Google Shopping Advertising - why is it worth it?

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Google is the most used Internet search engine. According to data from February 2022, almost 96% of Polish internet users uses Google. Bing, Yahoo! Are DuckDuckGo far behind. Due to its popularity, Google has enormous advertising potential. The company even created a special system that allows advertisers to run paid search campaigns. What exactly is Google Shopping ad? And why is it worth using it?

A few words about Google Ads

Google Ads is a special Google advertising system launched on October 23, 2000. Initially, it was called Google Adwords. The change took place relatively recently, in 2018. The tool allows you to run advertising campaigns that are displayed as sponsored links in the search results of the search engine and on websites cooperating with the company as part of the Google AdSense program. The Google Ads advertising system is very popular among advertisers. The tool has 44 language versions.

As part of Google Ads, advertisers can take advantage of different types of campaigns. Product advertising is a popular form.

What is Shopping ad?

It is estimated that up to 2/3 of the population are visual learners. Images attract interest, stimulate the imagination and are remembered. An attractive photo can be worth more than even the best-written text. No wonder that advertisers are eager to use graphical forms of advertising in their campaigns. Thanks to them, you can generate even greater benefits.

Product advertising belongs to the group of graphic messages, and more specifically graphic and text messages. The ad presents detailed information about the product - including its appearance, name, price and brand. After clicking the advertisement, the potential customer is transferred to the website of the specific store. 

Appearance, Display Options, and Other Data Shopping campaign is determined on a special panel in Google Merchant Center. How it's working? The advertiser uploads information about the products sold to the Mechant Center account, specifies the details of displaying the ad, and the rest of the work is done by Google. Its task is to adjust ads to the users' queries entered into the search engine window.

Where are my Shopping ads showing?

Google allows you to show your Shopping ads in many places on the internet. These are:

  • Google search engine - just above text ads and organic (free) results,
  • the Shopping tab in the Google search engine,
  • Google partner websites.

Shopping ads can appear simultaneously with your text ads and organic results. Thanks to this, a potential customer, after entering one phrase, has access to the full range of products that correspond to his query. 

How much does a Google Shopping campaign cost?

Running a campaign in Google Ads is relatively cheap. Advertisers do not pay upfront for ad serving. Google offers a CPC billing system where you are billed for each click on your ad. In practice, this means that the advertiser does not incur any costs until the internet user clicks on the Shopping ad.

The rate for one click is set individually for each company. The advertiser has two options:

  • determine the rate yourself - then it indicates the so-called max CPC, which is the maximum amount that he is able to pay for one click; in fact, the final fees are much lower,
  • choose automatic bidding - Google sets your bid amounts to get the most clicks possible within your budget. 

Why is it worth it?

Product advertising is great support in e-commerce. The biggest advantage is the huge range of the campaign. Most internet users in Poland use Google. The network users look for information about the products or services they are interested in. By investing in a Google Ads campaign, you increase the reach of your website - more people may find it. The ability to display text and product ads at the same time increases the visibility of your offer. Thanks to this, the effectiveness of the campaign can be twice as high.

Google Ads Shopping ads are shown to users who are genuinely interested in the offer. The system displays advertisements only when the internet user enters a specific phrase into the search engine. 

Pictures, prices, and other elements of advertising messages make it much easier for consumers to make purchasing decisions. The potential customer immediately sees what they are dealing with. He does not have to go to individual websites to compare the prices of products or determine the basic differences in their appearance.

Another advantage is the ease of managing the conducted campaign. The advertiser can do everything from the panel in the Merchant Center system. The ad can be paused or resumed at any time. The results of the changes are visible almost immediately.

What's more, Google gives you access to advanced statistics and detailed competition data. The comparative analyzes created by Google allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign, which is extremely helpful in effective marketing activities. 

The Google Ads system offers many possibilities. Product advertising can be an excellent support in promotion and sales. Thanks to it, you will be able to reach thousands or even millions of potential customers and build your brand recognition on the market. 

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