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A corporate party is one of the many types of corporate events. They all have one thing in common: a lot of work and consistent organization. Thanks to them, however, you can gain many benefits not only for the organization, but also for the employees themselves. How to organize an unforgettable company ball?

A company ball with a leitmotif

The leitmotif will be perfect for a company ball. However, remember to adapt it to the nature of the event. For this type of event, we propose to organize a festive and elegant masked ball. In this case, the outfits will not differ from the style of the event, what's more, they will give the cars a mystery and elegance to your event.

It is worth showing creativity and originality in this matter, because the right main theme can contribute to success by influencing the first impression of the participants. The choice of topic can influence their emotions and behavior, and thus help you achieve your goal. By organizing a company ball as a costume party adjust the atmospheric venue and decorations to the nature of the event so that the whole event is consistent with the theme.

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Company ball with attractions

Do you want to organize an unforgettable company ball? Bet on the original event attractionsthat will delight your guests. Entertainment is an indispensable part of any well-planned event. Consider not only your goals, but also the interests of the participants. Consider an art performance, laser show, auction, and raffle. Create a few signature drinks to match your party. Remember that the more colorful and exotic the drinks, the better. 

To make the party more attractive, you can rent a photo booth for a few hours. Encourage your colleagues to take photos and add interesting comments. Suggest they post the photos on their social media. This way, you can build a positive image of the company and motivate candidates to send applications.

Delicious company prom

Food largely contributes to the success of your event. When ordering catering for a company ball, first of all, take into account the nutritional preferences of your guests. Make sure that the table includes both meat and vegetarian or even vegan dishes. Find out if any of your employees suffer from food allergies or intolerances.

For variety, prepare dishes from around the world or order traditional Polish dishes, if the guests include employees from other countries. Don't forget about alcohol, but also soft drinks. Customize your food, drinks and cocktails with your chosen theme. Personalized meals and drinks will leave you with fond memories. Try to diversify the menu for the company ball. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you will meet the requirements of even the most demanding gourmets.

Design elegant invitations

Elegant invitations are an addition to the event that will emphasize the unique nature of the event. And such is undoubtedly the company ball. If you have a flair for graphics - design them yourself. You can also place an order with a graphic designer who will reflect the nature of a corporate event. Remember to include all the most important information on the invitation: date and time of the event, place of the event, theme and confirmation request.

Seating guests is another very important aspect of a corporate event. The first basic question you need to ask yourself is: do I want people from the same team or department to sit next to it, or maybe I would like to mix them up to get to know each other better? Remember that your decision can have a big impact on the party atmosphere, so consider all the pros and cons. 

Prepare a table plan to avoid unnecessary confusion. Make sure that the information you post is legible. Write the names of the guests in simple black on a white background. If you've selected a theme, you can search for a suitable name for each table. Plan themed party Hollywood? Then decide on the titles of popular movies. 

Organizing a corporate prom = hard work and planning?

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A place for a company ball

The right venue for a company ball must reflect the nature of the event, i.e., first of all, be elegant. Sometimes even the most beautiful decorations will not reflect the spirit of a corporate event, so choose the best place wisely. Make sure the design elements match the selected theme. Look for a place that offers gastronomic and technical facilities, but is also located in a picturesque location.

Sometimes it is not worth going the easy way and choosing a place close to the company - employees during a corporate event want to relax and forget about work, which is why a company trip will be a great idea. If the corporate ball has its own theme - match the venue to the style of the event.

Valuable tips and tricks

When you start organizing a corporate prom, remember to start early enough to avoid chaos and excessive stress. At the beginning, consider what your budget is - thanks to this you will know what attractions you can afford. Before you start organizing a corporate prom, think about its purpose.

Do you want to raise additional funds for the development of the company? Or maybe your colleagues and business partners have fun and make valuable contacts? Once you've figured that out, you can move on to the details. Once you know what the purpose of the event is, think about who the potential guests will be and what their expectations are. This makes it easier for you to choose a date and place, food, attractions and decorations.

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