Team escape as a great form of integration

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Team escape as a great form of integration

A team escape event has been gaining popularity recently. Such a game stimulates creativity and checks cooperation between participants, so it is ideal as a form of corporate integration. Is it worth organizing team escape events in your team? Read on!

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Team escape advantages

Creativity is a very desirable feature in every employee. Already during job interviews, questions are asked such as: If you were in the following situation, what would you do? Creativity is one of the great advantages of team escape. This type of activity allows you to move from the area of vague assurances to real situations in which you actually need to cooperate in a group, give orders or think logically. This may be a way to select a person for promotion or to integrate a poorly coordinated team. 

Team escape events work well both in groups that are just getting to know each other and in old teams. In an amazing way, they are able to select a group leader and notice various character traits in employees. Including that is why it is one of the best ideas for integrating in your team. And the members of the group will surely enjoy this form of fun. apart from that effective team work requires good communication. It is no better not to verify it than the tasks on which you have to cooperate.

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Team escape ideas

Team escape games are definitely a creative form of integration. The very names of such games attract and intrigue. What are the best ideas for team escape?

  1. Haunted House - The team must discover why the house is haunted and what to do to get rid of the ghosts. 
  2. Mr. car - solving puzzles in Masurian houses or Karkonosze manors
  3. Haryy Potter style game - mixing potions and using spells to get out of the room. Imagine this scenario in conjunction with a bartending workshop! 
  4. Jumanji style game -
  5. Treasure Island - you will be surprised when you discover how many real islands there are not only in Poland, but also in the immediate vicinity of your city. You can easily choose one of them and conduct a treasure hunt or team escape game, in which the team will be able to return home only after they have solved the puzzles. 
  6. Chernobyl - team escape games inspired by real events, and the recent hit of the series of the same name, will surely intrigue your employees
  7. Circus - the band is to play the role of circus performers and give a show, after which they will be able to leave the circus and go home. 
  8. Sherlock Holmes - the famous detective had many helpers. Share the roles fairly and let the team solve the mystery.
  9. Zombie Apocalypse - The team is locked in a room and there has been a Zombie Apocalypse outside. Will they be able to stop her? 

Organization of team escape in the company

The budget does not always allow for team escape games in some interesting and intriguing place. Which does not mean that we cannot organize such integration at our office by ourselves. What is the plus of such a solution? Most of the ready-made escape rooms are designed for 4-6 people at the same time, and your company may employ many more employees. There will be more space in the office, and the puzzles will be intended for teams, not individuals.

On the Internet you can find play scenarios that will change the office into a place full of emotions. An example is the game "My Rich Uncle". In the middle of the room there is a suitcase with many puzzles in it. The facilitator reads a letter from the lawyers of his recently deceased uncle. Only the real heir will be able to solve the mystery and he will get a reward. The advantage of this game is that even several dozen people divided into teams can play it. 

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The game not only in escape rooms

There is a general belief that a team escape game can only be carried out in specially prepared escape rooms. Nothing could be more wrong! Ideally, the fun should exist in a mysterious place that will reflect the nature of the game. The escape team will be most reliable where there is actually an obstacle preventing you from returning home quickly. It can be a symbolically locked door, an unused office floor, or a really remote location. 

Dark castles, large resorts in the mountains or in the wilderness will be a great option for the team escape game called murder mystery. What is it about? Your team arrives at a center or house outside the city, where it turns out that one of them has disappeared. They can get tips on the killer from the staff. Or is the murderer among them? Or, they may be confronted with a series of clues that will need to be put together to find the truth about "murder".

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