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The opinions of the charges count the most


Despite the strenuous efforts of scientists from around the world, an effective cure for multiple sclerosis has still not been invented. Patients must learn to live with MS. The Good Returns Foundation gives patients hope for a better tomorrow - the opinions of the patients speak for themselves. the foundation's support is invaluable in the unequal fight against this insidious disease.

Multiple Sclerosis - when you hear the diagnosis ...

Do you know what happens to the body when the immune system is not working properly? People struggling with multiple sclerosis know it perfectly well. MS is a chronic, autoimmune disease of the central nervous system. In a healthy body, the brain sends nerve impulses to cells, allowing all organs to function efficiently. This process is disturbed in MS. The immune system treats the nerve sheaths in the brain and spinal cord, the so-called myelin, like foreign bodies. Immune cells attack the myelin and damage it. As a consequence, nerve conduction is partially or completely interrupted. This slows down the transmission of information, distorting it or not transmitting it at all. Destroying the surrounding myelin cells is a demyelinating process. A scar called scarring forms at the site of any damage.

The specificity of multiple sclerosis can be summed up in one sentence - the body attacks itself. The immune system, which under normal conditions protects health and helps to fight infections, incorrectly recognizes and attacks the cells of its own body. It treats them as if they were intruders, foreign bodies, e.g. bacteria.

Dobro Returns Foundation - opinions about the disease

There is no cure for MS. Despite strenuous efforts, it is still not possible to find a preparation that completely destroys the disease. Patients must use medications that have a causal effect and modify the natural course of the disease. Medications can inhibit the progression of MS and postpone potential disability. During acute relapses, patients are given steroids to reduce the inflammatory process.

MS is an untreated, chronic disease. Living with multiple sclerosis is hard and unpredictable. It requires constant adaptation to the changing situation. For many patients, diagnosis is like a judgment. Patients are often shocked. They feel fear, sadness, injustice and even anger. To the world. For everything and everyone. It takes time to adapt to life with MS. During this incredibly difficult time, the support of family, friends and people who are experiencing the same is invaluable.

The Dobro Returns Foundation is well aware of the everyday difficulties of living with MS and expensive treatment. The mentees' opinions are worth their weight in gold for her - the organization gives its best to support the sick in this demanding time!

Dobro Returns Foundation - the opinions of those under their care are of great importance

The Dobro Returns Foundation was established on the initiative of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. The Foundation is made up of a group of people who believe that together you can do more. It is they who best understand the needs and problems of their charges. They know how difficult it is to deal with the diagnosis of an incurable disease. They realize how hard it can be. They are aware of the importance of real support and full understanding in this unequal struggle.

For the Dobro Returns Foundation, the opinions of those under their care are of the greatest importance. The Foundation disseminates information about the latest methods of treating MS, helps newly diagnosed people in a difficult situation, cares for the comfort of all patients, integrates them and publicly represents their interests by participating in public consultations reported by the Ministry of Health, organizing and supporting petitions on MS, or the session of the SM Round Table.

The Foundation teaches patients everyday life with multiple sclerosis. It shows that despite the untreated disease, one can live a normal life. The goal of the Foundation is to improve the situation of patients - in every area of life!

Financial aid worth its weight in gold

In the case of multiple sclerosis, rehabilitation is of great importance, as it consumes huge sums of money. In addition, there are the costs of purchasing drugs. Moreover, patients often have to be under the constant care of psychologists, psychiatrists and other specialists. Many patients cannot cover the costs of treatment out of pocket - which the Dobro Returns Foundation is well aware of. The opinions of the charges speak for themselves - the financial assistance of the Foundation is an invaluable support in their fight against the disease.

The Dobro Returns Foundation collects funds for treatment, rehabilitation, care and social assistance for patients with MS. The funds are obtained from donation collections. Moreover, due to the status of a public benefit organization, the Foundation may participate in the tax program 1%. In 2021, the Dobro Returns Foundation enjoyed great trust among Polish taxpayers. Thanks to the funds obtained, it was able to achieve many public benefit goals and provide individual help to all those most in need.

How to get help?

Anyone struggling with multiple sclerosis can join the subaccount program, which allows fundraising for therapy. The subaccounts program is completely free. The mentee does not bear any costs for setting up and maintaining a sub-account. The Foundation does not charge any commissions or handling fees from patients. Patients do not have to settle accounts with the Tax Office. The representatives of the Foundation take care of everything.

Funds from the sub-account can be spent on:

  • drugs and supplements to alleviate the course of the disease,
  • pharmacy supplies supporting therapy and normal functioning of the patient,
  • dermocosmetics,
  • medical services, including visits to all specialists as well as imaging and laboratory tests,
  • rehabilitation, physiotherapy and sports services - also rehabilitation stays, stays in medical centers and hospitals,
  • rehabilitation and sports equipment,
  • adaptation of the flat, car and equipment to the needs of a disabled person,
  • costs of private car transport of a person suffering from stays, medical visits, purchase of tickets,
  • legal assistance,
  • computer hardware and software,
  • trade press,
  • household appliances and audio / video devices that make it easier for the sick person to perform daily activities,
  • educational courses, trainings, studies and other events / meetings / workshops increasing the chances of a sick person on the labor market.

The Dobro Returns Foundation is aware of the unpredictability of the course of the disease. Therefore, it allows the possibility of financing other needs of patients on the basis of appropriate certificates - medical, rehabilitation, individual applications and others.

Multiple sclerosis is an intruder, enemy, hated companion who is with the sick person at every moment of his life. For the Good Returns Foundation, the opinions of patients are of the greatest importance. The Foundation cares about the comfort of its charges in every area of their lives. He supports them mentally, cheers them up, gives them tips that facilitate their functioning, teaches them how to get the best out of life despite their illness, and helps them financially. The Foundation emphasizes, "JesteSmy RazeM!" - for every sick person, it is a support, a valuable rock, an invaluable ally in the fight against disease. It's good to know that there are still people in the world who are not indifferent to the suffering of others. On the contrary - they want to help them as much as they can.

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