The perfect marketing program, what is it?


Business success does not happen by chance. In order to easily achieve your business goals, you need to act according to a carefully prepared, well-thought-out plan. What features should a marketing program have?

What is a Marketing Program?

It is impossible to function effectively on the market without proper preparation. As PR agency with many years of experience, we know something about it. And especially today, in the era of incredibly developed and constantly developing competition. A company that wants to build a competitive advantage and gain a stable position in the industry must think strategically and act according to plan. Strategic management should cover every area of the company - including marketing. The basis for success in marketing is a marketing program.

Does your company operate without a marketing plan?

It's time to start working more efficiently!

Marketing program, otherwise known as marketing plan, is an extremely important tool in strategic management in the enterprise. This is a defining document marketing activities for the entire range or a selected product. The plan is oriented towards specific goals and adapted to the current situation. It takes into account the budget and communication channels. What makes it different from a strategy? First of all, the period - the program indicates actions in a much shorter time perspective than the strategy. These activities are based on detailed research, taking into account the external and internal needs, capabilities and limitations of the company and the target group. The program is an integral part of the strategy. 

The marketing program is one of the key elements of a business plan, a specific manual for the market, a map of action leading to ultimate success. If necessary, it can be changed, updated, adapted to the realities of a given market, the current situation or the changing needs of the target group. 

Features of a good marketing program

There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for an effective marketing program. The plan is a unique document created according to the specific needs of each enterprise. However, there are a few rules that are worth following when creating it. Rules keep the program in check, make it more effective, and help you manage your marketing strategically.

The marketing agenda is specific

When creating a marketing program, the general assumptions should be set aside. The plan should be specific. He cannot wander in the abstract zone or refer to not very logical, imprecise issues. It must focus on practical activities, tailored to the specifics of a given industry or the nature of the product and conditioned by detailed market research.


  • instead of "I will post regularly," write "I will be posting blog articles every Monday and Thursday."

The results of the actions must be measurable

How will the trader know that marketing activities they work if he cannot measure them? The measurability of the marketing program is one of its key features! The plan should refer to specific numbers, statistics, and more marketing indicatorsthat will allow you to assess the effectiveness of the campaign. Monitoring the progress of activities gives you a clear picture of the situation in which the company is located. Unsatisfactory results are an indication for modification of the adopted marketing program or implementation of appropriate corrective actions.


  • instead of "I want to generate more sales in the online store", write "my goal is to generate a profit of X level every month."

The program is real 

It is normal that every company would like to achieve maximum efficiency and thus be spectacularly successful and generate very high profits. However, this is not always possible. The marketing program should be ambitious, but within reason. First of all, it must be possible to implement, i.e. corresponding to the actual possibilities within the company's reach. Unrealistic goals, instead of adding motivation to action, effectively discourage.


  • the marketing program should be based on a thorough analysis of opportunities and threats resulting from the marketing environment as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise; then it will be possible to implement.

Flexibility - an important feature of the marketing plan

Creating a well-thought-out marketing program and consistent implementation of its assumptions step by step do not guarantee success on the market. The first version of the plan is never the final one. Incorrect estimates, incomplete analyzes, changing consumer trends or unexpected market situations are an indication to modify the adopted course of action. The marketing program must be flexible enough to be updated at any time, enriched with new assumptions or completely changed. The flexibility of the plan guarantees the company's continuity of development.

Marketing program - remember about creativity

There is no universal recipe for a successful plan that will provide spectacular results to every company. The perfect marketing program is the one that perfectly fits into the assumptions of a specific company. The plan must match the nature, profile, vision and business goals of the company. It should be compatible with the target group and the specificity of the market. Creativity is what counts in creating a program. The plan must be based on the company's attributes, unique features that give it a unique character and other factors that distinguish it from the competition. 

The marketing program is the first step to great success on the market! Although its creation requires time and patience, it is undoubtedly worth getting involved in this sentence. A properly developed plan makes it easier to reach target customers, create company awareness among recipients and build a competitive advantage. It is the basis for effective functioning on the market, focused on profits!

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