How to organize an unforgettable company banquet?

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How to organize an unforgettable company banquet?

Company banquet is a special event in the life of every company. An opportunity to celebrate a jubilee, success, conquering a new market, launching a new product, etc. Each time it is important that the company banquet is a special and unforgettable event for the guests. How to organize it properly?

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Organizing a company banquet is a big challenge.

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Company banquet - organization step by step

When organizing a corporate banquet or company anniversary you have to be prepared for a lot of work and planning. In such a situation, it is worth using specialists from an event agency who will certainly help with all the details. The Korona Karkonoszy Manor offers experienced event specialists who will organize an ideal and unforgettable company banquet filled with unconventional attractions. Where to start the organization?

  1. Drawing up a guest list that will allow you to define the momentum and nature of the meeting. It is welcomed to send or hand out written invitations which should include all the necessary information regarding the place and time of the meeting. We should deliver invitations early enough to give guests time to make a decision and reserve time in the calendar. In addition, it is worth asking for prior confirmation of participation, which will facilitate further planning. 
  2. Another point is choosing the right place that will match the nature of the event. It should be carefully checked whether the room can accommodate all our guests and whether the premises offers accommodation. After all, we do not want invited guests to have to travel far to their homes.
  3. The choice of catering is one of the most important issues. A company banquet is not complete without delicious food. Regardless of what type of cuisine we choose, we must ensure the variety of dishes and drinks served. Nowadays, more and more people appreciate vegetarian and vegan dishes, so it is worth including them in the banquet menu. Equally important is a form of serving dishes that is convenient for guests and an aesthetic appearance that encourages consumption. 
  4. Musical setting - it all depends on the nature of the event. You can choose classical musicians to play as a background for joint discussions. If we want to have crazy fun, it is worth hiring a DJ who will play the latest songs.
  5. Organizing attractions and gifts. It is worth giving elegant company gadgets as a gift for guests. It is a good idea to match the gifts to the theme of the banquet and the event it accompanies.

Why is it worth organizing a company banquet?

A company banquet is not only an occasion to celebrate together. This is an important event for image reasons. A special celebration of the 25th anniversary of the company is not only a tribute to employees and contractors, but also a form of praise to its clients. Because the most common goal of banquets is to thank employees and contractors for their commitment, which has an impact on the further development of the company.

A company banquet can fulfill many functions. First of all, it shows our associates and business partners that we appreciate them and are happy that they are with us. Plus all kinds office party increase trust in the brand and significantly improve its image. This type of event is also a great way to integrate employees located between different departments of the company. Integration at work it is not always possible when the company has branches in different cities or countries. A company banquet is a great opportunity for some employees to finally get to know each other in person.

On what occasions is it worth organizing a company banquet? The company's anniversary, a prestigious award, changes in leading positions, establishing strategic cooperation with a new partner, launching a new product, opening new branches - these are just some of the examples of the occasion to celebrate in the form of a banquet.

Company banquet - dress code

Each invitation to a company banquet should include information about the "dress code", i.e. what attire will be required during the meeting. The choice is usually determined by the meeting place and time of day. You should wear a different outfit during an elegant dinner and a different one during a grand gala. 

In order not to overdo it, it is worth betting on a typical classic: a suit and a cocktail dress. If the corporate banquet is a form of an elegant gala, you can come in a tuxedo or evening dress. Sometimes it happens that the event has its own theme, then you should choose clothes that will match the nature of the event.

When it comes to the colors of the attire for a corporate banquet, it is best to choose subdued colors and tasteful pastels: blues, beiges, powder pinks. In the evening you can choose darker colors: deep navy blue, bottle green, chocolate brown. In turn, elegant white and black are reserved rather for larger galas.

A company banquet is a unique opportunity to dress differently than on a daily basis. Accessories and additions are an essential element of a banquet outfit. Modest, elegant and minimalist jewelry or a watch will perfectly complement the entire styling. When it comes to choosing the right footwear, it is best to choose pumps with closed toes and heels, and for men, subdued shoes made of leather or suede. It is not recommended to take large handbags to a banquet. A clutch bag that will hold everything that is most important will work much better. 

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