How to use image SEO?

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The Internet is an important tool in the process image creation brand. Through the network, you can reach many recipients, build long-term relationships with them based on trust, and gain a reputation that will allow the company to achieve its business goals. SEO PR is closely related to the image on the Internet. How to use image SEO?

What is image SEO?

Image SEO is a special type of Google positioning that connects them with image-building activities, that is public relations. The job of SEO PR is creating a brand image on the Web. The term also covers the publication of PR content containing certain keywords.

Image SEO is an important element of your e-marketing strategy. Properly applied, apart from building reputation, it can:

  • improve the company's visibility in search results,
  • increase organic traffic on the website,
  • increase sales,
  • facilitate the acquisition of new recipients.

The value of image SEO is invaluable in a situation brand image crisis. An SEO PR campaign consisting in publishing positive content about the brand will effectively reduce the visibility of unfavorable content, and thus repair the brand's reputation. 

SEO activities require specialists to pay off.

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How to use this tool?

Before taking any image-building activities, it should be identified and carefully analyzed target audience brand. It is worth checking what Internet users are looking for, what keywords they use to find a given online store, etc. Researching recipient behavior will facilitate the preparation of an effective image SEO strategy.

Image SEO is primarily about optimizing the content that is already on the website, as well as creating new, additional ones. Text materials should be adequately saturated with key phrases. The prepared content can be published:

  • on the company blog, 
  • on social networks,
  • on industry portals,
  • in press offices.

Image SEO activities must be constantly monitored. You can use for this, among others Brand24 or Sentione. The tools search for negative, neutral and positive brand mentions, update data in real time and thus enable immediate reaction in the event of a crisis.

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