Employer branding activities in 2024

employer branding activities

Employer branding activities are becoming more and more popular. Employer branding examples are easy to find. However, it is not easy to choose the best, and even more difficult - to match and implement them in your company. 

What will you learn from the article?

Employer branding activities are the foundation in building a strong, recognizable and desirable employer brand. In this entry, we will look at what these activities are, what benefits they bring to the company, and how they can be implemented effectively. You will learn how to start building an employer branding strategy and what tools and methods may be useful in promoting the company as an attractive place to work. In addition, we will present examples of actions that are worth taking, but also those that should be avoided in order not to harm your brand. Are you ready to become an even better employer and attract the best talents to your company? We invite you to read.

What are employer branding activities?

In the era of insensitivity to advertising and universal access to information, employers struggle to acquire new talents. Actions  employer branding are part of the solution to this problem. They build the employer's brand by showing and emphasizing the benefits of being employed in a specific organization. By directing a clear message to potential and current employees, the company creates a specific image of the employer in their minds. One with which they would like to be employed or for which they want to continue working.

Employer branding is the process of managing and influencing the company's reputation as an employer among jobseekers, employees and key stakeholders. It covers everything a company does to function in the public eye as a desired employer.

Employer brand is the organization's reputation as an employer. Put simply, it's all what job seekers and employees really think about it. This is what they tell their friends and family when the boss is not around. Although something intangible, the employer brand is an asset that requires constant cultivation. This is where employer branding activities come into play. 

Already in 2016, 86% HR specialists agreed that recruiting began to look more and more like marketing. All brands began to ensure the best possible reputation as an employer. There was nothing else for them. Research shows that as many as 84% jobseekers value the company's reputation as an employer when deciding where to apply for a job. So the importance of establishing a strong and positive employer image can no longer be questioned. Employer branding activities are of key importance here.  

Employer branding activities - examples 

People responsible for employer branding in the company have many tools at their disposal. The most popular and best practices in the field of employer branding are: 

- employee opinions - this is and will always be number one. LinkedIn experts have come to such conclusions. They claim that applicants trust employees 3x more than employers when it comes to providing information about how it is working in the company. What to do to make employer branding activities in this area bring the most benefits to the company? Find out how to use different types of employee generated content. Thanks to them, you can improve the message promoting the employer's brand; 

- office and workplace - this is the company's showpiece. Make sure they reflect her spirit; 

- benefits - health benefits, membership in sports clubs, company breakfasts - you can easily add your own, original items to this list. These are not the most important benefits, but may be of importance to a candidate who must choose between two similar offers. 

- company culture - things that are unspoken, such as the culture of the organization, tend to "get out". If there is a friendly atmosphere in your company, your employees will show it even after leaving work. Such employer branding activities are the best thing that can happen to an employer. This is not something you can force people to do. The company's culture is the result of the activities of the entire team. And it's the leadership that sets the tone. 

office party – there are two types of employer branding events: internal and external. The first ones are a great tool for building bonds with your team and showing people that you care. On the other hand, external events are an ideal means of showing off and disseminating the company's image among potential employees. 

- prizes - let the first one who does not like to be appreciated raise his hand. Awards motivate people to develop further. Use them wisely and you will see how much it pays off. 

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The importance of building an employer brand

As highlighted in Randstad's global report on employer brand research, apart from money, which is of course important, other factors also count in the employee recruitment process. They include, among others: work-life balance, job security and work environment.

Employer branding activities that emphasize these elements will certainly not go unnoticed by candidates choosing the right company for them.

At least the term itself employer branding is only about 30 years old, studies analyzing the relationship between employer branding and business success, see interesting correlations. The summary of LinkedIn shows that organizations with excellent opinions as employers can count on 28% lower staff turnover and 50% reduction in employment costs. For many companies, this means millions of dollars in annual savings.

These results are also confirmed by Randstad's observations. They show that as many as 86% people would not consider applying for a job or continuing to work for a company that has a bad reputation among former employees or the general public.

employer branding activities affect the company's image

In summary, the employer's brand describes the employer's reputation as a workplace. Employer branding activities, in turn, are to express the value proposition that the brand offers to employees. 

What are the benefits of employer branding activities for the company?

As HR experts note, the way brands have treated and are treating their people during COVID will define them for decades to come. Brand building employers should always be a top priority, but it is especially important in turbulent times.

Regardless of whether you are recruiting for new positions or dealing with layoffs, both prospective and current employees expect clear, consistent communication. Employer branding activities must be based on this. Also during the crisis. On the other hand, a lack of effective communication can have serious consequences - for the brand as an employer, corporate reputation, and even the financial survival of the company.

By taking appropriate steps to implement the best employer branding practices, you can positively influence how your future and current employees (as well as the public) perceive your brand. As the world becomes an ever larger "global village" and the labor market becomes more competitive, the employer brand is now a key part of the hiring and retention process. 

How to start employer branding activities?

A well-structured, well-thought-out employer branding strategy helps to attract valuable employees and reduces the rotation of current employees. In addition, it has a large impact on the level of satisfaction of individual members of the employee team, and also increases the effectiveness of their daily professional duties - which in the long term may contribute to the company's success on the market. But how to make employer branding activities bring satisfactory results? Where to start?

The first step should be to analyze your current activities in detail. Some companies use employer branding tools quite unconsciously. Most often they are: the "Career" tab on the website, a rational package of benefits for employees, or professional, extensive job advertisements.

The next stage is to indicate the purpose of employer branding activities. The goal should be specific, rational, achievable within a specified period of time. In order to define it, it is necessary to analyze the current problems. Good research will help determine what needs to be improved, what is worth working on in the first place. Example: a company offers good employment conditions, has a rational package of benefits for employees, but cannot use this in recruitment processes. Her job advertisements are illegible, not very detailed, and do not match the vision and character of the brand. As a result, it is difficult to find valuable, experienced candidates for employees. In such a situation, the company in its employer branding activities should primarily focus on improving the content and appearance of recruitment advertisements.

What else should you pay attention to?

The purpose of employer branding activities may also be to increase brand awareness on the market (e.g. among potential employees living in the company's environment), or to increase the efficiency of employees by introducing a friendly social policy and improving internal communication.

An important part of the strategy is EVP, i.e. Employee Value Proposition. It is a set of unique employer values aimed at attracting potential talent to the company. EVP is a useful tool in the era of highly competitive market. It facilitates conscious conduct of employer branding activities. It allows you to reach more suitable candidates - those who perfectly match the vision and character of the company (the profile of an ideal employee).

Efficient implementation of EVP reduces employee turnover and can increase employee involvement in the company's development.

employer branding activities

Strong foundations are of great importance in employer branding. As an employer, you should consider what you can really offer your current and future employees. You cannot promise golden mountains. Everything must be truthful, authentic. The creativity of the strategy is also important. Out-of-the-box activities are more likely to be successful.

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Employer branding online - useful tools

The Internet (and especially the company's website and social media) is an inseparable element of the functioning of every enterprise. Using the Internet, you can effectively build brand awareness in various environments and shape its identity and image. It is also a great way to attract potential customers and employees. It allows you to reach a wide audience and present your brand in an interesting and creative way.

In creating an employer branding strategy (especially external), it is worth considering online tools. Used in an appropriate way, they can significantly increase the effectiveness of EB activities. What tools are the most useful?

Attractive "Career" tab on the website

It is the employer's business card, so it should be legible, transparent and designed in a creative and interesting way. The subpage may contain current job offers, interesting information about the company, the values that guide the brand in achieving its goal, and tips on preparing for a job interview. It is also worth placing business cards of company team members there, thanks to which the candidate will be able to meet his potential colleagues. An interesting idea is to enrich the tab with inspiring videos showing everyday life in the company or the most interesting moments from team-building events for employees.

Attractive recruitment ads

The first impression is of great importance. The content and appearance of a job advertisement often determine whether a potential candidate decides to send his/her application for a given position. In order not to lose the chance to employ valuable, talented people who could bring a lot of good to the company, it is necessary to ensure professionalism and excellent quality of recruitment advertisements. A decent advertisement should be legible and written in an interesting way. It is worth including elements of the company's visual identification in it - such as the company's colors, logo or slogan that the company is guided by. The job description must be easy to understand, exhaustive and authentic. An advertisement prepared in this way will stand out from other competitive advertisements.

Presence on social media

Social media is an important part of the functioning of any company. It is one of the brand's showcases on the Internet and an excellent channel of communication with recipients. Thanks to social media, you can easily and quickly reach potential employees. However, it is important that brand profiles are consistent, legible and inspiring. In building image in social media what counts: commitment, regularity and attractiveness.

employer branding activities are a must

Interesting company blog

It is a tab on a website from which you can learn many interesting things - e.g. industry news or tips closely related to the brand's activities. A blog, like other online employer branding tools, should align with the company's identity. The colors and character of the subpage, as well as the style of the statement and the appearance of the entries must be consistent with the visual identification of the brand.

Employer branding activities examples of what to avoid

Employer branding can be very beneficial. However, it is important that it is thought out and run in an efficient, wise way. Even the smallest, seemingly innocent mistakes in the strategy can reduce the effectiveness of actions. As a consequence, employer branding will not bring the expected results.

The first mistake in the employer branding strategy is ... the lack of a strategy. A good employer branding plan is essential. Thanks to it, we know what actions to take to achieve the goals set. Taking action and looking for solutions on a regular basis is a good idea in the short term - e.g. in the event of a crisis. In the long term, such a solution will not work.

Employer branding activities should assume long-term development. The key to success are:

  • a broad view of the labor market,
  • consistent internal communication and external,
  • planning the next steps in advance,
  • selection of appropriate communication channels - tailored to what we want to achieve,
  • decent research - preparation for strategy implementation, research, getting to know employees' needs, competition analysis.

A big mistake of employer branding activities is the lack of image coherence. To start with, you need to take care of internal employer branding to think about external employer branding. Employees' needs should always come first - benefits, stable employment conditions, good communication, real development opportunities, and a friendly atmosphere in the workplace. Focusing on employees is an opportunity to offer good employment conditions to potential candidates. Promises must be true. Advertisements cannot promise "golden mountains" if we are unable to provide them.

The image of HR people is important in the employer branding strategy. The recruiter is a showcase of the workplace. It is usually with him that potential employees first contact. Therefore, it is important that employer branding is visible at the recruitment stage. Top-level recruitment and professional job interviews are a must! Potential employees should be informed about the further recruitment processes or the rejection of the application in an appropriate manner.

In employer branding activities, one cannot forget about organizational culture of the company. It is often the foundation of the EB strategy. It indicates the condition of the brand, its goal system, the language used by employees, dress code, the appearance of the headquarters, savoir-vivre and company rituals, and a code of ethics. It is a set of norms, behaviors and values that distinguish an enterprise from others and distinguish it in the market.

employer branding activities


Internal employer branding activities are an investment in the future of the company. We often focus on promoting our brand among clients and contractors, but it is also important to pay attention to attracting and retaining talent within the organization. Employer branding activities are a strategy that focuses on building a positive image of the employer, and above all on creating a friendly work culture. Good practices such as:

  • professional development opportunities,
  • adapting the working environment to the needs of employees,
  • proactive problem solving

are crucial to success in this field. An investment in employer branding is a solution that will bring benefits to both current and future employees, and will also contribute to the company's success.

Worth knowing:

What is employer branding?

Employer branding is not only a fashionable slogan, but above all, actions taken by companies to attract the best employees. It is a complex process involving both marketing and HR. Employer branding activities focus on building the employer's image as an attractive workplace, showing employees what benefits the company can offer. Appropriate activities in this field are the key to attracting and retaining outstanding specialists, which certainly translates into the success and development of the company.

What are the branding activities?

In today's world, branding activities have become an inseparable element of business marketing strategies. One of them is employer branding activities, i.e. conscious building of the employer's image on the labor market. These activities can take many forms, such as organizing training, investing in employee development or promoting the sustainable development of the company. Their goal is to attract the best talents, increase employee engagement and build a positive brand image.

Examples of branding activities include...?

Examples of branding activities as part of employer branding include, among others, conducting marketing campaigns, organizing industry events and conferences, publishing articles and blog entries, and being active on social media platforms. These activities allow us to create a strong and recognizable employer brand that will attract the best candidates and allow us to build a committed and loyal team.

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