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Effective adaptation of employees, i.e. what?

According to reports, more than 90% employees stay in the company for longer, if the employer took care of professional onboarding at the beginning of cooperation. What is employee adaptation and how to do it?

What is employee adaptation?

Adaptation, different employee onboardingis something more than signing the relevant documents or other employment-related formalities. It is the process of introducing new people into the functioning of the company. A kind of help in acclimatizing employees in a new company. What are the specific goals of introducing employees to the secrets of its operation?

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Objectives of employee adaptation

The overriding goal of adaptation is the fastest and most effective introduction of new employees to the company. During this time, employees should get to know the mission, operating strategy, history of the company, health and safety regulations, division of work, scope of duties and organizational culture in force in the company. Employee adaptation also means presenting them with opportunities for further personal development, which is to encourage them to stay in the organization. It is also the time to familiarize them with the applicable external and internal regulations. It is also the best time to prepare them for possible crises and problems in their daily work. How to do it? By presenting behaviors and ways of responding to these situations.

The effect of the onboarding process should be the full implementation of employees to their new duties, as well as achieving independence in work of the required quality and efficiency as quickly as possible.

Stages of employee adaptation

Adaptation of employees should consist of 4 stages:

  1. time between recruitment and inauguration - the moment to collect all documents and forms, prepare workstations and necessary tools, send materials that employees should read before work, training,
  1. day one - familiarizing employees with the team, showing them around the company, explaining all procedures, assigning the first tasks,
  1. first week - employee involvement in selected projects, integration with the team,
  1. the first month - help with unclear issues, tracking the progress of employees.

The company should operate according to the assumed plan, and at the same time show a lot of flexibility. Each employee at a different pace assimilates information and gets used to the new company. It is worth approaching new employees individually. Only thanks to this, the adaptation of employees will be really effective.

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