Effective communication in a crisis situation


Image crises are one of the biggest threats to the brand. Today, in the age of the Internet and new technologies, information - especially negative - can spread like viruses, rapidly destroying the company's reputation that has been built over the years. Therefore, in a crisis situation, it is necessary to act quickly, and at the same time prudently and responsibly. Communication in a crisis situation is of particular importance. 

What should the communication in sycrisis situation?

Crisis situations are an inseparable element of the functioning of every enterprise. Some of them cannot be avoided. However, you can prepare for them through constant, in-depth analysis of the company's situation, market changes and the environment. On the basis of the obtained data, potential threats are estimated and scenarios of action in the event of specific events occurring.

What should communication look like in a crisis situation? If the crisis is not the result of the company's actions (its cause is, for example, a rumor), you should adopt a defensive attitude, while maintaining calmness, professionalism and a culture of communication. 

In the event that the crisis is the company's fault, it is worth applying the universal 5P crisis communication principle:

  • SORRY - plead guilty and apologize
  • PREPARE - using a previously prepared action plan,
  • AGAINST - ensuring that the situation will not repeat, a promise to rectify the situation,
  • IMPROVE YOURSELF - finding solutions that will reduce the risk of a similar crisis in the future,
  • REQUEST LOSSES - compensation for errors.

Communication should be honest and open. The sooner a company admits it is wrong and repents, the greater the chance that people will forgive it and forget about the whole thing.

Crises happen in every company.

We know how to get out of them unscathed!

Communication in a crisis situation - rentmore frequent mistakes

A company in a crisis situation should not:

  • be silent, pretending there's no problem,
  • wait with feedback until the last moment,
  • defend oneself in an aggressive manner, react with an attack,
  • to lie,
  • to defend your arguments at all costs,
  • bribe the media to put the company in a good light.
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