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How to promote an online store? If you're already working on it, you have done a great job so far. You set up a company. You have selected a platform to create your store. You have created a domain. Everything seems perfect, just the orders don't pop up like mushrooms after the rain. Why? Sometimes the reason (s) are more complicated. It may also turn out that a small thing is enough and the effects will be spectacular. So before you start taking your e-shop apart, check that all the screws are tight.

It is worth testing both traditional and creative ways of acquiring customers. Whatever it is, be sure to test different solutions one by one, not all at once. Approach it as an expansion of the infant's diet. New products are introduced into the child's diet one by one. Thanks to this, it is known what reaction they caused. If your solution increases the number of conversions, great - it works! If not, go on to trying another one. And what tactics will you use to promote your online store and thus increase online sales? We suggest a few of them that are based on not completely obvious premises.

Intake advantage of the herd behavior effect

Basically, people see a group of similar people as experts in a given topic. This simple psychological principle is called the sheep rush effect, or simply the imitation effect. That is why advertising slogans such as "the number 1 brand in Poland" or "recommended by most doctors" are so popular. These statements provide social proof that the product is worth buying and influence the decisions we make. They also give us a sense of community with our choices. We believe that we are less likely to make the wrong decision if others have made the same choice before us.

Interestingly, the effect of herd behavior is not only an increase in demand for a given good. It turns out that consumers are willing to buy them at a higher price just because others want to buy them too! How to promote an online store thanks to this human tendency? Of course, use it to your advantage.

How to promote an online store?

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"Show" your satisfied customers. Today, it is probably the most obvious, common, and at the same time effective technique using the herd behavior effect. Post customer reviews on the store's website, reference, case studies. In this way, promote your online store on social media, forums, blogs and portals. Make sure your message is clearly visible. Each example of a satisfied customer on the web will help you increase your conversion rates. Why? Because by showing users what made your previous customers happy, you'll make them want to experience it too

How to promote an online store using the sense of urgency?

If you are a person who is more motivated to act, the less time is left to do it, know that you are not alone. Scientists have shown that the human brain becomes more active when we are in a situation that requires immediate action. How to promote an online store having this knowledge?

Providing the final end date for the promotion, launch or sale of the product. This way, you will find people who would normally be waiting for a purchase at a later time. Of course, there are also those who wait, wait until finally… nothing they will buy. But instead of hoping your customers will eventually show up, take matters into your own hands. Give them a compelling reason to make them feel they need to invest in your products now.

The easiest way to create a sense of urgency is to add a counter. The counter can measure the time until the end of the promotional offer or the successively decreasing number of available products. When doing this type of activity, you need to remember a few important rules. First, the counter should be short-term or refer to a really limited number of available products.  

Let's agree that starting the countdown from a dozen or so days or several thousand pieces, we are unlikely to cause a strong shopping need among users. Secondly, for this technique to work, make sure your actions are noticed. Communicate about your promotions as wide as possible. Use the correct phrases to increase the need for urgency., Last opportunity, Only today, X hours left. These passwords can certainly be useful to you if you are wondering how to promote an online store by creating a need for users to urgently purchase your products.  

How to promote an online store using the effect maximum simplification?

Shopping in your store is easier and faster than anywhere else on the web? Say it out loud! You may not realize it, but the simplified payment process is something all customers love. And, by the way, it's also a great way to ethically increase your e-commerce sales. For example, Amazon has found this out, gaining enormous popularity among customers for the one-click ordering option. What is the reason for such a great popularity of this solution. Well, very simple: we are lazy. We, that is people in general. Including me and you, as well as your clients. How to promote an online store taking this into account? By showing customers that buying for you is not a process. And closing the deal is a piece of cake.

Each additional step in the checkout makes completing the checkout more complicated. Some potential buyers will simply be discouraged. It turns out that even quite a lot. Research by the Baymard Institute found that the 27% baskets were "abandoned" because the checkout process was too complicated or too long. Online store promotion based on quick and easy finalization of purchases? Has any of your competitors done this? A great product is not enough. Give your potential customers a reason to want to buy from you.

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