Employee recruitment: 3 best practices

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Employee recruitment: 3 best practices

Attracting employees it's a challenge. Today, in the era of the so-called labor market, the candidates dictate the conditions. Employers will either adapt to them, or they have no chance to hire outstanding people who could bring a lot of good to the company. How to effectively attract new people to the team?

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Recruiting employees is one of the pillars of the functioning of each enterprise and an important element of human resource management. After all, it is the employees who constitute the company's greatest capital. Perfectly qualified staff efficiently performs all professional tasks, easily achieves goals, and thanks to this, the company develops and succeeds.

Finding and hiring valuable employees for the enterprise is an art. Today's market places high demands on employers. Low unemployment, many vacancies, shortage of specialists - all this means that candidates can choose between offers.

Strong in today's market employer brand it's not everything. The biggest challenge is to use such recruitment methods that will allow you to reach outstanding employees. What methods are the most effective?

Employee recruitment - methods

Effective recruitment of employees is primarily the selection of appropriate methods that will make it easier to find people with appropriate competences. Among the most popular methods, we can distinguish:

  1. Announcements

This is the primary method of recruiting employees to the enterprise. Its effectiveness is mainly determined by the attractiveness and credibility of the advertisement. It is worth entrusting the preparation of a job offer to an experienced recruiter.

  • Direct search

It is a direct search for specialists who meet all the requirements for a given position. You can look for employees, among others on popular social networks where professional business cards are posted (i.e. LinkedIn, GoldenLine).

  • Executive search

It is a method of recruiting employees for senior management, director and specialist positions that require rare qualifications. The target group is usually employees who work in similar positions in other companies and are not looking for a job at the moment.

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