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The opinion of each mentee is important


Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that causes damage to many areas of the brain and spinal cord. It's impossible to cure MS completely. You have to learn to function with it. How? Support in the fight for a better tomorrow is provided by the Dobro Powraca Foundation: the opinion of each mentee is of great importance to her! How does the Foundation help patients? We explain.

In Poland, over 45 thousand people suffer from them. Poles. Worldwide, over 2.3 million. The causes are not fully known, and the spectrum of symptoms is very wide - multiple sclerosis is one of the most mysterious and insidious diseases. It most often affects young people between 20 and 40 years of age. What exactly is multiple sclerosis? The knowledge about the disease is promoted by the Dobro Powraca Foundation!

Multiple sclerosis - what is this disease?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, autoimmune disease with an autoimmune background in which nerve impulses are not transmitted properly. MS attacks the myelin, which is responsible for building the sheaths of nerve fibers. In the course of the disease, the so-called demyelinating process - nerve sheaths are damaged or completely disintegrate. This disturbs, delays or completely prevents the correct transmission of pulses. Nerve damage sites, called sclerosis, can be "scattered" throughout the nervous system - hence the name of the disease.

The symptoms of MS can be very different and depend on where in the central nervous system the nerve is damaged and which information is not communicated properly. The most common symptoms include:

  • tingling and numbness in various parts of the body
  • stiffness,
  • pain of greater or lesser intensity,
  • muscle cramps,
  • problems with maintaining balance and motor coordination,
  • chronic fatigue of very high intensity,
  • cognitive impairment,
  • impairment of the muscles responsible for movement.

Although multiple sclerosis is not a fatal disease, it makes it very difficult to function normally.

Despite the efforts of scientists from around the world, it is still not possible to find a drug that would completely remove the disease from the body. Patients can only strive to improve their condition of life, supporting themselves with appropriate rehabilitation and medications. Unfortunately, MS therapy is expensive. Not everyone can afford to cover the costs of specialist medical visits and the purchase of necessary medications.

The Dobro Returns Foundation extends a helping hand to patients. The mentees' opinions say it all - the Foundation is invaluable support for them in the unequal and unfair fight against this severe and unpredictable disease.

Dobro Returns Foundation - opinion on the costs of treatment

Anyone struggling with multiple sclerosis can take advantage of the free sub-account program "JesteSmy RazeM", which allows you to raise funds for treatment. The patient can spend the accumulated money on medicines and supplements, medical and rehabilitation services, necessary equipment to facilitate everyday functioning and other things that will give him a chance for a normal life. The list of all possible options is available on the Foundation's website.

Where does the Foundation raise money from? First of all, due to the status of a public benefit organization, it can receive deductions in the form of 1 percent of taxes.

Everyone can help the sick. Anyone can become a hero! It is enough to fill in the appropriate field in the annual tax return, entering the Foundation's KRS number. Just enough. Nothing more. So little means so much to the sick. Each zloty is an invaluable support for them in the unequal fight against unpredictable multiple sclerosis. And remember - good ALWAYS returns!

Not only financial support

It is difficult for a healthy person to imagine what a person suffering from MS is going through. Only the patients themselves know about it. Confusion, fear, uncertainty, a sense of injustice and misunderstanding, great frustration, anger. For many, the diagnosis is like a judgment. A sentence ending their normal lives. But it doesn't have to be that way. MS does not have to be the end, but a new beginning. Mental support is invaluable in illness - which the Dobro Returns Foundation knows very well. The Foundation's opinion about the disease is clear - it is better to fight this difficult opponent in a group. Better together!

The Dobro Returns Foundation is a place for the sick, founded by ... the sick. It is an initiative of patients who struggle with the symptoms of the disease every day, as well as their families and friends who want to be their backbone at every moment of their lives. The Foundation was established to be with those most in need. Newly diagnosed patients help them find themselves in a difficult situation, and support those who know about the disease for a long time in their daily struggle.

Sticking to the idea of "together better", the Foundation organizes face to face and virtual meetings, integrating the community suffering from MS.

Dobro Returns Foundation - the opinion of each mentee is important

Dobro Returns Foundation - the opinion that the lifestyle does not matter is a myth

Normal functioning with multiple sclerosis is possible. The foundation shows that simple changes can add a little color to each day. The quality of life can be improved not only with appropriately matched drugs, but also with a healthy lifestyle. A proper diet is important for everyone - both healthy and sick. Well-balanced, wholesome nutrition improves your well-being and gives you energy. The diet should be based on healthy, least processed products. It must provide all the necessary nutrients in the right amounts.

Patients should not forget about regular exercise. Being active is good for the body and mind - it lowers blood pressure, relieves stress and, extremely important for people with MS, strengthens muscles and bones. Due to regular physical activity, relapses of the disease leave fainter traces - muscle atrophy progresses much slower, which significantly improves the patient's quality of life. 

The Dobro Returns Foundation - what else does it do?

Multiple sclerosis is an incurable disease. However, research is ongoing around the world to develop an effective method of treating MS. The Dobro Returns Foundation constantly monitors the state of research and presents all the latest reports on its website.

Few people really realize what multiple sclerosis is and what the diagnosis means for the patient. The Dobro Returns Foundation promotes knowledge about the disease and patients' problems in society. He is active on television, in the press and on the Internet, and participates in social campaigns and important initiatives for patients.

The Foundation works in the interest of people with MS. He represents them publicly at important disease-related meetings. He participates in public consultations announced by the Ministry of Health and the sessions of the MS Round Table, submits comments and postulates regarding the pricing policy, and organizes and supports petitions regarding MS. He fights for the rights of the sick at all levels. For the Dobro Returns Foundation, the opinion, comfort and safety of every patient are of paramount importance!

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