Crowdstaffing: a new trend in the labor market

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crowdstaffing: the recruitment model

Crowdstaffing, also referred to as community recruiting, is largely relationship-based. It is a response to the challenges of the modern labor market. In this case, entrepreneurs use the help of independent recruiters. It should be emphasized that the aforementioned specialists do not come from internal resources or the immediate environment of the company. We advise why it is worth being interested in this recruitment model.

Crowdstaffing: what exactly is it?

Every company needs talented employees to be successful. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs face greater or lesser difficulties in filling positions. If the methods so far have not produced the expected results, crowdstaffing is worth considering.

In this situation, the company cooperates with mobile recruiters who acquire suitable candidates through a system of recommendations and their own contacts. Successful headhunters look for talents among both active and passive candidates. The first category includes students, graduates, the unemployed and people who want to change jobs. Passive candidates, on the other hand, are those who are not currently taking any action to change their place of employment. HR specialists argue that everyone is open to new offers, as long as they are offered attractive terms.

How to get the perfect candidate?

Average employee recruitment cost is at the level of 3-4 thousand zlotys. If we have to hire many people, we are talking about a considerable amount. So it's no surprise that entrepreneurs are looking for ways to lower these costs. One of them is crowdstaffing, in this case we do not have to carry out the entire recruitment process. The recommendation system saves a lot of time and money, which is why more and more companies use such a solution.

Wondering how to attract the right candidate?

It will help you build an attractive image of the employer!

Among the traditional methods  sourcing employees included:

  • job advertisements,
  • direct acquisition of specialists on popular social media,
  • employment office and recruitment agencies.

If the methods so far did not produce the right candidate, crowdstaffing is worth considering. The proposed model allows you to implement any recruitment project. 

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