Can customer reviews inspire?

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Commplace values the opinions of satisfied customers as much as the critical ones. Why? Because customer opinions can be a valuable signpost in which direction the company should go. And used as references, they can be a key element of sales content. Because they are impartial comments, on the one hand, they unobtrusively encourage visitors to buy, on the other hand, they are great social proof of rightness.

Your customers' opinions should certainly not disappear without a trace in the depths of the Internet. For several reasons. First, they are strong sales arguments. Another plus – they are an impartial voice and build trust in the brand. For Commplace, customer reviews are also an invaluable source of information. About them, as your audience, and about your product or service. How to use customer feedback for the benefit of the company? The answer is referral marketing. Below are the actions we recommend as PR agency.

How to choose customer reviews?

The key to using references is choosing the ones that work best. Instead of making direct, but few, endorsement recommendations for your product ("I think it's great!"), Adopt an effective communication strategy. find reference containing details about your product or service. Those that make it clear that it meets the needs of consumers or solves their problem. Testimonials that speak of specific benefits will spur sales. Customer reviews not only help with brand positioning. They put your company in a positive light, but also effectively explain how beneficial your product or service can be. Remember. A good customer review will contain information about the customer's needs and how your product or service has responded to that need.

Customer feedback increases the conversion rate.

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Customer feedback increases the conversion rate

How does Ramit Sethi, the author of the best-selling book whose title in Polish is "I'll Teach You How To Be Rich", in the case of his products, achieve conversion factors at the level of 68.7%? He conducts a huge amount of research to get to know his customers thoroughly. In his opinion, when you really understand people deeply, even better than they understand themselves, then sales soar. According to Commplace, customer feedback is perfect for this. Taking into account their tips, you will not only be able to create a product that your client wants and needs. You will also be able to use "his" language in your copywriting to build an even deeper relationship with him.

Because your customers use yours the product or use your service, don't hesitate to ask for lots of feedback. It is important to ask for the effects of their application. Ask for such opinions, especially those who were skeptical about the purchase at the beginning. For this purpose, you can send a simple e-mail with the information: "I hope you are all right. If you reached XX but were initially skeptical, click here. " Then you can ask for details of previous reservations and the final results. When you have all the information, add such an opinion to your sales page. You will see that your audience will be amazed that you answered their doubts before they had time to ask you any question. Here's the perfect one communication strategy in the digital world.

Customer reviews must always be true

The most important rule of sharing your opinion is to use real testimonials from real customers. It is not worth risking that someone could accuse you of falsifying anything, especially references. Commplace believes that reviews are not the only purpose of providing credibility and building trust. If they are crafted, how are potential customers to build honest relationships with your company? False testimonials can put your reputation at risk. Worse, even if you do catch some customers, they are likely to have unrealistic expectations.

Use the power of social proof

In fact, social proof is a powerful tool. Do you know the story of the experiment by Stanley Milgram, the American social psychologist? Its purpose was to test obedience to authority. During the experiment, the task of a group of people was to stop on a busy street and look at a six-story office building nearby, where nothing was happening. Milgram found that 4% passersby were stopping to join a single person staring upwards. However, that number rose to 40% when 15 people were staring at the office building. In addition, the 86% by passersby has at least looked up to see what everyone else is looking at.

In today's crowded world where companies vie for consumer attention, social proof plays an important role in being able to reach new customers and thus sales support. Commlace's opinions in this respect leave no room for doubt. By collecting references, you are able to create an information cascade in which your potential customers, observing the actions of those who have already trusted your brand, will make the same, good choice.  

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