Customer service standards: how to implement them?

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Customer service standards allow us to meet consumer expectations, and at the same time help keep pace with the competition. The implementation of measurable micro-goals contributes to an increase in customer satisfaction, which in turn affects the company's revenues. Find out how to provide great customer service!

What are customer service standards?

Basically, it is a set of norms, behaviors, and procedures that must be followed in any interaction with the client. BOK employees should be polite, professional and endowed with high personal culture. Buyers also pay attention to the response time and consultants' approach to reported problems. Specialists encourage the standards of customer service to also include accuracy, adherence to the principles of savoir-vivre, efficiency and completeness. A great example is the statement: "shipped within 24 hours" or "leave your phone and we will call you back within 90 seconds". 

Are you wondering how to encourage a customer to buy? Experts indicate 5 stages of a sales conversation: establishing contact, analyzing customer needs, presenting the offer, finalizing the transaction and after-sales service. 

How to improve the quality of customer service in the company?

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our experts!

How to improve the work of CC?

By preparing customer service standards, you can avoid an avalanche of questions and negative opinions. If buyers know that the store is sending the package within 24 hours, they will not write or call to process the order. This way you will relieve consultants who will focus on more complicated issues.

Fast service is an extraordinary convenience for customers. It is a reliable indicator of consumer satisfaction. The following indicators come in handy: 

  • time of first response, 
  • average time between responses,
  • number of problems solved during the first contact,
  • waiting time for an interview with a consultant,
  • the time it takes to solve the problem.

Cart abandoned is the bane of many online stores. You do not know how to effectively counteract this phenomenon? First of all, you should check that everything is working as it should, and if necessary, eliminate all errors. Make the ordering process simple and intuitive. This way you will become credible in the eyes of your customers. Creating amazing shopping experiences goes far beyond being polite. Analyze customer service standards to make sure that they are not only consumer-oriented, but also easy for employees to implement. This way you will show consultants that you are trying to make their work easier.

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