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FCB grid: analytics

The FCB grid, also known as the FCB matrix, is a simple diagram that allows you to interpret customer purchasing behavior. The patterns of thinking and feeling of the recipients will facilitate the implementation of an effective advertising strategy. The proposed model is based on the dominant hemisphere theory. Check why it is worth using it when creating a campaign!

FCB Grid: Customer Behavior Analysis

Experts remind that the client goes through the cognitive, affective and behavioral stages. The FCB grid takes into account four factors: thinking, feeling, as well as high and low commitment. This matrix was developed in 1980 by Richard Vaughn and his associates. During this time, Vaughn served as senior vice president of the global network of advertising agencies - Foote, Cone and Belding (FCB). 

The left hemisphere is responsible for rational behavior, while the right hemisphere is emotional and intuitive. The FCB grid reflects the theory mentioned. In order to interpret the results correctly, there is one more rule to remember. The horizontal axis shows behavior from rational to emotional, while the vertical axis shows the change in consumer interests and behavior. 

Product categorization

The FCB grid allows you to assign products to individual categories. High-value products belong to the first (informational) quadrant. They are usually bought once in a lifetime and require the consumer's commitment and thinking. The second (affective) quadrant includes valuable products that evoke great emotions in the buyer. The third (habitual) quarter includes everyday items, while the fourth (satisfaction) includes products that are fun to buy or consume. 

The FCB grid helps you create an effective marketing strategy. Wondering how to turn on social media in the PR plan? First of all, adjust your activities to the specifics of a given platform. Think about which posts will attract more users and which ones will discourage them from visiting your business. 

Are you wondering how to measure consumer engagement?

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You do not know how to evoke a specific reaction in the recipient and make him disseminate information? Use for this viral advertisingthat will interest and inspire the user to act. To maximize the effects, get to know the market and the needs of potential customers. Put on creativity, thanks to which you will stand out from other brands. 

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