Integration at work - an important element of a strong team

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Integration at work - an important element of a strong team

Not only company trips and integration events in hotels, this is something you need to focus on. Sometimes the most important elements relate to everyday life, for example a day at work. It is known that integration is the key to achieving spectacular successes on the market. What is work integration? How to make it bring the expected results?

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The lack of commitment of the crew translates into worse financial results?

Time for integration - we have many ideas for it!

Integration at work - when is it needed?

The atmosphere at work is extremely important - if it is weak, it becomes the main reason for the lack of motivation to act and reluctance to perform official duties. If employees do not get along with each other, there are conflicts between them, someone creates stressful situations - all this results in the lack of the expected successes on the market and the lack of development of team members. It is worth picturing this situation:

"6:00. The alarm clock rings. In the dark, I turn off the bell and cover my face with a pillow. At first, I loved my job. But each day that passed gave me a new reason to hate her. Why? I can't get along with my colleagues, after changing the team I don't know them well enough to feel comfortable in their company, and the excess of responsibilities is not conducive to building positive relationships. The poor atmosphere in the company is not optimistic. Reluctantly, I drag myself out of bed and start getting ready to leave. It's going to be another hard day that will pump out the last of my energy. "

integration at work

Unfortunately, probably more than one employee was in such a situation. As a good employer, you should feel that something is wrong in the team and react appropriately through integration at work. Remember that employees are the key to your company's success.

Integration at work - how to organize it?

Integration at work is actually small, everyday situations, which, however, can do a lot to create a positive atmosphere in the team. It is crucial for the legal achievement of professional goals and success in the industry. Of course, conflicts in work teams cannot be completely avoided. However, it is worth trying to minimize them, and when they arise, they are quickly resolved. It requires not only corporate culture - some rules are universal, regardless of the size of the company.

The employer should introduce small rituals to the company that will bring employees closer to each other and provide them with positive energy every day. One of them is shared morning coffee. It might seem that life in the company is going somehow faster. Everyone is running somewhere. Somewhere in a hurry. Everyone needs something for yesterday. What if you just stop for a moment? Enjoy the moment, rest, collect your thoughts and tune in positively for the whole day. It is best to do it with a cup of delicious, aromatic coffee.

integration at work

Having coffee / tea or eating a cookie is a small matter, and it strengthens ties and builds a well-integrated team. During such a break, employees can talk about everyday matters, not related to work, exchange their passions, interests, tell interesting stories, get to know each other better. A dozen or so minutes will not prevent you from achieving all your goals during the day. On the contrary. It can be an excellent powerhouse that will make employees work more efficiently and effectively.

In addition to coffee and tea, eating meals together is also a manifestation of integration at work. It is worth choosing a date in the team that will suit everyone and once in a while eat a meal together, e.g. in one of the conference rooms. You can order catering (of course at the company's expense) or involve team members in preparing the dishes.

Integration at work is also a joint celebration of holidays, important company events and, most importantly, birthdays or names days of individual employees. A short, 15-minute break from work to sing "Happy Birthday" and consume the birthday cake will not only strengthen the ties between employees, but also make the birthday boy feel special! Of course, a small gift for the birthday person should not be forgotten.

Other forms of integration

Integration at work is the first step in building a strong team. Another is organizing team-building events in the style of corporate events outside the walls of the organization. Parties create ideal conditions for a quiet conversation and deepening friendly ties between employees. In addition, they perfectly relax and allow you to rest from everyday work duties.

It is worth organizing multi-day trips, because it is a good time to relax and build positive relations between employees. A few days spent in a picturesque place will provide the team with a powerful dose of energy and motivation.

integration at work

First of all, it is necessary to remember about the purposefulness of integration. Integration at work or outside of it is to build a strong team and improve relations between its members, and additionally create a relaxed and positive atmosphere that favors the successive achievement of goals.

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