Internal communication tools - how to use them effectively?

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Internal communication tools require a good strategy and consistency in action. Maybe you already have great ideas on how to engage, inform and build relationships with your employees. However, without the right tools, your strategy is doomed to failure. Today, with so many options to choose from, it's easy to get confused. Which internal communication tools will be right for your company? Let's check.

How you deliver your message is as important as the message itself. Especially when it comes to internal communication. A company culture can give your company a significant strategic advantage in changing times. But what this culture consists of - goals, values and modus operandi - it must be known to all employees of the company. Have you conducted a credible research on the image of your company among employees? If employees have understand the company's culture and act in accordance with its assumptions, appropriate internal communication tools are essential. It is important to focus not only on what is communicated, how it is done and whether the messages are properly understood.

2020 has clearly shown that it is time to implement new tactics. Internal communication tools must keep the team connected, engaged and motivated as never before. Here are some of them. Do you know Do you use

Internal communication tools require a good strategy and consistency in action.

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Sharing information in internal communication

The results of a Gallup survey are worrying. It turns out that only 13% employees believe their leaders are communicating effectively. Moreover, one area where companies are doing particularly poorly is sharing company news. According to Geckoboard 80%, employees want leaders to share more information about the company's performance. 50% of them admitted that in order to find out more about the current state of their company, they played the role of detectives themselves. The problem is that instead of discovering the truth, they could hear lots of false information. This, in turn, can lead to rumors. And in the next stage, negatively affect the commitment, morale and productivity of the crew. It is worth preventing this by using internal communication tools. Communicate clearly, deliver messages directly, share information. These are the simplest ways to prevent employees from feeling “not being informed about anything”. The flow of information in the company should act as an efficient bloodstream. Any congestion can lead to serious trouble.

Efficient internal communication helps to develop a culture of innovation in the company. At the same time, it allows to meet the challenges related to innovations imposed by the market. By using appropriate internal communication tools, you will create a knowledge-based organization. Talks about innovations and related challenges encourage employees to learn. They dare them to ask more questions, even those difficult for you. And the company they provide provides invaluable tips and solutions that can change your business. Does it convince you? 75% employees thinks they would have stayed longer if they felt they had been heard. Thus, using the manifestations of employee innovation is a double benefit. Promoting engagement is a win for both the company and its staff.

Expressing recognition through internal communication tools

An important aspect internal communication is the ability to recognize the contribution of employees to the activities and development of the company. Making them feel appreciated. The research results leave no room for doubt. As many as 58% employees believe that recognition of the leaders for their contribution and achievements, this is the best way to increase commitment. However, in order to do this effectively, internal communication tools are essential. In this case, they can take many forms. From a simple, verbal thank you to a public celebration of a successful project, indicating who exactly is behind its success.

Regardless of whether the conversations are social, they serve to share knowledge or build a team. Conversations remain crucial for an effective one communication strategy internal. It is impossible to overestimate this seemingly obvious tool of internal communication. With the rise of remote work, face-to-face conversations have become less frequent. That doesn't mean you have to give them up. It is worth providing employees access to toolswhich will facilitate conversations between all people and departments. Phone, video chat, applications. There are many possibilities. Encouraging group dialogue is a great way to strengthen morale and remind you of a common goal.

Usually, employees are scolded because the customer was dissatisfied. What if you were to try something different? Let employees be proud of their work by providing them with feedback from satisfied customers. Receiving recognition from an external source is a confirmation of a job well done for them. At the same time increasing their sense of belonging to the organization. What internal communication tools can you use to share customer feedback? It is quite easy. From linking to independent review sites, to posting customer comments on your corporate intranet. Take this advice to heart. Sharing positive feedback should be a central part of a broader internal communication strategy.

How to find out what exactly will work?

In what direction should your business go? Let your teams decide! Maybe you already use surveys for this purpose? This is a fantastic way to encourage employee engagement. You show them they can contribute concrete contribution to the development of your company. What should the polls contain? They can cover a wide range of business issues, from eating in the company's canteen, to feedback on a new logo, to evaluation of how the company's internal communication tools work. When conducting a survey, do it right from start to finish. If you announce feedback, specify when to expect it. Did you know that over 1/3 of employees have to wait over three months for feedback from their superiors! No employee should wait that long to answer a simple question. Who knows how bad the consequences will be. Of course, except for less and less commitment. 

To take advantage of the full range of benefits offered by internal communication tools, you first need to research what exactly will work for you. We can help you. Thanks to the internal communication audit, we will assess the internal situation in the company. Contact us. We will also measure the level of employees' identification with the goals of your organization.

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