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Real-time marketing is a strategy that allows you to react immediately to what is happening. Information lives shorter and shorter. The attention span of recipients is also reduced, and the public is no longer sensitive to marketing messages. What does it mean? You need to improve your strategy to stay in the game. It's not enough to be fast or be on target. Now you have to do both. Real-time marketing (RTM) enters the field. You must communicate accurately to be successful. Stand out and catch the attention of your audience. All of this in a very short time. Ready to take off? Start!

Real-time marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to direct people's attention directly to your brand. It can be used to increase traffic to your website or to increase sales of your product. If you know how to do it right, then there is no better marketing strategy than this.

Real-time marketing uses current events to promote a product, brand company, etc. It does this with all kinds of content that responds to these events. Interestingly, often at first glance they have no connection with the company.

You need to improve your strategy to stay in the game.

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What is real-time marketing?

Real-time marketing wasn't made yesterday. However, it has only achieved immense popularity nowadays. All thanks to social media. Before that, real-time marketing was not easy. Often, by the time companies found out about any event, it was too late to take advantage of it. However, with development social mediasuch as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, real-time marketing has experienced a real revolution. Today, virtually anyone can quickly find out about what has just happened, thanks to social media. And then use any of these platforms (nobody says one) to use real-time marketing effectively.

Nowadays, people want to be part of the current trends. And real-time marketing specialists know how to use it well. However, it would be a great simplification to say that RTM is just following the latest trends or current events. Real-time marketing  analyzes all kinds of data available about customers and evaluates their behavior to reach them. It's not just about getting it fast. If advertising campaign is not engaging, an RTM strategy is unlikely to produce the desired effect.

Real-time marketing - measurable benefits

The response to real-time marketing can be phenomenal. It plays a huge role in this regard online marketing. Content posted on social media can generate tremendous brand exposure. The best examples of RTM can reach a large audience because they are so widely disseminated on the internet. LeadSift states that 60% people Those responsible for marketing say they have trouble personalizing content in real time. At the same time, the 77% of them realizes how crucial these activities are in modern marketing. The more that the benefits of real-time marketing are obvious. Lead to:

16% sentiment rising consumers,

14% increase in intent to purchase,

18% growth brand interest and the likelihood that the client will recommend the company to others.

Ultimately, from LeadSift data, consumers are 22% more likely to consider purchasing the company's products through real-time marketing.

Context adjustment and consumer involvement

It is often difficult to invent new and innovative ways of engaging the consumer. Real-time marketing is such a solution. By enabling the message to be adapted to a specific context, RTM breaks through the flood of other messages. It allows companies to connect with people in the right place at the right time. Thanks to a personalized message, it allows you to establish a dialogue with consumers and increase the quality of engagement. It uses tools such as marketing segmentation.

When companies adapt their marketing to the needs of consumers, their products or services become more attractive. The topicality of the message motivates people and encourages them to get involved with your brand. By receiving content that reflects a current event or trend, consumers will recognize how useful your products or services are at any given time. Real-time marketing gives so much good for so little. After all, it does not require large financial outlays. Just a little vigilance and creativity.

What we advise as PR agency? Whether you use RTM or not, it's important to stay up to date with what your online customers are saying. If you want to transfer marketing activities take your business to the next level, contact us to get started!

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