Internet advertising in the past and today

Online marketing

Modern advertising agencies agree that the Internet is the perfect place to conduct various promotional campaigns for companies from various industries. Internet advertising has become an integral part of the operation of professional agencies. What did the first online advertising messages look like? And what are they characterized by today?

The year 1994 can be considered the birth of internet advertising. It was then, on October 27, that the first advertising banner appeared on the website. The banner in no way resembled today's, sometimes incredibly creative advertisements. It was a plain black rectangle with a rainbow slogan: Have you ever clicked this right here? Now you click! ”. The banner was a subtle form of advertising for AT&T, one of the telecoms. Interestingly, the effectiveness of the message was impressive. The first online advertisement was clicked on by almost every second internet user, which today seems to be an impossible result.

The first displays

Along with the development of the Mosaic platform, a browser capable of displaying images, the first image ads, i.e. displays. They were small advertising gifs with simple animations. Unfortunately, the first online image ads were not the most pleasant. Not only were they tiring for the eyes, but also… there were plenty of them.

Advertisers flooded the internet with interactive banners, which not only constituted an addition to the content, but sometimes even covered half of the screen, effectively making it difficult to browse specific websites. Some sites looked like advertising boards, which only irritated the Internet users.

Internet advertising in the early 2000s

Advertisers did not mince their measures. Invasive forms of advertising have reigned supreme on the Internet. The following were especially popular:

  • intersital - a banner that takes up the entire browser window, appearing before the page is loaded; the advertisement was often accompanied by a soundtrack,
  • pop-under - a graphic advertisement in the form of a new window that opened under the active browser window; the ad appeared when the browser was closed.

Fortunately, advertisers quickly realized that invasive online advertising was not delivering the results they expected, prompting them to seek other forms of promoting businesses, products, or services. In the second half of 2000, Google AdWords, known to everyone to this day, was created, using the data contained in cookies. Google Ads are advertisements in the form of sponsored links.

Google AdWords grew rapidly. In the 3 years since its premiere, over 100,000 people used its services. advertisers. Today it enjoys great popularity. Sponsored links are considered to be one of the most effective forms of promotion.

After simple banners, pop-ups and sponsored links, it's time for the first personalized online advertising. It premiered in the USA in 2009. A year later, the trend hit Europe. In Poland, the first personalized messages appeared in 2011.

Internet advertising nowadays

Ad personalization rules today. Modern advertisers rely to a large extent on matching advertising messages to specific ones target groups, which gives spectacular results. A new type of marketing has emerged in the world of the Internet - behavioral marketing. It consists in tracking the movements of an internet user and their behavior on the Internet (analyzes searches, viewed products, time spent on specific websites, etc.). Based on the information received, it determines its profile. Behavioral marketing is an opportunity to precisely define the target group and to match the advertising message to it as much as possible. This in turn increases the effectiveness of the web advertising campaigns.

Internet marketing is the powerhouse of today's business. It is an intuitive tool that, when used in the right way, allows you to reach a wide audience, appear in their awareness, create an image and build a stable competitive advantage.

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Activities of advertising agencies

Today's internet advertising market, although unlimited and effective, is also demanding. Dynamic changes, unconventional solutions, huge competition - modern companies have to face many challenges. Only those who know what to do and how to do it in order to achieve the set advertising goals have a chance of survival. Fortunately, companies today do not have to fend for themselves. Professional support is an invaluable weapon on the advertising battlefield advertising agencies.

The advertising agency deals with the comprehensive implementation of advertising campaigns for its clients and the creation of individual advertisements in various communication channels, also on the Internet. Many of today's agencies base the scope of their services on online activities, which, combined with extensive, specialist knowledge in the fields of advertising and marketing, as well as the experience and creativity of agency employees, gives spectacular results. What forms of internet advertising are agencies most willing to use?

Popular forms of today's internet advertising

The first is the aforementioned Google Ads, i.e. ads displayed at the top or at the bottom of Google search results, as well as outside the search engine. Google has a huge advertising network, which allows advertisers to promote themselves in different places on the web using one form of online advertising. Google Ads is currently the largest advertising tool in the world. Thanks to Google campaigns, it is possible to reach hundreds or even thousands of recipients who are actually interested in a specific offer. This, in turn, translates into real profits.

Online ads also include sponsored articles, i.e. high-quality blog content. Sponsored text should be valuable, interesting for the user, in line with SEO principles, and at the same time must carry a specific advertising message. Then it will be effective.

Advertising banners, i.e. rectangular or square advertisements in a dynamic, static, graphic, animated and even film form, are still very popular. Today's banners are much more enjoyable for users than their first forms. In addition, they are often personalized, which means that specific messages are displayed to specific people.

Advertising agencies also use the power of social media. Facebook is particularly popular. Facebook Ads allows you to choose from many forms of advertising, and also gives you the opportunity to precisely target recipients. This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of created messages.

Other forms of internet advertising are:

  • newsletters - one of the most popular forms advertising mailing; the type of special messages to users who have consented to receive them,
  • Shopping ads - a type of Google Ads ads; sponsored product offers displayed at the top of search results after entering specific phrases,
  • content marketing - e.g. company blogs; valuable content related to the subject of the website,
  • SEO - SEO in order to obtain the best possible position in the organic results of search engines,
  • social media - all activities in social media, i.e. systematic and interesting running of profiles, building long-term relationships with recipients.

Interesting, carefully prepared Internet advertising can translate into real effects in the form of an increase sales efficiency, improving the company's image, effective promotion of new services or products, as well as increasing brand recognition. Cooperation with a professional advertising agency is a chance for business success! Create your success today - contact Commplace and see how much you can achieve!

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