Find out about the features of a good advertisement!


As consumers, we see hundreds of advertisements every day. Some have delighted us, while others have completely failed. What makes advertising effective? We can distinguish several dominants - learn about the features of a good advertisement!

Definition of advertising

The British Advertising Association defines advertising as: “a means of communicating with users of a product or service. They are paid messages intended to inform and influence the people who receive them. " Today, it is a common message that we meet several hundred times a day: on TV, radio, newspapers, on the Internet, on billboards, on leaflets, through sponsorship, posters, clothes, direct sales or events. There are many possibilities of contact with advertising in today's world. You simply cannot get rid of it, which means that at the same time we consumers have enough of it, and companies are lost in the crowd of competition and spend money on something that does not benefit them. In order to effectively reach potential consumers, you need to know the features of a good advertisement.

Features of good advertising - promotion and persuasion

An effective advertisement is one that promotes a product or service, publicizing it and encouraging it to sell. The promotion of advertising is not related to an ideology that influences a person's way of thinking, but focuses on influencing shopping habits. Promotion can be more or less subtle.

When listing the features of a good advertisement, one cannot forget that it is persuasive. In many definitions of the term "advertising" this term is included. Persuasiveness consists in fully convincing the consumer to buy our product or to use our service. It must emphasize the difference between us and the competition, focusing on the fact that our product will solve a specific need. What means of persuasion? Appeal to consumers' emotions and build trust by referring to your authority. Don't be too pushy though - a great example is the Nike company, which has never encouraged you to buy from them because they are the best. Instead, it has focused on showing famous athletes who wear their brand's clothes. This made it clear that since elite athletes wear Nike, so should you.

Target group oriented

For many years, in the era of non-consumer-oriented marketing, advertisements were based on mass media: typically television, radio, press. Thanks to them, organizations reached the widest possible audience. However, it was associated with considerable expenses, which did not necessarily always pay off. Why? Because a good advertisement is one that is targeted at specific recipients, i.e. the target group. The effectiveness of advertising increases with adjusting to the profile of our client. The content of the message should be designed in such a way as to refer to the specific needs and feelings of the target group.

Features of good advertising - strategic

Targeted advertising this is a particularly important feature of modern advertising. Without targeting the target group, even the best message will not meet your expectations. Keep in mind that it must also be part of an integral marketing strategy. Even the best advertising will not bring results if it does not fit into the framework of your company, its values or characteristics.

While distinguishing the features of good advertising, its ethicality must not be overlooked. Advertising may not be misleading, unfair, immoral, or conceal relevant information. Companies using such techniques contribute to the decline of their image and credibility. One form of unethical advertising may be comparative advertising - check how to properly design it so as not to exceed the boundary set by the Advertising Code of Ethics.


Originality is also the features of good advertising, thanks to which you stand out from the competition. Every day, consumers come across hundreds of similar advertisements without remembering them at all. Effective advertising is original, using unpredictable formats and ideas. Be creative, inventive and unconventional to attract the attention of a potential customer. Do not copy the forms of advertising already used - such a campaign will not bring any benefits. An example may be the advertisement of the "Biedronka" brand, which created a network of advertising spots about its food products based on Polish proverbs. Why is jelly shaking so much? Because the pineapple came out of the can. What was he sitting for? Apparently, he whipped the cream "are just some of the expressions used by the" Biedronka "company. The witty spots have been permanently remembered by the audience, distinguished by their humor and intelligence at the same time.

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There is no good publicity without creativity. Surprise your users, thanks to which you will be instantly remembered by them. Experiment with the leitmotif or form of advertising. The more interesting the better! An example is the company "Carlsberg", which presented a billboard called "Carlsberg - probably the best beer in the world" along with a real beer pourer, from which consumers could pour the drink into prepared mugs for free. A great marketing gimmick, and above all a creative one, was the cause of this ad's sensation.

Features of a good advertisement - unforgettable

When analyzing the above features of good advertising, one thing should be said: thanks to them it will be remembered by consumers. And this, in turn, will make them turn to you when shopping. You have to find a way to make your advertisement memorable: maybe through creativity or maybe originality? Remember to use today's diverse message creation possibilities: ambient advertising, viral advertising, or any other methods, remembering that they should have the features of good advertising.

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