Employee recruitment cost - how to reduce it?

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Employee recruitment cost - how to reduce it?

The recruitment process can take a lot of time and quite a lot of money. The average cost of recruiting an employee is about PLN 3-4,000. The more new people a company needs, the more the recruitment costs increase. Fortunately, by automating some of the steps, you can cut your final costs a bit. What processes can be automated?

What determines the cost of recruiting an employee?

The final cost of acquiring an employee is influenced by many factors. The first issue is the remuneration for recruiters. Their tasks include: writing, publishing and tracking the progress of advertisements, analyzing and selecting CVs, organizing and conducting meetings with candidates, selecting and contacting the best people, as well as conducting and checking recruitment tests.

The cost of recruiting an employee should also include:

  • expenses for recruitment materials - i.e. posters, leaflets, roll-ups, gadgets, places at fairs,
  • the price for the publication and renewal, as well as the distinction of advertisements on relevant portals,
  • expenses for employee onboarding - providing training materials, remuneration for employees conducting training, purchase of clothes and equipment for work.

Do you want to reduce the costs of recruiting employees?

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Automation as a way to lower the cost of employee recruitment

Automating some recruitment processes is an effective way to reduce the final cost of recruiting an employee. We can automate:

  • selection of candidates - using recruitment forms that will automatically be rejected by people who do not meet the basic requirements,
  • contact with candidates - the use of tools that enable automatic response to job seekers' advertisements and informing about the next stages of recruitment,
  • conducting recruitment tests via the Internet - the use of online tests that automatically verify the correctness of answers.

Automation can shorten the work of one recruiter from 30 to even 14 hours a week. This may mean a reduction in the costs of hiring new employees by up to several thousand zlotys.

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