KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH is a new Commplace customer

How can you ensure an increase in website traffic that will result in an increase in orders? Commplace experts answer this question again. This time our client is the KOCH brand. It is for her that we have planned online marketing activities that will help achieve the basic business goals of the brand.

About KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH

KOCH is a highly specialized provider of system solutions for industrial robotics with over 40 years of experience in the field of production automation. Behind it is also over 25 years of practice in the construction and application of robot systems. It develops and implements flexible robotic systems for all kinds of industrial applications, both as integrated autonomous systems and complete sets of machines for filling, packing, palletizing, ion commissioning, as well as intralogistics system solutions or sets of devices connected flexibly with each other. The spectrum of production and services is a complete offer - from conceptual development and planning through implementation, assembly, start-up, training and after-sales service throughout the entire service life of the equipment.

Challenges for Commplace

Our tasks include effective website positioning, as well as planning and implementation of Google Ads campaigns. The team of Commplace experts strives to achieve the goal of increasing visits to the website of appropriately profiled recipients, which will ultimately translate into an increase in inquiries.

The scope of cooperation - KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH

SEO audit

SEO audit includes website analysis in order to better position the services on the web. The purpose of the audit is primarily to detect and eliminate errors on the website and diagnose those areas that slow it down or make it difficult for it to achieve better search engine positions. An SEO audit is also a chance to identify areas that need to be improved and a useful tool in choosing the right positioning strategy. What are the key elements of an SEO audit? There are three key factors to consider when performing an SEO audit:

  • Back-end area - hosting and indexing
  • Front-end area - content, keywords and metadata
  • Quality of links and external references

Important information - SEO audit It can also indicate problems with the security of your website. Website security, in turn, is directly related to the website's evaluation by Google's algorithms, which affects its position in the search results.

Make your potential customer reach your website directly.

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Positioning the page in the search engine is important because it affects the amount of traffic on the site. The more people visit your site; the more chances you have of selling your products or services. Most people search no further than the first page of Google when searching. It is therefore very important that your website be placed in one of these 10 results. To achieve this, you should spend some time and effort in positioning and optimizing your site for search engines. Ask us how we can help you.

Google Ads campaign - KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH

What is Google Ads? This is Google's advertising system where advertisers bid on certain keywords to make their ads appear in Google's search results. Google Ads offers a variety of ways to target your ad. For now, let's take a look at online ad selection options that can make your marketing campaigns even more targeted:

Keywords: words or phrases related to your products and services, used to display ads after a potential customer enters a phrase related to your offer into the search engine.  

Ad location: You can show your ad on Google search results pages and on sites that are part of the Google Search and Display Network.

Age, location and language: in this area, we select the age, geographic location and language of your customers.

Days, Hours, and Frequency: In this case, we choose specific days or times that we want our ad to show to potential customers.

Devices: Your ads can appear on all types of devices; you can define exactly on which devices and when they will show up.

Wondering where to start your Google Ads campaign? Ask our experts. The Google Ads campaign is the key to acquiring new customers.

Commplace recommended products and tools

The tools and products that we will use to achieve our goals include:                                                                           

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