Customer satisfaction surveys - why is it worth conducting them?

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Customer satisfaction surveys - why is it worth conducting them?

With the growing importance of technology in everyday life, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a close relationship with the customer. When purchases are made directly, a bond is established that contributes to building a loyal relationship with each other. In the case of larger enterprises, it is very easy to lose the personal nature of purchases. However, regardless of the technology used and the increase in computerization of the business, the satisfaction building mechanisms are based on similar determinants. Customer satisfaction surveys will help you get to know them better.

How to establish relationships with clients?

Regular customer is a person who regularly uses the company's products or services, regardless of the company's size and structure. The goal of most service companies is to develop a system through which the customer will be not only satisfied, but also loyal. Such a person acts as a brand ambassador, as he promotes the company among friends or colleagues. Although one person will not guarantee an above-average profit, he will contribute to building a community and make it happen marketing activities will be even more effective. It is also a guarantee of a relatively constant profit. A satisfied and loyal customer regularly returns because he is sure that his expectations will be met at a given level. This will create a bond between the company and individuals. 

Do your customers have reasons to complain?

Don't let them go through it!
We will check what the problem is and implement corrective actions.

Customer satisfaction surveys - why is it worth it?

Customer satisfaction surveys are feedback for the company, which includes opinions about employees and the perception of the company in the market. These are comprehensive reports on e-commerce and customer service activities. They allow us to regularly implement new solutions aimed at improving the quality of services or products provided. Conducting satisfaction surveys is much cheaper than a comprehensive market research, and thus brings better results, because they are attended by people who are familiar with the specificity of a given enterprise. This is a free trial that is targeted at a specific group of people. 

The goal of every enterprise should be development influencing the competitiveness on a given market. It is not only the introduction of new goods or services, but most of all activities aimed at acquiring more and more new customers from various geographic and business areas. Increase in consumer satisfaction directly contributes to the re-use of the company's services.

Effective customer satisfaction survey

To customers opinion are reliable, appropriate satisfaction testing tools should be used. The usual traditional bulletin survey will be impersonal and will not contribute anything to the survey. The attempt may only be based on persons who are satisfied or dissatisfied for various reasons, without considering the reasons. People choosing ready-made options are not reliable. The best effect is given by a survey that also includes open-ended questions. Thanks to it, the client independently formulates a statement, which is based on the experience of using the company's services. 

Research formulation

The study aims to answer two main questions. First, what is the level of customer satisfaction / dissatisfaction. Second, whether the level goes up or down. Above all, however, the form should contain an inclusion field customer objections. Thanks to this, you can find out what needs to be improved in the company or which activities are ineffective. For the test to be credible, it should contain the opinion of many people over a period of time. Otherwise, the company's situation in a given month will be assessed without taking into account the holistic perspective.

Some companies decide to conduct satisfaction surveys when the customer resigns from the company's services or products. Then you can get feedback on the reasons for leaving. Despite the lost customer, the company gains a ready review and can implement measures to reduce the outflow of customers from the company for a specific reason. 

Relationships with customers are very important for the development of the organization. You cannot acquire new customers without taking care of the trust and loyalty of your regulars. Customer satisfaction survey will help in an effective way to identify the strengths and disadvantages of the company. It is also invaluable feedback for the manager on things that need improvement. Early response to the presented objections, in extreme cases, will help protect the company from bankruptcy. It is also an opportunity to gain new customers who will be emotionally connected with the company's activities.

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