - an email message is easy to modify. We can only send text, graphics or attach files depending on what best suits the situation. The advantages of advertising marketing are too scalability, personalization and segmentation. Moreover, it is measurable - the success of the campaign can be assessed using web analytics tools. It also saves time by automating certain e-mails, such as welcome e-mails, and is environmentally friendly as you don't have to print anything.

Advertising mailing

In order not to be so colorful, it's time to move on to the disadvantages of advertising mailing. One potential problem that may arise is that it is treated like spam and irritates consumers. If the company is not targeting the right people, recipients can delete the email or unsubscribe. In turn, poorly designed e-mails may not be delivered to the recipient. E-mail messages containing specific messages in the subject or body of the message Keywords or spam characters are likely to be filtered out by email software and ISPs. There may also be problems with the design of the message. Consumers check email on multiple devices, so advertising mailing must look good on all of them. You also need to remember about the size of the attached files. They should be small enough to download quickly. Emails containing many images can take too long to load, frustrating recipients and causing them to lose patience and interest.

Email marketing - what to avoid

Don't overwhelm your subscribers. E-mails sent too often will quickly end up in spam. Instead, it's better to stick to a set schedule. If, when subscribing to the newsletter, the user agreed to one message a week, it should be exactly as you said. This is the frequency for which he has consented, and it is at these intervals that he expects to receive emails from you. Secondly communicate from the beginning, in the subject of the message, what is in it. At the same time, avoid spam-triggering words - otherwise your emails will not end up in your inbox. Also, refrain from presenting your offer too early. Make people feel comfortable first. Nevertheless, remember what your goal is and use it to pursue it calls to action (CTA). It can't be long-winded and vague, a call to action should reflect the one thing you most expect from people reading your emails.

While there are many rules to good email marketing, one thing is most important: treat your subscribers like people. If you need inspiration and help in planning an effective email marketing campaign, all you need to do is write one message - to us.

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